Monday, January 15, 2007

The Eurosocialist self destruction and you

One of the reasons Europe is going down the toilet is loe birth rates, The low birth rates are a legacy of socialist mismanagement. Exorbitant taxation and cradle to grave social safety net reduced people ability or desire to have children. The Euros decided to import Muslims who were supposed to be guest workers, The guest workers never left long after the jobs they held were gone. The wonderful Saudis paid to build Mosques that preach Wahabism to underemployed alienated people. Do note the London bombers were not underemployed or from poor families. These Muslims are suposed to take the place of the unborn babies so that the socialist Ponzi scheemes do not colapse.

Enter the treasonous Commie left, pusuing the time honored practice of Revolutionary defeatism, they mitigate all abhorent and anti-social behavior and co=opt every assinine gripe of the alienated. If you think this is a European sickness guess who organized the immigration protests in the USA. The same vermin that organize the peace protests organized the immigration protests. It is time for intense scrutiny of communists and deportation for those who violate the law. Freedom of speech does not include sedition or criminal acts.

The time has come to place real American families ahead of Communist vermin. The reason American families have a hard time affording Children are four fold. The taxation from Marxist social policy mandates is excessive. The cost of Healthcare is excessive mainly dues to trial lawyers and Marxist medling in insurance. The Cost of higher education has gone through the roof bringing students into the workplace with crushing debt and marginal worthless degrees. The cost of housing has gone through the roof in part due to government red tape.

Commies like to talk about no exit strategy for the war on terror. They seem unconcerned that their war on poverty and endless social safety net fosters dependency. In many ways the underclass has more benefits than the working poor and
middle class and this is wrong. Children are usually the lowest cost people to insure
and this can be done instead of welfare. Thus employers will have the burden of family care removed. Most of the people on welfare are children who should not be penalized for their parents.

Welfare should be changed to workfare and low skill jobs should be mandated. Employers could sign up to take these workers on for a tax break. The notion of flipping burgers or cleaning roads is beneath me is finished. The state should get a return on its payments. Sittig at home for years is more dehumaizing than flipping burgers or stocking shelves. If you do not want to work you do not get paid but your children's medical care is covered.

The era of Commie medling in insurance should end. The notion of having fifty different rules covering insurance needs to end. Let employees buy the coverage they need which is mostly catastrophic. No more idiotic mandates that policies cover chiropractors, mental health and alternative medicine. Insurance fraud should be treated far more seriously with penalties for doctors and patients. The maze of state regulations has decreased competition and hurt the consumers.

Higher Education needs to be reigned in as the costs are out of control due to Marxist loafing. There should be two sets of professors those who teach hard science
and those that teach worthless subjects. Funding for research in social sciences should end immediately with the exception of some Psychology research. Educators in these departments should be solely teaching with no excuses or sabaticals. Student loans should be eliminated for these majors. One could still be an English, History or Art Major only provided they minor in Education.

Colleges should toss out the old liberal arts base favoring worthless Marxist scholarship and replace those classes with Accounting, Finance, Marketing so that a college degree means something. Studying Chomsky and Menchu has zero value to employers, but accounting and finance have job applications. Tenure and hiring by middle age star chambers should also be eliminated. Professors with criminal convictions should be terminated. The days of hiring terrorists or activists should end. Professors jobs are to teach and social activism should not be done on the taxpayers dole. Those Universities that do not adapt to the changes get no student loans.

Housing is the most important aspect as this is the key problem in Japan where Socialist meddling can not be blamed for low fertility. Government backed mortgages subsidized mortgages should only be available to married couples who are together for five years and one participant has been in the same job for at least three years.
We should also increase the tax deductable for couples that have children. Investing in young married couples is a much more prudent than importing people.

If we do not reign in Marxist meddling the fate of Europe will be ours.

Beamish in 08

Make the USA a better place, send John Brown to North Korea.


Farmer John said...

Many excellent points made. The "long war" isn't just against Islam. It's against our own impatience and the "expediency" of using governmental institutions to cure the symptoms of civlizational malaise, and then becoming trapped in the viscious cycle of continuing to use "expediency of government" to treat the miriad of side-effects resulting from the first expedient intervention.

kevin said...

Good post Beak,

It's another contribution of the hippies to American society. The idea that the world is so overpopulated that if couples continuted to multiply at the same rate as thier elders, we'd all be doomed to a choking global cesspool.

Uh huh, now try growing an economy with a shrinking population base...we end up exporting jobs and importing cheap labor simutaneously.

Farmer John said...

Our social doctors, the lawyer politicians, know not what they do and aren't keeping track of dosages for treating side effects nor the interactions between presciptions for "cure."

Farmer John said...

Our people also demand that the doctors write the prescriptions they favor.

Most to dat have been for laudanum.

Farmer John said...

Laudanum for dysfunctional families, Laudanum for moral perversions, Laudanum for weakness and incapacity.

Seems our doctors know only a single prescription of late... yet many doses.

There are no longer and surgeons.

KEvron said...

"Exorbitant taxation and cradle to grave social safety net reduced people ability or desire to have children."

(shakes head in ammusement)

where do you guys come up with this shit?!


Mr. Ducky said...

For discussion class:

A debt-based monetary system has a lifespan-limiting Achilles heel: as debt is created through loan origination, an obligation above and beyond this sum is also created in the form of interest. As a result, there can never be enough money to repay principal and pay interest unless debt is continually expanded. Debt-based monetary systems do not work in reverse, nor can they stand still without a liquidity buffer in the form of savings or a current account surplus.
When interest charges exceed debt growth, debtors at the margin are unable to service their debt. They must begin liquidating.

And when it comes to debt, you know who's king.

Would Beak please give an example of a class that reads Menchu?
She only has one text and I wonder how often it's used. Let us know. Frome reality if possible, Beak.


What did you major in Beak. I have a masters in industrial design and suspect I'm the best educated of your fans so lets find out. Or are you just a big mouth loser like the San Diego Chargers?


Without immigration our population growth would be similar to most of Europe. Comments?


Government red tape and the housing bubble? Please give details. I'm afraid it sounds as if you're talking out of your ass, Beak.

Why should college costs come down? Why would they want to break up a very lucrative racket?


beakerkin said...


If you are not capable of higher insight go back to bong hits. This is not a special ed blog like yours.

Lets see Ducky the Commie based featherbeding with staffing Marxists for useless Social science projects ends. With the new
business emphasis in Liberal arts students will have some skills. We will no longer subsidize worthless research and majors. Teaching loads will be doubled for the remaing Marxist vermin who will no longer be bound by publish or perish. Sabaticals end and if someone wants a worthless degree let them pay for it on their own dime.

Business Professors can also teach higher workloads. We will also end the star chamber hiring process and eliminate tenure. The firings of Commie will commence ASAP. Professors will no longer be able to use worthless scolarship as a crutch for not teaching. No more sabaticals unless you are teaching the hard sciences or computers.
More productivity means lower cost
and the Marxist cabal is broken.

We will also delve into how 2% of the population is so adversely over represented in faculty and 30%
are absent. This is called adverse impact and if commies think it is good for the racial composition of the student bodies let them explain exponential over representation of acolytes of genocide.

More productivity Dorky and the cost of higher ed is one of the leading reasons families can not afford extra kids. Let the hangman start with Ayers, Dorn, Finkelstein, Churchil and all the other freaks.

American degrees are worthless and HR dolts have been hiring Indians and Chinese who seem to do an excellent job without Communist indoctrination.

Mr. Ducky said...

Thanks Beak, you failed to respond to any question but as I have often said, I post here for amusement not discussion.

College tuition is the reason the poor don't have more children or just the middle calss?

Does your argument apply to Europe?

beakerkin said...


It is not just the Middle class. Even people who earn over 100,000 dollars are having a hard time sending their kids to College, due largely to Commie feather beding. Moreover, their kids emerge with worthless degrees and mountains of debt. The assinine environmental legislation raises housing costs and young families are futher behind the eight ball.

Obiously, you do not read if you do not know how Socialist/Commie saftey nets and excessive work regulation have created a slugish economy with no growth. Who can afford kids if the taxation rates are confiscatory. The Euros stop having kids and import Abdul to do those menial jobs they won't do. Except Abdul is under employed and goes to a Wahabi Mosque or then is fed Marxist fiction by Eurotrash Commies who work to destroy the societies they live in.

In your deranged world Abdul is needed to be a Mad dog. It is better to have him rabid than to provide the growth needed for jobs.
There is also the reality that leftist Eurotrash like yourself are far more racist in hiring than Americans percieve.

Do not look to Europe as an example unless Nazism, Communist treason and self immolation is what you are after. In your case as a Commie you are intent on the latter.

beakerkin said...


TMW has a degree in the sciences. The fact that you have a degree in Idnustrilal Design does not qualify you for any intelligent commentary on Economics, Finance and your knowledge of history is squat. I am fairly certain AOW has a Masters. However, the mere fact that one has a degree means squat.
One can get many degrees by sticking a thermometer in your behind. Some of the dumbest people in America Noam Chimpanzee, Norman Finkelstein and Bill Ayers have advanced degrees. Most of us have lives and families to support and can not afford the luxury of doing time in Prison and having the state pick up the cost. Finkelstein was given an Doctorate to get him off Campus. He is still a moron and his scholarship is worthless like that of his mentor.

I am a mere BBA in Management Science the numbers game, I have minors in Industrial Psychology, Industrial Marketing and Finance.
It is fairly obvious that you know nothing about economics as socialism leads to stagnant growth.
Communism has failed in its applications and the former Commies now infest the Greens and always have infiltrated the socialist party.

Justin said...

Well damned Ducky the best you can do is a masters in industrial design.

It might interest you to know that I have a masters in theology and a masters in International Business/Marketing.

I dont normally go bragging about it but just could not resist slapping them up the side of your ignorant head.

Now you were saying what about the educational level of Beaks readers?

Suck it up boy boasting like you do is unbecoming if you are really that educated.

beakerkin said...

Justin I forgot that you do have a masters in Theology.

I am 90% certain AOW has a masters
as well.

Those of you whom I talk with off line know why I had to stop at the BBA level. The same people know why I left the fashion industry to join DHS.

Justin said...


Stopping at a BBA for what ever reason is no disgrace period. Intelligence is not measured by the degrees one holds or doesnt hold. That case can never be more apparent than in Duckies tirads.

What good is any degree if one cannot see the reality of the world around him or the common sense to work his way through it.

The intelligence level of your readers show much more in their favor than all of Ducktwaddles degree, or supposed money can bring for him.

As my Daddy would say about marxism and socialism: Any man that preaches a utopian socioety run by a authoritarian government is just a few seeds short of a full bag.

He knew what I would be facing not only at seminary but at the college I was going to after I left the priesthood.

Warren said...

Nostradumbass said:
"I post here for amusement not discussion."

Well you finally got one right!

You're definitely an amusement and totally incapable of having a discussion.

Yes, AOW has a degree and others that post here have degrees that they don't brag about. So tell me Ducky, did you specialize in the design of sewage treatment facilities?

Always On Watch Two said...

Actually I don't have a master's, but I have nearnly enough post-grad credits to file for a master's in secondary education. I never did because at the time the county wasn't hiring those with master's degrees; they had to pay more, so BA's were more marketable.

My degree is in Spanish literature with a teaching certificate for secondary education, BTW.

A degree does not a scholar make. Too many degrees are nothing more than a reflection of the capability of regurgitating the garbage tossed in.

You said,
Exorbitant taxation and cradle to grave social safety net reduced people ability or desire to have children.

I believe that to be a true statement, with some applicability to certain regions of the United States as well. But the effects of taxation on the size of families is rarely mentioned, is it?

Today "Children, Parents Drive Each Other to Early Graves" appeared in the WaPo as further discouragement for having large families. You might be interested in reading that article.

Always On Watch Two said...

Making rounds again?

KEvron said...

"If you are not capable of higher insight"

but i got the lower stuff covered.

"This is not a special ed blog like yours."

jealous much?

wouldn't it be great if you could support your preposterous take on cause and effect with citations? if only reality would permit....

this blog is satire, right? some sorta existentialist's art theater, yes?


beakerkin said...


In my Junior year of college I fell in love with a petite brunette. She was very beautiful, but just could not ever hold a job. I wanted to continue my studies, but she had other plans. The story didn't end well, but I have not regrets. By the time the marriage was over I was on the fast track in my chosen career. Climbing to the top of my profession at 31 was no small feat
and for a time it was rewarding, but other priorities intervened.


Sorry for the mistake.I graduated with a then unheard of 146 credits.
This is much more common now as my peers rushed out. The jobs that were suposed to be there for all of us on Wall Street weren't there.
Five years later the jobs returned but they wanted fresh grads.


This blog is not a special ed blog.
Do some basic reading about the lack of growth in Europe and educate yourself. Your joke of a blog with one sentence posts does not warrant serious readership or comment. You are over matched in any serious discussion.

There are special ed blogs out there like that are more appropriate for your lack of intelligence.

Always On Watch Two said...

Actually, I'm flattered by your mistake.

I got my degree in 1972, when courses were very meaty. The Left hadn't taken over yet at that particular university. And the university from which I graduated continues to be rated among the top schools.

Urban_Infidel said...

I skipped college and went to ARt School instead. Never regretted it. Not once.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Duckonomics fails to take into account that the United States has $66 Trillion dollars in assets and only $13 Trillion dollars in liabilities. the last 3 years have seen assets grow and liabilities shrink. Economic growth! (The bane of any discussion with a Marxist, as Marxists tend to have never read anything by actual economic theorists)

The reason anyone would invest in the American economy is that that money will come back.

But, since Lou Dobbs comes on TV once a day, and doesn't generally know what the fuck he's talking about anyway, Ducky's never going to figure out why America's never going to go broke.

But then again, Ducky's still pissed White Castle doesn't have a layaway plan.