Monday, January 29, 2007

Can't fool Earl the Cat

I made dinner and I tried to trick Earl the cat. I made myself a Boca burger with no meat. I made Northwind a couple of Hebrew National Hot Dogs. I placed the Boca Burger out first and he looked at me like I was crazy and headed for Northwind. Well I just made an extra one and gave 1/3 to Earl. Apparently Earl is not stupid and is smart enough to skip Boca burgers.


Always On Watch Two said...

Cats are primarily protein eaters. They can discern fake meat and will reject it.

beakerkin said...

Well the score remains Earl one Beakerkin 0. I had that Boca Burger and Earl was onto something. Chasing after Northwind's food is not a good idea
but I anticipated the problem.

Northwind may be small but she is tough.

nanc said...

we love boca burgers!

i would NEVER even think of sharing one with a cat - that earl can have all the frankfurters in my world!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

A burger with no meat?

Next you'll be talking about Jello with no gelatin.

peedoffamerican said...

A burger with no meat?
Or a butt with no crack?

Damn, has beak turned into a lefty vegan with no morals? How can you call it a burger if it has no meat?


Always On Watch Two said...

You left a hilarious typo at my site. At least, I think it was a typo. It could have been a Freudian slip.

Come over, and laugh with us.

The Merry Widow said...

No, Beaker, Earl is not a stupid cat! Try putting a little olive oil on his dry food.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


beakerkin said...


Earl is for all intents and purposes a wild animal. He does know how to hunt but likes the soft life. He spends hours under the reading lamp.

I will try the olive oil but he seems to wait until I get home to do his eating.

beakerkin said...

Peed off American

Keep the HAHAHA in lower case. We wouln't want anyone to confuse you with Kuhnkat.

Anonymous said...

That's funny. Today on our way in to work (we carpool) the topic of boca burgers came up.

Why the hell do vegans eat boca burgers? Is it because they miss real meat?

That was the thesis of the discussion. Vegans fascinate me. They claim they hate meat and some even protest it, but boy, whenever the cravings kick in for a good ol' burger, they flock for boca.


beakerkin said...

They are allegedly healthier and some of the varieties aren't bad. I was messing with the cat who proved far to clever.

Brooke said...

Too true; you cannot fool a cat.

Always On Watch Two said...

Earl is for all intents and purposes a wild animal.

All cats are. My Siamese-Russian Blue mix is constantly challenges me to see who's alpha. I stand up, and she slinks back.

Olive oil sometimes works. But my street cat Sheba cannot be fooled!

Always On Watch Two said...

If Earl is an intact male, be sure to get him back outdoors before breeding season. Otherwise, he will baptist items all over your apartment.

Anonymous said...

I've had the boca burger before and it's not all that bad. I just think it's a riot to see vegans buy them. that's when I make snide comments like, "you really miss meat, huh?"

kuhnkat said...


the cat must really love you not to have baptised you for trying to trick it!!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I hate vegans. They should all be shot and eaten.

Urban_Infidel said...

Try a soft-boiled egg. Animals love that.

I met a wolf-hybrid dog on a trip to California once. She was part wolf part Alaskan Malamute. When offered a Burger King hamburger, she sniffed the 'meat' and turned her nose away. She only ate the bun. Smart doggie!

Purple Avenger said...

Even the best fake burgers are still very fake.