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Beakerkin puts you to sleep with a short history of how Rudy G became Mayor

The srarting point is the third term of the Koch administration. Ed Koch was plauged by rising crime and a series of political corruption scandals in the NYC Democratic party. There was also a bunch of racial arsonsonists in the media and the grassroots level. There were some genuine racial hate crimes, but the media tended to dwell on those where whites were the perpetrator like the Bernie Goetz case. Bernie Goetz was an eccentric NYC persson who had been mugged. Skinny and wearing aviator glasses criminals saw him as an easy target. Goetz new a crime in progress when he saw it and when he was asked in a malicious tone for five dollars he opened fire and shot his potential assailants.

The racial arsonist seized on a white man shooting four blacks and mayhem in the mostly far left media made the situation worse. The racial arsonists were aided by a cadre of NYC Communists notably William Kunstler. The team of Kunstler and Kuby would go onto later invent the infamous Black rage defense when a Black man allegedy becamed unhinged and killed six people on the LIRR. This incedent propelled a more sane version of Cindy Sheehan to run for conress as a anti-gun activist much beloved by Steisnad.

Durring the last gasps of the Koch administration there was a tragic racial incedent in my own community Bensonhurst. I lived with my grandmother durring my college years. There was a tragic shooting of a teen Yussef Hawkins who allegedly was in the area looking for a used car. A local Italian girl was very unpopular for dating a black man. The crowd mistook Hawkins for Gina Feliciano's boyfriend and he was killed
by a mob led by a teen named Mondello and the trigerman Joey Fama.

Jesee Jackson entered the mix and is widely purported to have cynically stated that this case would elect David Dinkins. Al Sharpton led a not so peaceful march through Bensonhurst. These were not peaceful protesters, nor was there any excuse for the many locals who held up huge slices of Watermellon and Eggplants. I never saw anyone holding up fried chicken. This is a dangerous feat around me and you may lose a limb.
The protesters certainly did taunt the locals and visa versa. A frightened city tired of the corruption, rising crime and afraid of real rail riots put the wrong man in office David Dinkins.

I want to state that unlike a corrupt Bill Clinton or a bigoted useless Jimmy Carter David Dinkins is a fine man who tried but was over matched. Dinkins was the City Clerk and had severe Tax problems that would have doomed a White Candidate. Nobody should really question David Dinkins heart as it was always in the right place, he just was not a leader and surrounded himself with dreadful people like Laura Blackburne. Blackburne was the inneffective HRA head who was fired after spending lavishly on a gaudy Pink leather couch. She would gain later fame as a anti police judge.

The racial arsonist thought their moment had arrived under the Dinkins era. Sadly, their antics doomed a dignified man who honestly tried to do the right thing, he just wasn't a leader. The antics of the racial arsonists swept Dinkins to power allegedly on his ability to calm the city and the antics of the racial arsonists doomed him when he failed to deliver.

Before Rudy came to mayor there was a sense of desparation in the city. There was the tragic death of Lisa Steinberg who was beaten to death by her well heeled fake lawyer father addicted to drugs and her mother a far left writer of childrens books Hedda Nusbaum. Their two children were also illegally adopted. The case really focused attention on the real problems of child abuse and the bungling Human Resources Administration led by political hacks with over burdened case workers. As the later case with Nixmarry Brown would prove the problems were never addressed. Sadly in a City as large as NYC there will be many cases of Child abuse and neglect.
NYC is too large for genuine community policing and these tragedies do happen in smaller communities as well. However, in a small community the local cop does know the residents and is quite apt to visit the parents of a kid that appears battered. The layers of government do not exist so that in theory as well as praqctice.

The following stories are capsulized from the brilliant but talented writter the late Eric Breindel.

March 22, 1990 A jury awards Bernard McCummings 4.3 million dollars for being paralyzed as a result of a mugging. McCummings was the perpetrator and had attempted to strangle a seventy one year old man named Jerome Sandusky. Police arrived and McCummings fled along with his two accomplices. The perpetrator alleged he was fleeing and the police officer shot him in the back. The officer claimed McCummings lunged at him.

August 5 1993

A homless man claiming to be a Vietnam Veteran exposed to Agent Orange harassed people on 96th street in Manhattan. The NYT reported his Vietnam veteran status five times. Conservative reporter Chris Ruddy found out that not only had the wild man of 96th street Larry Houge not been to Vietnam he had $30,000 dollars in the bank and a large disability pension. The homeless mentally disturbed Vietnam Vet myth is a creation of the communist Peace movement aided by Gomer Kerry. This myth is debunked in the book Stolen Valor by Burket and Whitley. The most famous cinematic variant of this backfired. John Rambo became a hero in the film First Blood. In the second film he talks about Nixon selling out the POWs. By the third film he is kicking Commie behind in Afghanistan.

October 11, 1993 The teacher from NAMBLA

NYC parents demanded a teacher Peter Meltzer with decades long ties to NAMBLA be removed from the classrom. Meltzer was never charged with or accused of a crime and was given a desk job away from children. The NYC Teachers Union defended Meltzer's right to teach for the entire time.

December 16 1993 After Rudy had recently been elected The LIRR Killer

Collin Furgeson shoots 23 people but only Whites and Asians. Communists would later invent the Black rage excuse.

Jesse Jackson is quoted claiming that the race of the shooter would prompt " a rash of irrational conclusions." "undermine progress" . Jackson went on to chastise politician Tom Gulotta for calling Furgeson an animal. According to Jackson Furgesons actions were not a "race rampage", but a result of " a fit of sickess".

Jackson should have consulted with Ron Kuby, noted Communist Lawyer, who co-authored the Black rage defense. The Dynamic duo of Commies Ron Kuby and William Kunstler would depart the case due to the inability to work with Furgeson. The two along with traitor Lynne Stewart would soon be involved with defending the WTC93 terrorists in the near future.

Part Two on deck

Breindel has three stories on the Billie Boggs saga. The Saga started on Koch's watch
but is important. We see the aiding and abeting of Communists in fostering a climate of social chaos.

November 19 1987

There was a crisis of homeless people living in the street. Many of these homeless people were harassing people on the street. In the winter in NYC staying on the streets on cold nights can be deadly. Mayor Koch sought to involuntarily hospitalize
mentally ill homeless people. The Communist ACLU rushed to aid Billie Boggs as it used a mentally ill woman in much the same manner the far left abuses Cindy Sheehan today.

Billie Boggs real name was Joyce Brown. She was an African American woman who was a secretary and lost her job and her sanity. She oddly named herself after a local TV personality Bill Boggs, much to his bewilderment. Boggs lived on a heat vent on 65th street where she defecated on herself hurled obscenities at passerbys, burned money if she did not like the way it was given to her and made a nuisance of herself.

The far left judge Lipman ruled that Boggs was sane and aquited herself well on the stands. The judge also ignored that unlike the times Boggs was in the streets she had been taking Haldol which surpressed her symptoms of mental illness. Psychiatrists from NYU also rushed to defend Boggs right to commmit suicide and harass her fellow NYC residents in the process.

Feb 25 1988 Joyce Brown goes to Harvard.

The Communists at the ACLU continued to abuse a mentally ill woman. She was given a job in their office. She was taken by her ACLU benafactors to the fanciest NY resturants and gave a lecture on Homlessness at Harvard Law School.

Brown claimed she was a "political prisoner kept at Bellvue and her crime was that she had no place to live". Her lawyers who knew the facts let this fiction pass. Communists never care about facts that conflict with their narratives.

Once again the ACLU types leave out that Brown was medicated at Harvard and in the hospital. She was cleaned up and far more presentable to Commie dopes at Harvard Law than when she was on 65th street babling incoherently defecating on herself and harrasing passerbys.

The ACLU was well aware that three seperate NY doctors and one in NJ all diagnosed Brown with schitzophrenia.The ACLU also knew that despite geting Brown a job, wardrobe in Bloomingdales and a room in a SRO hotel that this was a troubled woman.
they used her anyway. Joyce Brown the symbol was more important than Joyce Brown the human. Yet the ACLU maintained that Joyce Brown was perfectly sane.

February 2 1989 Brown returns home to the streets to the same heat vent

The fiction of the ACLU was back to square one. Joyce Brown had come full circle after being abused by the ACLU. An Appealate court ruled NYC did have the authority to remove Boggs. Joyce Brown was soon panhandling near the Port Authority Bus Terminal. The ACLU climed it was because Brown was too embarassed to ask for money from its local NYC heal Norman Siegel.Brown's odd behavior was noted by her roomate. She shouted at nobody in particular and in the previos September she was arrested for drug possesion and disorderly conduct.

This is a clear case of the left abusing a seriously mentally ill woman to further its own agenda. Has anyone asked Norman Siegel of the NYCLU where Joyce Brown is or if she is still alive.

Central Park Jogger Case

This case was controversial in its time and remains so. The facts are the following
a woman was beaten almost to death and sexually assaulted in Central Park. DNA evidence did not match the evidence of the five youths. The youths were part of a pack that commited a series of crimes in Central Park on the same day. How these punks gave detailed confessions and one of them has semen and grass in his underwear is a mystry. Ann Coulter's theory was the youth was "fertilizing the lawn".

Breindel writes about Father Louis Gigante, brother of Vincent the Chin Gigante of mafia fame notorious for faking mental illness for decades, bailed out a suspect in the case Kevin Richardson by taking out $25,000 of his own money for bail. This act was unpopular with many of the fathers parishoners who felt that the victim was being ignored.

Richardson was greeted jubilantly by dozens of his neighbors who descibed the event as "it is as if he was a hostage freed from Lebanon". There was no thought or compassion for the woman beaten near death. In an unconscionable move the citys largest Black Newspaper printed the Victims name and sugested she was beaten by her boyfriend, there was not one scrap of evidence to support this. Even today respectable media does not print the name of the Duke accuser.

July 26 1991

Breindel notes the lack of sympathy for the victim. Her name was published in the Black media The Amerstdam News and The Daily Challenge and frequently stated on WLIB Radio. At the trial her name was chanted by supporters of the defendants.

Breindel notes the hostility of the crowd towards the defendant. They want to know if she " in the Park looking to buy drugs". Several also repeat the angered boyfriend theory.Breindel notes that the activists are solely motivated by the racial angle calling it a "legal lynching", questioning if an "actual rape took place". Breindel wonders how the media would react to Whites questioning what Yussef Hawkins was really doing in Bensonhurst the night he was killed.

The funny part is if the lawyers argued the case without the racial arson their clients might have been set free. A more rational defense would have been my clients commited the crimes here, here and here and time and travel makes commiting the rape of the jogger unlikely. The defendants laywers were racial arsonists with their own agenda.

The next part will be a seperate post


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you're right, i just got up and now i want to go back to sleep...snore...

morning, beak!

The Merry Widow said...

You actually think I could or would want to go to sleep after reading that? sickening
Race pimps mess it up for real victims while excusing real criminals. Sounds like Isaiah 5:20-23 to me!


Farmer John said...

There's a lot of "charity money" and votes in taking low-rent cases.

Kylep said...

Joyce Brown was involuntary commited because she was a homeless woman. The fact she was black was another reason too. The pro psychiatry media spread evil lies about her with the help of her abusive family to push for abolishing habeus corpus and detaining poor people and political activists.

Her erratic behavior was because men harrased her and because she also did illegal drugs on occasion. The psyche meds they gave her also caused neurological problems.

While she might have needed rehab, for her drug problem, Ed Koch and the rest of them certainly didn't have to abuse her.

Amazing you point out that the ACLU abused her by setting her free but the state didn't abuse her by incarcerating her or by forcing her to take poison. (Thats all psyche meds are. Poison) Amazing you also call them communists. So now its communism to support freedom? George Orwell would be proud of you. As would Hitler, Stalin, Mao and the rest.