Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Final Chapter

One of the interesting things over the last few days has been many of you do not understand where I am coming from. I find it odd that Ducky and I have been going at it for two years on countless sites. My closest friends Warren, AOW and some of you I talk with off line know some of the story.

I do not talk about my life enough for many of you to get a clearer picture of who I am. You know the broad outline and it sometimes doesn't seem my outlook matches the outline. The broad bio is that I am a Rudy Republican from NYC and Jewish many of you get an image but only a Jason Pappas or the Urban Infidel as Gotham residents will understand this.

NYC is a huge place and a Jew living in Gramercy Park will be markedly different from one living in Staten Island. Each of the communities in NYC is unique the mix of cultures are unique. People who grow up amongst these different cultures are impacted more than one commonly assumes.

My parents are what is known in the Jewish community as Baal Teshuvah. This started to happen when I was around eight and the beloved Rav Roov was five. Rav Roov adapted to the new world easily and is an Orthodox Rabbi. Yet I was older and yearned for the freedom of my earlier life. I do support my parents and my brother as religious people and in general I respect them. Around 15 years ago I stopped going to temple for personal reasons. The sole exception is if I am desperately needed for a group of ten so that people can say prayers over their relatives. I go home for the Seder mainly to keep peace in the family. Some of being Jewish is fairly hard wired and on 9-11 as I fled the scene I sang Ani Mameen and that is an afirmation of faith. Feel free to read into that whatever you wish. I do fast on Yom Kippur every year and on Tish A' B'Av when reminded.

I grew up amongst Italians in NYC and my speech paterns and manerisms are Italian.
My outlook and values are more reflective of that of my Sicilian friends than that of a Jewish person from the Ukraine. These traits and values were strengthened when I went to work for a very Italian company in the Fashion Industry.

Where as the religious live in the world of halacha. I live in the world of honor and many of you are sometimes surprised by my reactions and outllook. The world of honor is a cold tough world and it serves me well. It is a harsh but practical way of looking at things. This may shock you but in many ways but the Duck has honor, its just accompanied by off the wall ideas. People always misread my relationship with the Duck. I do not hate the Duck and the tone is genuine but I can lower the dial and it is almost businesslike.

Some of you are interested in saving souls. My honor based approach respects that in most instances like TMW indulging Janice the retard. However, when a person has proven devoid of honor I do not hesitate to remove the tumor. Many of you hear long and convoluted I appologize and last minute confessions, the Beak doesn't buy this cheap remedy. If you mess up you own up to the error and appologize to the person directly and without any excuses. In time one may regain honor but it is an earned process through good behavior and not flowery words.

I hope this clarifies who I am to some of you who have been saying I do not understand the Beak.


Robert Bayn said...

Beak, I will be honest I don't always understand you or get the point your trying to get across, but you don't always have to understand someone to know they are overall a good decent person, even if you disagree with them in minor points.

nanc said...

so does this mean you and ducky have the equivalent of a very bad marriage?

one of y'all has battered spouse syndrome and i think i know who the battered duckbat is...i won't tell anyone, however...

USpace said...

Interesting post, well said, NYC rules! Thanks for your visit and comment, cool sites, you and Liberty & Culture are linked. Please keep up the good work!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe does
not know the Beak...

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Honor and a dollar will buy you a cup of coffee these days, Beak.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

Coffee costs more than a dollar up here. However, how we live our life
and the actions we take are more important than words. Words are cheap but actions eternal.

There is a Mr B variation that says words are cheap but a Daisy Cutter does the trick.

US Space

God of the Universe does know the Beak. However, he looks after those
who look after themselves. Taking foolish risks with questionable people or situations is unwise.


The Duck has honor in his own way
and I do respect him. His ideas are looney, but he has his own code
of honor.


I just approach things from a very
different perspective. This philosophy has saved my life many times. I have been in some very bad
places and thrived.

It is a different way of looking at things.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Honor and no coffee for me then.

The Merry Widow said...

Well that explains a lot, Beaker! Honor is very much an Italian lifestyle. Especially Sicilians, they were so poor and abused by so many cultures, especially mohammadins, all they had was honor, just don't let it slide into pride. That will get G*D opposing you! Not a good place to be!
As for janice, I have moderated her comments and NOT published a couple of things that were not useful! If they are on topic and not inane, I'll let her comment.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


beakerkin said...

Mr B

You define honor.

I am still trying to figure out if giving your wife or girfriend the last beer is honarable but that is another story.


I am a different sort and I understand how you handle Janice.
It perplexes me at times but I understand.

Farmer John said...

I've always admired you beak. You speak your mind and then honor your words.

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker-If we were all the same and handled people the would be catastrophic! Some are wavemakers, some are oil pourers, some stir up things because of boredom, others are "canaries in the mine". PTL, we are not all alike, how boring!
I will not get between you and the buffet, just let me get my wonton soup and a few items and the rest is your's!
If the beer is non-alcoholic, otherwise you can have it Mr. Beamish! A glass of good red wine will make me a happy camper.
Nanc can have my Sapporo.
If chocolate is available I will be a VERY happy camper!


Always On Watch Two said...

You've cleared up some things in this post.

I grew up amongst Italians in NYC and my speech paterns and manerisms are Italian.
My outlook and values are more reflective of that of my Sicilian friends than that of a Jewish person from the Ukraine.

Of course, I'm not from NYC. But I do have a unique Virginia upbringing: my father (of German descent) came from Dunkard stock and my mother (of Welsh descent) from East Tennesse Baptist. This combination of upbringing has made into a somewhat different type of Christian. My paternal cousins and I share this upbringing, in part, though they didn't have the Baptist influence except via my mother.

One of these days, I should post a bit about my background, which explains a lot about my attitudes.

I am pleased to know that you consider me as one of your closest friends! It gives a bright start to my day. :)

Off to work now, for a very long day--hopefully followed by dinner out tonight.

Always On Watch Two said...

The title here is "The Final Chapter." Hmmmm...

beakerkin said...


Things are winding down and the future of the site are uncertain.
I am nearing post 1001.

I am planning a cyber roast for that event. I may opt to wait until visitor 50,000 appears on the site meter.

I am thinking about being a homeless poster like Ducky on select sites, the creation of a new blog or scaling down this one.
This blog has a very high profile and has ceased being what it was at its best the electronic bar of our community.

I made some serious mistakes in a few of the people I allowed in our home. I may reformat from general ratings to an electronic bar.

I want a more homey small scale site for friends like yourself, Warren, Justin and that welcomes in new friends like Jams. I would prefer fewer drop in guests.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


I've been seriously (and secretly) considering giving up running a blog for over a year now.

It's harder to do than it looks. Probably requires a 12-step program.

"I'm Mr. Beamish, and I blog."

"Hi, Mr. Beamish!"

beakerkin said...

Mr B

There are certainly downs but most of it has been positive. I am taking it day by day and you are right.

One of the formats I was thinking about is a new blog modeled after your site. I have a catch name and bio that fits.

The last few days have been tough on many of the members of our community. The feel they have been stuck in the middle of a family spat.

In reality a group as large as ours is remarkable in that we do not have more of these beefs. I guess the key is to be thankful to those around you.

I am thinking about a new format at the moment.

nanc said...

the three blogs that others have been so good to share have so far worked well for me. although i look at serious issues with a humorous eye. everything is temporary and we shouldn't take ourselves so seriously or become self-important.

of course, honor is a code we should live by. but it does entail much if all parties are not made privy to the honor by which all must live according to the one making the rules. if that makes any sense at all?

are there varying degrees of honor?

beakerkin said...

No Nanc

There are no degrees of honor and once it is lost it must be re-earned.

You violate the code of honor you immediately appologize without excuses or rationalization. There is no other way or short cuts.
Anything less is garbage and wasted words. Over time one may get their honor back, but it is earned.

benning said...

I've learned a lot about modern American Jewish life by reading novels. The Kellermans have been very enlightening for me. I think my first insight into the difficulties of Jews in modern America came from the "Rabbi" mysteries('Saturday The Rabbi Slept Late').

So, having outed myself as a gentile with less knowledge of Judaism than I should have ... "The sole exception is if I am desperately needed for a group of ten so that people can say prayers over their relatives." This is the minyan? When you do this, do you wear philacteries, or is that not obligatory?

Just curious. If I were asked to participate in a Roman Catholic rite - like that's ever going to happen - I would be about as out of my element as now.

Sounds like you know what you are, where you came from, and about where you're headed. Not bad, Beak!

beakerkin said...


You are correct a Minyan is needed for certain prayers and the formal reading of the torah. I will go for a minyan if someone needs to say the prayers over the deceased called Kadish.

The phalactaries are called tefilin and are worn for the morning services except on Saturday. I gave mine away about 15
years ago along with my prayer shawl called a talis to someone more apt to use them.

The way I look at things has often saved my life.


I was going to do a satire on this honor based lifestyle. However our satire company is under new management. The new name of the satire company is being worked out.
The previous owner has all the lunch boxes. However Beakerambo is under personal contract to this blog.

The New Production company is called B Team Studios.

Mr. Ducky said...

Well Beak, I think you miss the point of some of this eercise.

How possible is comprimise. Now regardless of the personal qualities of individuals I say that compromise is probably not possible when the stereotypes are so firmly drawn. In your case muslim and leftist (which seems to imply Marxist and Communist and socialist, which you don't understand).

My own. I'm not sure what they are although I'm sure they exist. One would certainly be "evangelicals", a group I admit I don't understand and hold very firm negative opinions about.

Must go back to getting my nose broken in a fight with my father when he converted to Protestantism. Didn't learn much about Protestants but I learned not to get in a fight with an industrial rigger who can bench several hundred pounds.

beakerkin said...


I have to disagree with you a bit. Jams is a leftist but he doesn't sloganeer, he doesn't mittigate Commie crimes and he doesn't white wash Islam.

When Jams and I disagree about Iraq
it is the argument of an idealist vs a pragmatist. There isn't the victimology subjext.

I am more concerned about Jams naming his Cats after celebrities that I am with our disagreements.
Wanting Peace is an admirable thing and there is a world of difference between Jams and a member of Code Pink.

This post was largely for your edification.

Mr. Ducky said...

"he doesn't mittigate Commie crimes and he doesn't white wash Islam."

Notice that you demand a repudiation of everything islamic to avoid the charge of "white washing". As I said, there is no room for discussion since you see everything through the same lens as feral animals like MZ. You are interested in dogma, not discussion.

Batya said...

I come from a very different place.
I'm a BT.

beakerkin said...


I understand. Our community has had some tensions between myself and a more religious person. Many people do not understand the inherent diferent philosophies. There are things that are not covered under the pretext of teshuva.

Elmer's Brother said...


I understand the honor system as this is somewhat inherent in my military background. A measure of a person was whether or not he did everything he could to learn the job as you may depend on him in a life or death situation someday. Often times "outing" a person who didn't carry his weight entailed a form of banishment and or ridicule that when applied to the offender more often times than not corrected and calibrated the behavior. Then the offender was welcomed back. It works and I respect it.

I understand the blogging malaise. I am suffering through a bout myself and several times I have decided to quit, but then I would really miss all of you.

beakerkin said...

Elmer I may become a homeless blogger and post on AOW, Longrange
and a few other sites.

I am going to try and decide when the events of the last few days are out of my system.

I do not understand how religious people fall for obvious fake cons.
I know the genuine article from a scam and this is a scam. At least their will be no more lectures .

Robert Bayn said...

Falling for cons, has less to do with religion and more to do with being Human, we can all be fooled at one time or another.

Don't let this problem get you down, friends come and go, it's just a cold reality of life.

nanc said...

well, i'm glad to know it can be "earned" back.

homeless wasn't so bad.

good! no more lectures!

truthfully, there are far too many blogadonnas in the www - everybody competing with everyone else - why can't we all just get along?

beakerkin said...


You are 100% correct. I am disappointed because this con is just so transparent. True friends remain and I have quite a few here.

Your post hit the nail on the head and spared the readers from the bad satire Beakerkin joins the axis of poultry.

I was going to reveal all our darkest secrets. Especially the one about Nanc liking plaid.

Of course that satire is not needed. I was going to have Justin do a cyber exorcism to purge me of the Marxism.

Thank you for letting the readers off the hook. You are a good friend Rob. I thank goodness for you and Justin many times.


The lectures under my skin came from KY and his friend. As a rule don't lecture me about halacha.

nanc said...

well, i don't know who "ky" is so i'm relieved!

beakerkin said...

That is me taking a swipe at one of your friends posters KL. I do not like lectures about forgiveness and halacha.

I was seriously going to do a spoof
called Young Gregenstein, but I will save that for a day if anyone should misbehave.

nanc said...

kl is not a friend of mine - where'd you get that idea? he is merely an acquaintence - there is a big difference, you know.

so i take it YOU'RE allowed to takes swipes?

beakerkin said...

I meant KL's friend. He visits quite frequently. It was a good natured attempt at humor. There was no malice intended.

If your friend can have a link that says Not Beak Speaks I should be able to have a laugh or two.

What on earth is he looking for?

Robert Bayn said...

If someone is friends with "KY" i think repentance is in order!


nanc said...

what is who looking for?


Elmer's Brother said...

that's a great one Rob...

kuhnkat said...


a perverted world outlook that condones the slaughter of millions for nebulous reasons has HONOR??

This is exactly the type of attitude that has convinced me that HONOR and PRIDE are either misused/nisinterpreted/misunderstood now a days, or, are not what they are cracked up to be.

kuhnkat said...

Little Che Duckshit,

there isn't much to discuss when the radicals of a religion has been able to consistently HIJACK or LURE the moderates of the religion into acting like animals for the last 1400 years!!!


You MORON!!!!!