Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Straight ahead

We will be posting the much anticipated Sonia Interview shortly. I will remind people that this is a PG-13 segment. Those of you offended conversatons about nudity
and architecture are encouraged to skip this segment.

By overwhelming popular demand we will host an interview with Kuhnkat on Monday. There will probably be some comedic mayhem involved so bring your sense of humor. This segment will be NM or Morons need to be accompanied by an adult.

The most current most wanted interview list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mark Alexander
3 Woman Honor Thyself
4 Pims Ghost
5 Cubed
6 Jams ODonnel
7 Zinla
8 The other Batya
9 Johny Mac
10 Redwine


nanc said...

i look forward to the kuhnkat interview.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute... I thought this was going to be rated NC-17? Nudity must only merit a PG-13.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll dress for the occassion.

kuhnkat said...



How perverted can you Union members get???


Anonymous said...

Grrr. Where is it? This is like spending a November's night out in front of Best Buy waiting for a Nintendo Wii.

Trust me, I know all about THAT little episode mentioned above.

benning said...

"Those of you offended conversations about nudity
and architecture are encouraged to skip this segment." ~ How can you allow architecture on your blog? You sick freak!

; )

beakerkin said...


Architecture seems to be a taboo subject.


Sonia has never mixed nudity and architecture in the same post to the best of my knowledge ......

The Merry Widow said...

KuhnKat should be a livelyone, looking forward to it!


Elmer's Brother said...

nudity and architecture....have you ever seen the San Onofre nuclear power plant?