Monday, January 08, 2007

There will be no coronation of Hilary

Hilary is droping in the polls to Obama. The problem is not Obama, in that her support is mostly a rejection of Edwards and the other candidates. The problem is also a lack of courage on the part of the other candidates.

Hilary has a core of far left never married or widowed feminist and some media types.
Her support amongst unions and the far left has always been paper thin. Her spin meisters have gone out of the way to remove her from the people. Rudy Guliani can walk into a real sporting event and look like he belongs and so can Charles Schumer or Mayor Bloomburg. They appear natural and do not worry about being booed. John Kerry looked like a clod when the owner of the Red Sox placed him in a highly visable seat. The reality is that it isn't about money because Bloomburg can buy and sell Kerry even with the Heinz money. Bloomberg has a one of us persona and is a fighter. He built his fortune and knows how to move amongst real people.

Hilary was booed by the firefighters and her allies at Disney edited that out of the documentaries of 9-11. She has been shell shot ever since and appears only before packed houses or scripted interviews. The result of her PR staff is that she appears imperial and phony. The PR team did not have to excersize such tight control of Bill Clinton because he could mingle with regular folk. Hilary's legendary temper and perpetual victimhood are annoying. Rick Lazio handed her an envelope in a debate and her allies in the media spun that as Lazio bullies Hilary. If that is the case my boss must bully me hourly when he leaves cases at my desk.

The other candidates are afraid to say a word about Hilary. However Howard Dean has no love for the Clintoons and correctly blames the Clintonista faction in the media for going nutty about the scream.

The imperial image and PR control has left many Democrats unsure of who and what she is. She has been positioning herself steadily as anti-war, notably by knifing Joe Lieberman in the back by supporting Comwad Lamont. Yet the far left does not trust her. The ordinary people do not seem to think she is one of us. Hilary has been marketed much like a laxative. Buy brand X because it is brand x and not brand Y. This doesn't work for Proctor and Gamble as even Metamucil advertisements speak of the benefit of the product. Why should we vote for Hilary is never answered and the best she can do is point to her husbands record. Her record in the senate is almost as bad as Col Bernie Sanders or Gomer Kerry who have done nothing. Sanders has sponsored one bill that passed in the house of Representatives in between some wacky votes on pedophelia and the amber alert.

There is also the Clinton sleaze factor including book deals that seem more like payola. The dirty secret is that most of the Clintoon scandals are more related to Hilary than Bill including cattle futures, missing FBI files ( worse than Watergate),
travelgate and the sale of Presidential pardons by Hugh "lowlife" Rodham. The media may let Hilary skate but the people aren't so stupid. There is even among Democrats Clinton fatigue.

Hilary does not have what it takes to fix her image problem. Outside her core suporters her support has always been luke warm. Obama is a flash in the pan but the message for Edwards and Richardson is that Hilary is vulnerable. The Democrats are not smart enough to nominate Richardson so it looks more and more like Rudy in 08.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

She's going to slap Dennis Kucinich in the face during a primary debate and - because slapping Dennis Kucinich would be just damned funny - Hillary Clinton will ride to the nomination on a wave of "what will she do next?"

Farmer John said...

Perhaps mr. beamish could conduct a little retro-phrenology on her head to make the crown fit.

Mr. Ducky said...

So Beak wants to make 2008 another muckraking election. Let's remind Beak of the Foley revelation just before the 2006.

Now, who do you think dropped a dime on the right wing pedophiles? Lot of mega churches homosexual pastors being outed as well.

That hasn't played well with the base and when they start playing commercials of Giuliani strutting with his chippy and supporting abortion it's going to be a blood bath.

Iraq will take McCain down as he's revealed to be insane and what's that leave you with? Romney?

Sorry Beak, I like the Dems chances a lot more. You fools thought this neocon insanity would never be exposed but the laissez-faire crap runs in predictible cycles as it breaks down.

Otter said...

My hope is that Hillary, Obama and Edwards each have enough pull to seriously split the vote. The one who wins will be the one who makes the most promises to the most groups (or so I see it, anyway). Once that person has the nomination, it will be amusing to watch as the groups they became beholden to, yank them in all directions.

And I dearly hope the Republican candidate is paying close attention to it all.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Duck the only one who is soft on pedophiles is still Bernie Col Sanders.

Hilary's anti-semetic quotes are far more recent than the macacca quote and nobody had any evidence Sen Allen was a criminal. Hilary's crimes are far more serious than Watergate.

How did Mrs Sanders get a job as a College President? Her pay on the campaign of Col Sanders also reeks of corruption. The Sanders as man of the people bit is a con, unless the people are Boss Tweed or the corrupt Chicago Mayor Daley's office.

Unlike Hilary, Bernie Kerik was a genuine hero and his scandals are far less serious than hers. Hilary did one good thing, she tossed faux Rabbi Lerner an anchor and has distanced herself from the Commie fool.

nanc said...

oh plucky! there are no pedophilic preachers running for president. just a bunch of lefties morphing and angling for the attention of the right, by bible waving and other such nonsense. they're pathetic at best. the right is NOT going to awaken left any time soon.

one can keep up with hitlery's goings on here:


beakerkin said...

How the clergy men pedophiles is relevant to this post is beyond me. However, Col Bernie Sannders has some unusual votes in this area.

This is more Marxist bigotry. Speaking of pedophiles Daniel Ortega molested his step daughter.
However, when one commits genocide against Indians this is a minor matter. The intimidation of the Jewish community by the Sandinazis is also a fact. Rep Ted Wiess played stupid when he was confronted on this issue by me.

American Crusader said...

Obama is doing what Colin Powell didn't...he is striking while hot. What does anyone really know about Obaba?
He only has two years of national experience and the morons are waiting in line to declare him the new Bobby Kennedy.
Hillary is no longer the shining light in the Democratic Party. Since becoming Senator she has lost a lot of that luster as her positions become better known.
Bloomberg made his money while Kerry married into it.
Edwards will win the nomination.

beakerkin said...


Edwards has not shown the inclination to explain why he is a better candidate than anyone. He is too timid to go on the offensive.

If Hilary were smart she would accept the VP from Richardson. The Clintonistas can then manufacture a scandal, but I am too cynical.

American Crusader said...

Edwards will make a good compromise candidate. Someone who all Democrats can identify at least partly with unlike Hillary or Obama. I don't see them making the same mistake twice with John Kerry or Mr. Global Warming.

Otter said...

Any hope Edwards ever had of convincing Me, went out the door when he threatened to shut down Sinclair for showing the Swiftvets material, once he got into office. There's enough of his ilk already working to shut down Free Speech, in the form of conyers.

I also think Hillary slapping Kucinich would be fun to watch.

Mr. Ducky said...

A prediction here American Crusader, environmental issues are going to become more and more critical and Gore will be a viable candidate for 2008.

I dislike his preachiness but I also don't believe that he's held his finger to the wind like Hillary and Barack "I Stand for Absolutely Nothing" Obama.

beakerkin said...


The NYU speach with Gore screaming "He betrayed our country will kill any chance he had and he knows it". Moreover Hilary will knife him in the back as that is what she does.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, you give Hillary too much credit. Who's covering her back?

The "betrayed our country" crap doesn't play outside the Hugh Hewitt audience which isn't part of the Dem or Independent base.

beakerkin said...

Tell that to Howard Dean whose scream is played all over the radio.Dean correctly blames Clintonistas in the media for the ensuing mayhem. The Clintonista spin was Dean was unelectable so Gomer Kerry was pushed as "electable".

Funny thing is that treason and betraying your country does bother some people.Dean had less bagage but the Clintonistas did not lift a finger to help Gomer.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Muckraking, smears, and baseless personal attacks are Ducky's predictions for the path to victory for Democrats in 2008.

Even Ducky knows Dems are hosed for ideology.

Mr. Ducky said...

Not a foregone conclusion, Beamish. However, the Republicans know that if they lead with the dirt they are going to get something like a repeat of the Foley exposure of Republicans and their base as fudge packers.

Bring it on.

beakerkin said...

As opposed to running a brothel out of one's townhose, or taking a 17 year old page out of the USA for nefarious purposes, Manslaughter or treason. It seems there are no standards in MA.

Elmer's Brother said...

exposing their base as fudge packers.

You oughta know about exposing fudge packers there Mr. Feather

Warren said...

Golly gee!
I'd agree with Ducky but in light of his Nostradumbass predictions (100% wrong); I'd sooner bet that monkeys will fly out of his butt.

kuhnkat said...

elmer's brother,

yup, Ducklenutz never saw a fudge packer that he wouldn't PERSONALLY EXPOSE AND COVER!


My opinion is that NO ONE mentioned in any press as possibilities are electable!! It is going to be a Wire Cage match. Whomever is still standing at the end wins!! The Clintoons set up a loss in 2004 to give Hitlery a chance in 2008. She will kindly torpedo anyone in her way on the way to destroying the Dims chances.

Of course, the Republicans have pretty much left their base so aren't in any better position!!

A third party candidacy might have a chance or there will be a very low turnout. Where's Big Ears or the guy who killed the Corvair when you need them??


nanc said...

plucky - pot meet kettle.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


That's the thing about Massachusetts. Just about anywhere you go there you run into someone from Massachussetts. I don't know how the people that live there can stand it.


Admit it. You're just as clueless about what Democrats will represent in 2008 as the Democrats in office now are. Sorry to give you such a deer-in-the-headlights moment, but you've been a leftist how long? Surely the post office has been late with your mail-order talking points once or twice and you had to rough it? No?

Brooke said...

Gore a viable candidate EVER AGAIN?


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Should we tell Ducky what the #1 and #2 issues in 2008 will be, or keep him guessing?