Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Thank You Eithiopia

Eithiopia has done the world a huge favor by sending the Islamonazi Supermen packing.
Before the familiar Communist vermin start whining about foreign troops. Do note that the Islamonazis in Somalia were financed by our good friends the Saudis and had several thousand Pakistani interlopers.

There seems to be a dementia amongst our media types. They have failed to note the presence of Iranian and Hezbollah fighters in Iraq. They fail to describe foreign jihadi type mercenaries on a consistent basis. They do want you to know about naked twister in Abu Gharib.

The truth is Islamonazis are less then manly and fight their wars in our media. The problem is that we have a cadre of Marxist hacks who play along with this game. An example is our friendly bird brained poultry cries about Israelis masacring women in Gaza. A simple examination of the actual events showed the Islamonazis used the radio to put thier women in the line of fire. These women may even have been shot by the Islamonazis themselves. The anti-semitic Communist duck is once again oblivious to the actual facts on the ground.

We are going to get hit again and its a matter of time. I hope that our government decides that it is time to deal with Communist subversion once and for all. The mere fact someone is a communist does mean they are an exponentially greater security risk then the rest of us. They should be under constant governmental scrutiny and should face denaturalization and deportation for violation of US Law. Lets see John Brown can be incarcerated for twenty years for drug usage or deported to North Korea.
Either way the USA wins let him choose his preferance.


Elmer's Brother said...

deported to N. Korea...he's already been to prison

Mr. Ducky said...

So what happens when Ethiopia leaves?

Warlords or the Islamists. A lot of the people thought the Islamists were an improvement.

This is far from resolved. Beak must think all the islamists were killed. Silly.

Beak, do you think one of the most corrupt governments in the world (Ethiopia) is going to bring democratic reform?

beakerkin said...

These Islamo supermen must have had Fwench advisors. If Kenya does its jobs these interlopers will be dead in no short time.

We should be encouraging Kenya to finnish the Jihadis off.

kuhnkat said...

Hey Ducklenuts,

where were the super bottle rockets that defeat all the armor??

What? It takes prepared positions and long hours of training to use them effectively? It also takes men who are COMMITTED TO DIE to use them????

Why, I thought ALL the Islamonazis were committed suicide bombers!! Damn, guess they won't win it all anymore than the Divine Wind carried the field for the Japanese in WWII!!!

Face it Ducklenuts, it is one thing to be ready to die for your beliefs. It is even MORE important to make your opponent die for HIS and/or HERS!!!

Apparently the ones in Somalia weren't prepared to do either. It is the great lesson that Clintoon was, and IS, a COWARD!!! If he had the BALLS to stand up to the Islamists during his time in office we would NOT have near the International problem we have now!!


Have a GREAT NEW YEAR Ducklenutz!!

Justin said...

Of course Duck would think the Ethopians were the most corrupt government on Earth. It comes natural to him that any government that frees people from being forced 5 times a day or lose their head would be corrupt.

Funny thing tho Ethopia did what the U.N. of Ducks could not or would not do. And in only a few days time not months. They sent the Rats scurring for the border.
Im sure Duck and the U.N. of Ducks are totally in support of the deplorable situation in Rawanda and Darfur.

Hey duck wouldnt it be great if your great leaders like Ossama and Al Zawahri would practice what they preach when they teach their followers to kill innocent men women and children while commiting sucide. Now that I would like to see Ossama going boom.

Otter said...

I've contended for a long time now that the UN has no real opposition to genocide. It is a means of population control. Especially if it kills Christians or other non-muslims.

Always On Watch Two said...

The Islamomaniacs on the run now in Somalia were quick to abandon their posts.

Good on Ethiopia for showing up the Islamomaniacs for the cowards they are.

Farmer John said...

...and thank you Kenya!

Farmer John said...

ps - ...and Somalia!

kuhnkat said...

Ducklenutz whined:

"So what happens when Ethiopia leaves?"

Depends on how many people are still ALIVE in Somalia!!


We didn't hear any reports of atrocities or civilians killed did we. Probably cause the Western media was AFRAID to be IN SOMALIA where their Western type activities would have gotten them converted or beheaded!!

The Al Jazeera types were running even faster than the terrorists!!! Can't wait to hear the propaganda they cobble together out of clips and video taken on the run or elsewhere. Should prove even more entertaining than Ducklenutz and the Scribble Video!!!


USpace said...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
never confront Islamists

just let them push you around
change your culture to fit them