Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More Idiocy of the Poultry the Bright Side of Islam

The Duck continues to amaze us with more idiocy. The mere fact that one is a acolyte of class genocide and treason should have told us to expect this as Commies are defacto idiots.

The Duck tells us we look at the gray ares of Islam. Yes obscure film produced by X is more valid than scholarship produced by Bat Yeor. Unlike Fanon, Chomsky or the vast majority of Commie dopes Bat Yeor lived under Islamic misrule for decades. Her native language is Arabic and she needs no official translators, The Duck is critical of Bat Yeor whom he has never bothered to read because she varies from the party line and is a real Jew. Fred Isaac also tells the same story and is a Christian
who lived under Muslim misrule. The Duck accuses those who vary from the script like Pipes and Spencer of being in it for the cash. The mere fact that Commies have created an accademic gulag requires those who dissent from the script to seek alternative methods to get their story out.

Noam Chomsky has made a minor fortune out of sham scolarship that conforms to the party line. He uses obscure Commie sources to stick to the party line and calls witnesses to the Cambodian Killing Fields liars. Arthur Schlessinger must have become Conservative overnight as he calls Chomsky an intellectual crook. True Liberals like Schlessinger, Freedomnow, Possum and to some extent myself were historically anti-communists. The MA fellow travelers like Gomer Kerry, Teddy the Senator from Chapaquidick and many others are fellow travelers at best.

The Duck doesn't seem to mind that Accademic swine and Commie Noeman Finkelstein has made a cottage industry over sham alleged researh. Historians whose research Finky has used have denounced Finky's alleged scholarship. Finky has turned his sham research that conforms to the party line into a cottage indusrty. Prof Said like Arafat was an Egyptian claiming to be a Psuedostinian. He was at best an Academic hack promoted by the Old Bolsheviks network into an accademic star. The Duck has no problem with making money as long as one stays to the Commie script.

Planes smacking into office towers, school kids naked and shot in the back, bound captives beheaded and a senior citizen in a wheel chair tossed of a cruise liner while the thugs chant Allah Ahkbar are fact. The Duck goes into the fiction of opressed people and romantic revolutionary because the party demands he stay on script.

The reality is that Muslims are far more apt to be the oppressor than the oppressed.
Minorities under Islamo oppression die in stacks while the Duck spits on the victims.
Dead Sudanese, beheaded Christian kids i Indonesia, Hindooos blown up and daily attrocities aimed at Joooo do not exist in the script. One would think that Mooooslims are the only people oppressed on the planet by listening to the Poultry.
This is far from reality as there are scores of oppressed people who do not rum around beheading people. The people who live under Commie opression yearn to be free, bui they do not behead party members while chanting Cuba Libre. There are many genuine indigenous [eople with real claims to narion status living under Islamo oppression who do not commit crimes against humanity.

The Duck implores us to look at the bright side of Islam. He peddles a fiction of happy Jews, Christians, women, Hindooooos, Bhooodists, Zoroasssstrians who were just happy to be colonized, oppressed, enlaved, and have ethnocide and yes sometimes genocide practiced against them. These people lived happily inder Islamo-nazi misrule and enjoyes 1400 years of Jim Crow as long as they paid their protection money. This is akin to praising a mafia thug for protecting the business that they extort, protection from whom. This is as insane as claiming blacks liked to be enslaved or that Native Americans enjoyed being colonized.

Shall we look at the good side of the Holocaust, slavery, Neo slavery gulags, Killing Fields, the KKK, Chairman Mao, Saddam, the Rosenbergs after we give Islamic history a David Irving type revision. The Duck is an expert on Islam because he took the Potemkin Village Calligraphy tour. Felis, a Pole, has described the elaborate games Commies played for the willing faithful in the West on this blog. The Duck thinks he knows more about Islam on the basis of his calligraphy tour at a Saudi Potemkin Village than servicemen who spend months in the aparthied kingdom. The Duck knows more than Bat Yeor, Frederick Isaac who lived under Islam for decades. The Duck knows more than Nonnie Darwah, Professor Sultan, Irsad Manji,Walid Shoebat and my friend Amil who were Muslim or still are but understand the maladies of Islam. All
of the above do not stick to the Commie script and live in reality.

I can see Ducky saying be a good reactionary and ignore reality 1+1=3 because the party says so, straight out of Orwell. Sorry there bird brain, I live and will die in reality. I am amazed when I read the idiotic Commie left say " for some reason Beakerkin is vehemently anti-communist". Intelligent people understand class genocide, neoslavery and property theft are bad ideas. The Duck seems to think these ideas are only wrong when done by Franco against gays.

Beamish in 08, 12 and Mt Rushmore in 16.


Always On Watch Two said...

Oh, I don't mind looking at "the gray areas" and "the bright side." Literature does that all the time (I'm not a movie buff).

But the facts get in the way of allowing "the gray areas" and "the bright side" to color one's views.

The "human side" of murderers doesn't change the facts about shooting school children in the back at Beslan--to mention one example of practicing fundamentalist Islam.

Elmer's Brother said...

Duhkkky is a Communist missionary what else can you expect.

Justin said...

In a previous post I saw where Duck told Beak:

"You need to put down your black and white straw man arguments for a while and live the life of the mind."

This quote says more than Duck would like to be told. He recommends living the life of the mind because he obivously cannot cope with the reality of the peoples he supports or the reality of the world around him.

He is quoted as saying:

"Thing is Beak that it is an old culture with many, many flaws but it does benefit us to understand it fully in spite of those flaws."

The thing is Ducky no matter how old the culture is, we do understand it warts and all. We see it for what it is and do not live life in the mind so as to excuse its actions since the whole basis of its existance is based on those flaws you speak of.

Speaking for myself I consider the killing of innocent children, women and men to be more than just a flaw. I consider murdering someone because they do not accept your religion more than just a flaw (only the barbaric idol worshiper continue this process.)

I consider walking around a draped bulding and kissing and worshiping a meteor (supposedly given to Adam by the Arc Angel Gabriel) just to be a tad bit more than flawed.

A religion and life flawed such as this can only be viewed in one context. Not worth Keeping.

Beak said:
"The Duck implores us to look at the bright side of Islam."

My question. There is a bright side?

beakerkin said...

This is the problem with the Duck, John Brown, Gertrude, 167, Robert Lindsay and Jihadists. As Utopians who believe that utopia is willing to happen in this world they believe they are in possesion of the divine truth. This is why we hear commies brag about alleged IQ's and degrees.

Commies and jihadis both seek global hegemony and divide the world in two. In communism there are the Party members and the unbelivers are reactionaries. In Islam there is the abode of Peace and war. Infidels must pay tribute
for the right to exist as subject of Jim Crow abuse.

Both start with a script that ignores real history. When one believes on is in possesion of the divine truth one will make any sacrafice to achieve that goal. Unbelievers are less than human so we call shoot school kids in the back, create gulags and Killing Fields. Anyone who disagrees with the scrip is an Ismophobe, Fascist, Homophobe, Reactionary and when the lefties like John Brown start doing pot they add idicies like Synonym or Free Range Sheeple. When these nuts go into frequent anti-semitic mode they add Neocon, Zionist, Likudnick, Shoah Pimp or Kahanist.

The essence of a normal religion is to relish life. This is why Christians set up hospitals and orphanages. Jews set up philanthropies that aid a variety of people. Lefties set up Communist Front Groups like the ACLU and Code Pink to hide amongst others and attack America. Muslims set up charities that are often fronts for terror like the Holy Land Foundation or CAIR to silence its critics.

Utoptia doesn't exist and the narritive is total fiction but the commies and jihadis try again and again and make excuses to justify their failure. Communism didn't work in several countries so Mugabe and Chavez will be the newest failures.

Jihadism doesn't work and one can look at India and Pakistan and notice the difference right away.
It is not the Pakistanis are stupid but in order to break free and make a sucsess in business they leave Pakistan.

The notion that the theological justifications for theft of seventh century caravan raiders or 1800 era couch potato parasites are the basis for sane governance and a modern economy is insane. Sane people study history and facts. Commies study idiotic films and need a narritive.

The Pseudostinians are the worlds greatest victims. They have been there forever and just need those evil zionists to give them a homeland. Just ignore the whole notion is false and that Arabs are colonial invaders with a 1400 year history of treating Jews and others to Jim Crowe style abuse. Lets make a film Jenin/Jenin about a massacre that never happened. Lets make a Paliwood film production at Qana and pass pre killed kids around dozens of times and say those eeeevil zionists killed 70. Our Commie allies at Rueters will spread the script and the clowns at A/P will say this is merely Arab style journalism. Those people at LGF are just Islamophobes, Zionists and Anagrams.

This get insane after a while.

kevin said...

I just watched a documentry about the Taliban's destruction of the Giant Buddahs. I thought it was a bit hypocritical from a faith that holds the Ka'aba in such reverence.

Mr. Ducky said...

Oh, B'at Shite the worlds recognized expert. Yessir, if she says it then it must be true.
Of course she isn't muslim but that is irrelevent in establishing her as the world's foremost authority.

Anyway Beak the little "jewel of the nile" is yestarday's stale AIPAC news.

Mr. Ducky said...

My, my Beak, Norm Finklestein exposes shoa pimps and that makes him a commie?

Your facility with language is very imprecise.

Now we understand that for the red heifer crowd all that matters is Islam's relationship to Israel and the great float up but those of us who aren't waiting for the end times and doing everything we can to bring about the end are going to be able to reason.

Mr. Ducky said...

I really love your technique, Beak. Mention a few fringe cases and pass them off as authoritative.

Anything that disgrees with Beaks point of view and he has never heard of it since Frontpage and Jihad Watch are his primary sources of info.

Then he gets his entourage who have also probably never even been out of the country and they chime right in.

Jason, when I take eucharist I am eating and drinking the tranformed blod and flesh of Christ. Should that religion be discarded?

You are exceptionally shallow.

Possum said...

The far left's fantasizing is getting truly spooky. Your description of "their reality" as their "script" is quite apt, I think. People with certain personality disorders do the same thing. They are essentially in a very young child's mental state "playing Pretend." Like Alice in the Looking Glass. The moment you depart from their script, they throw a fit.

Like a little kid who stamps her foot and yells, "No, you're not supposed to say that! You're supposed to say this!" in her little game of Pretend - where she may even have an imaginary friend you must set a place at the table for.

These people are gonners. There is no bringing them back. And I fear that it's the same with the far left. They are mental children. So they MUST have what they want. Hence, when they don't like the truth, they just pretend it ain't so. Because in the Land of Pretend, believing a thing makes it so.

Really. If you've ever pretended to be busy during a telephone call, you can tell. While you're pretending to be in the middle of some project (so that you can't go to the ball game), you are actually BELIEVING what you say.

Only till you hang up the phone that is. But some people get stuck in Pretending.

I fear that's where the left is. They don't even try to make their lies believable. All they try to do is get the majority playing/pretending along with them.

What about reality? What reality?

nanc said...

a question for plucky:

why didn't this guy just incorporate these "poor" bums into his artwork?:

Jason_Pappas said...

I can’t imagine how one can take Islam as something positive. It’s not that it is a total failure. One can always point out the exceptions and few contributions. But then one can point to Hitler’s commissioning of the Volkswagen so beloved by the hippies of yesteryear. Communist sent men into space and kept the ballet schools open. But why be so silly to point out the exceptions in the midst of the horror?

Islam is a supremacist imperialist warrior ideology. Many Muslims are lax but that doesn’t change Islam and its history. Sadly many Muslims today want to return to a full and vigorous practice of the original religion. It just inspires them. Why whitewash this horrible ideology?

beakerkin said...

More dementia and racism of the Duck. Lets see Bat Yeor isn't Muslim so he scholarship of Islamic history is invalid. Hey Duck buy a clue she uses Islamic sources untranslated because her native touge is ARABIC. Unlike Fanon a Commie fraud she lived under Islam for decades and isn't beholden to fantasies.

Norman Finkelstein is a Commie and so was his mother Mary. Finkelstein is a disciple of Chomsky and currently calls himself a Green.

Your use of the term Shoa pimp is quite fitting. I imagine that if jeff Bargholtz called Jesse Jackson a Poverty pimp you would cry "racism or start babling about Vanilla Sam".

Is the Duck now endorsing Holocaust Denial or minimization?

Finkelstein is a communist hack fired from three NYC Universities for gross incompetance and mental instability, a genuine feat for a Commie in accademia. How one criticizes Daniel Goldhagen when the vast majority of his book is from German sources that have never been translated into English is a mystery.

Most people respect and revere Ellie Wiesel. His spurious idiotic charge about a book that wasn't translated into a foreign language was proven wrong.

The NYT Book Review which isn't right wing compares his books to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Finkelstein is praised by David Irving, David Duke and Zundel
genuine Nazis. Welcome home Duck to the good old days of the grand Nazi/Commie Alliance before Nazis double crossed Stalin. Elmer is right you are Duckkky. But don't say a word about Islam as Duckkky took the Saudi Royal family Potemkin village Calligraphy tour.

Actually Duck I seldom read Jihadwatch. This is more crying over idiocy as your sole argument is that a sources viewpoint makes it irrelevant. However, Duck fealty to class genocide makes Fanon, Chomsky, Finkelstein all irrelevant.

Is the Duck a Holocaust Denier or minimizer. Stay tuned as the idiocy of the Duck continues.

Welcome Jason and Possum.

The Duck hasn't commented on why it is okay to impose Sharia with amputations,kangaroo courts and Jim Crow laws on nonMuslims.

Mr. Ducky said...

"Like a little kid who stamps her foot and yells, "No, you're not supposed to say that! You're supposed to say this!" in her little game of Pretend"

Well Possum, that seems to apply to Beak. B'at Shit criticizes Islam and she's authoritative. Not one word to be doubted.
Norm Finclesteinn criticizes jews and he's a commie.

You guys need some kind of meta language to help you understand how you run in circles.

Mr. Ducky said...

jason, I would really like to know why you feel qualified to speak so broadly of Islam's history.

Also why is it silly to point out Communism's abject failures. It did fairly well at the heavy industry growth that Rand championed in Atlas Shrugged. Of course Rand just presents Communism with a different politburo. She even has such a well developed aesthetic that she can only tolerate hard edge, monumental representational painting , i.e. Socialist realism.

So when it's all said and done Jason you're much closer to Communism than I am. Which surprises me, Beak and his entourage are generally so stupid that they can't get beyond the emotional potency of a word but I would expect better of you. Dissapointing.

Possum said...

I won't argue whether Islam is any better or worse than any other religion. Those who say so do seem to have a point, but it also seems to me that all religions can have such extremeist movements occur in them and run amuck.

What trips my trigger is the claim that Islamist terroristm has nothing to do with the religion of Islam. That's absurd. It's done in the name of relgion, duh. This is an extremist movement within Islam. It is essentially a reverse Crusade, and it has everything to do with Islam.

Instead of denying that truth, Muslims should be handling THEIR problem by eradicating this extremist movement in their midst.

Their failure to do so is very suspicious. They need to know that we are going to win and expect them to be on the right side. They don't have to renounce their religion: all they have to do is clean the extremists out of their house.

beakerkin said...

Earth to Ducky

Bat Yeor and Fred Isaac lived under Islam and are Native Arabic speakers. What credence do you give a Communist visitor who passed through the area? It seems Ducky's claim is a Jew has no authenticity when writing about islam. A commie rat like Fanon or Chomsky is less reliable than Bat Yeor.

Norman Finkelstein is a well known Communist anti semite. His mother Mary was a Communist who some accused of being a Capo. He is a disciple of Noam Chomsky. He is also venerated by David Irving, David Duke and Zundel.

Congrats on steping towards Holocaust denial.

Jason_Pappas said...

Islam and its history aren’t hard to learn about. In New York we have these institutions called libraries. This isn’t an esoteric area of study. And yes, I’ve read some of your favorites, like “Venture of Islam” as well as the PC apologists like Armstrong and Esposito. In the course of human history, I’m always impressed with the many cases of individuals who act in spite of their nefarious ideology. The exception proves the rule. Thus, I am unimpressed with the counter-trend. I don’t dismiss Soviet mathematicians or the few brave Arab/Persian souls to kept philosophy alive for awhile. Nor do I disparage the achievements in German industry in the 1930s. These make the horror even greater since it shows an active intelligence that allowed the decent into savagery.

The New York Sun has a review of Mailer new novel in which the Devil is behind Hitler. The review objects to this explanation. I wrote an online letter to the Sun in which I said:

"Your review brings to mind the above excuse for human evil. As you note it “is troubling — because it denies the force of evil any human agency.” That’s it exactly. It is what is missing in the Nature vs. Nurture false dichotomy. Human agency, i.e. free will, and human responsibility once resulted in moral praise or blame. That an evil such as Hitler should arise and be embraced by a nation isn’t odd, it’s human evil. That we don’t believe in evil is obvious given how people can’t see the threats facing us today.

One wonders why, after Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, and many other communist dictators, evil isn’t understood. Even today, most writers portray American supporters of Stalin as persecuted idealists. Perhaps evil is closer to home than Mailer realizes. Perhaps he should look in his own backyard for the answer."

Mr. Ducky said...

"A commie rat like Fanon or Chomsky is less reliable than Bat Yeor."

Fascinating, are you willing to explain why?

Mr. Ducky said...

That evil is always with us, Jason. The Oprichina existed long before Lenin.

Just be cause we run our sweat shops from a distance and keep the tugging on the dictator's strings somewhat hidden doesn't absolve us.

I enjoyed listening to Chucklenuts on News Hour last night stating that the Iraqis should thank us. That kind of hubris is evil regardless of what economic system you use to couch it.

Baghdad suffers its worst day of carnage in more than a month
McClatchy Newspapers

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The Iraqi capital suffered its worst day of carnage in more than a month on Tuesday as car bombs, roadside explosives and gunfire killed more than 100 people throughout the capital.

The worst bloodshed came at Mustansiriyah University in a Mahdi Army-controlled area near Sadr City. A car bomb drove up to the main gate as students gathered to board minivans home following afternoon classes.

The blast ripped through the crowd, triggering a raging fireball and black clouds of smoke. As wounded and frightened students fled, a suicide bomber walked into the terrified crowd and detonated himself.

Body parts littered the streets, and minibuses filled with students who'd been on their way home were charred beyond salvage. Young men picked up bodies as women wept. "Save me," bleeding victims in the streets begged passersby.

"I saw that innocent blood on the ground and I thought `This is judgment day,'" said Israa Hussein, 27, who'd been buying toys from a street vendor when the first bomb detonated. "I turned to see what happened and all I saw was fire and black smoke."

One man searched for his son and finally found his head and torso but no legs.

"Where is his other half?" he asked and then shook with violent sobs.

The bombing killed 70 people and injured 169, according to the Ministry of Interior.

Possum said...

It looks like Ducky has no legitimate argument, because he keeps throwing the fallcious argument of the ad hominem attack at others, like Bat Yeor.

You see no problem with a religion instituting religious law above the laws of the state? Or is it just Islamic religious law that you find so tolerable? Would you have a different opinion if it were Christian religious law?

You don't mind giving Islamic religious courts legal jurisdiction (taken away from the state's courts), but how would you like the Catholic Church's courts operating that way again?

Indeed, it is still official doctrine of the Catholic Church that every creature on this planet owes obedience to the pope, right down to obedience in what they think/believe.

So, what if Rome tried to enforce canon law throughout the west? Would you be so tolerant of that, Ducky?

Hey, just as in Europe, certain suburbs, Boston, Mexico, and other countries are so predominantly Catholic that they might vote for it. Would it be okay then? to do away with the rights of the minorities in these matters?

What if Rome says, "If you're going to institute Sharia law and Sharia courts in Europe and Canada, you have to let the Holy Office with its tribunals back into those countries."

What if he decided to tax Protestants like Islamic states tax non-Muslims? What if he agreed that all women must cover their heads in public?

It's just a joke, isn't it? You don't care how absurd it is. The left is a religion that hates the religion of its society's own cultural roots and makes love to a foreign religion just because it is anti-capitalist/anti-American. The double standard and dishonesty is so flagrant as to be shameless.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak takes an very violent position to Franz Fanon and I really don't quite understand it.

Contrast Fanon's achievements and life to another writer on colonial oppression, B'at Shit, and Fanon can immediately seen to be superior.

Odd that Robert Spencer is one of the very few that champions B'at Shit but that is typical of the little incestuous circle of limited ideas on the far right nut scale.

B'at Shit has gone so far crazy stupid that she blames the situation in Yugoslavia on muslims. It's as if the lunatic has her own Protocol of the Elders of Zion. A real clown.

She probably wouldn't have been pushed out of Egypt if the Israel Apartheid Regime hadn't started a terror campaign in Cairo led by the Israeli intelligence service.

What had Egypt done? They wanted sovereignty over the Suez Canal and the Israeli Apartheid Regime figured they were the ones who should make that decision. The operation was, of course, a complete fiasco but it does serve as a reminder of how fond the Israelis are of terror as a tactic.

Meanwhile Fanon lived through French abuse in Martinique and Algeria and wrote of the oppressed from a position as one of the oppressed. Something B'at Shit never experienced.

Mr. Ducky said...

When he is finished with that, Beak will acquaint himself with Ali Shariati and his philosophic works which are much more widely respected that Bat Shit's. Shariati was a student of Fanon's and like most others concentrated on Fanon's writings on colonial oppression but not violence.

He might have been a moderating voice in the Iranian revolution but the SAVAK assassinated him. Now I'm sure the Beak has all kinds of glowing things to say about SAVAK which was partially financed by the U.S.

Of course being tortured and assassasinated by the secret police doesn't compare to tramping around the best hotels in Switzerland and writing about oppresion like B'at Shit.

beakerkin said...

Here goes the anti-semitic Duck who talks about paraniod US concerns about genuine commie spies. Now he is blaming the expulsion of the Jooooos on Israel. Ducky has just justified ethnic cleansing based upon spurious acts of a few. Following Duckies logic because Ethel an Julius Rosenberg spied on the Soviet Union we now have cause to round up all the Commies and deport them to North Korea.

Ducky is a big fan of ethnic cleansing an apparthied. Where are the Jooos and the Christians of Saudi Arabia. Was that on your Potemkin Village Calligraphy tour. Who paid for your tour?

Thus the anti-semitic Duck still has yet to figure out that Bat Yeor was a resident in the Muslim world. She was not a visitor like the commie clown Fanon whose scholarship is worthless. Bat Yeor used Muslim sources in the original as well as those of others. The fact that Universities are filled with Commie hacks does not change the reality.

The people who see the Muslims at fault in Serbia are a vast group including your butt buddy Dennis Raimondo, Cockburn as well as the more reality based Serge Trifkovic and Fred Isaac.

Fanon was a commie and as such his achievement and scholarship are worthless.

Thank you for rationalizing Islamo ethnic cleansing of Jooos. The next time you rail about MZ as an animal it should be noted in every way he is your superior. Communists like yourself really do not care about ethnic cleansing as long as Muslims aren't cleansed.

Are you claiming that Holocaust did not occur or was exagerated?

Mr. Ducky said...

Possum the point is that in fact sharia is the law in some countries. It doesn't over ride anything. It is the law.

Now it is practiced more severly in very rural locations and Saudi Arabia but you have no more idea than a frwakin' bag of rocks what it constitutes and that is partially due to getting all your information from moronic idealogues like B'at Shit.

She is merely part of a circle f**k that includes Robert Spencer, David Ho'boy, Victor Davis Handjob and other noted far right loons. They are pimps and do not deal in scholarship.

Jason_Pappas said...

Savages kill each other in Iraq (as they have been for 40 years) while we are going above and beyond our obligations to try to stop this insanity. If Iraqis aren’t grateful for our efforts we should leave. I have no problem with that course of action. But to call our President evil for trying to stop evil is … silly. I call him over-generous in his assessment of these savages and over-generous in the usage of our fine men and women to bring these savages into the 21st century. As I’ve said before, I’d have deferred to another dictator and moved on long ago.

To equate Bush with Hitler and Stalin is obscene. Put him with Woodrow Wilson and LBJ if you want but there’s a difference between evil and being over-generous. As you know I'm not one for altruism.

beakerkin said...

The SAVAK did a good job of killing Commies. The Mullahs did an even better job at killing them once they consolidated power. A broken clock is right twice a day.
Appologists for class genocide and treason deserve their fate. Do onto others before they apply class genocide to you.

The Duck is like David Irving in many ways. Bat Yeor, Fred Isaac and many others lived under Islamic opression. Islamo-colonialism and Jim Crow are also facts. Islamo theft of children, places of worship and slavery are all facts. The Duck rails about these practices as part of his commie Diatribe based upon Fanon.

The Duck then ignores these qualities when Moooslims apply them to others for a thousand years. The Duck denies Islamocolonialism. He wants you to believe Joooos, Christians and women enjoyed jim Crow treatment. Yes and he will tell you that inmates loved being sent to Gulags and Blacks loved slavery next, The Duck rails about apathied but endorses it when placed on Joooos and Christians. The Duck has now endorsed ethnic cleansing.

Given the logic of the Ducks comments MZ has every right to deport every Pseudostinian from the West Bank. The Duck claims Israel is responsable for geting Bat Yeor deported because of a few spies. Well then the Duck has endorsed collective punishment. MZ following the Ducks logic should deport all residents of Ramallah because a couple of soldier were lyched there.

The Duck seems to think Colonialism, Jim Crow, Ethnic Cleansing and Apartheid are okay as long as it is Muslims or Blacks doing it to Europeans or Jooos.

Are you denying or minimizing the Holocaust?

Mr. Ducky said...

I'm curious Jason, why do you feel we are going above and beyond? We wanted iran defeated so badly that we supplied iraq with munitions including chemical weapons.

Colon (sic) Powell gave Hussein permission to keep his attack helicopters rather than risk a succesful uprising and now when Hussein's killings were pretty much at an end we invade and forment a civil war.

Just what have we done to be proud of?

A lot of Iraqis live in my neighborhood. Nice people. Hardly savages although your use of the term does betray some bigotry.

I would say it's time for our "fine men and women" to get a pair and stop going over.

Jason_Pappas said...

SAVAK is what you expect in a Muslim society at its best, sad to say. It only got worse when it became more Muslim. The same is true with our “allies” Saudi Arabia and Egypt – they have a brutal secret police. But take a look at your beloved Algeria in the 1990s and the savagery on both sides was horrific. Or look at the Sudan today.

The best Islamic nations are only temporary islands of civility. Lebanon, the Switzerland of the middle east, may fall to Hezbollah in the near future. Morocco spawns a legion of suicide bombers who deliberately target infidels in Europe. Indonesia is a precarious land that can easily revert back to civil strife. These are nations that visit civilization but never quite feel at home.

It was Bush’s desire to avoid backing another SAVAK that motivated him to the fool’s goal of a civilized rights-respecting liberal order in Iraq. Bush wanted to be loved by the left by implementing Clinton’s policy of regime change and doing it with a democracy. But, with Muslims and leftists, appeasement never works. They just hate you even more. The sin of being a capitalist society can never be washed away ... for a leftist.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, Operation Suzannah, why not look it up since neither yourself or your entourage had ever heard of it and B'at Shit isn't going to cop you wise.

How did you move from that to the Rosenberg's? Take your non sequitor meds.

I will remind you Beak that B'at Shit lived in Britain and Switzerland(there's a place seething with muslim oppresion). She's a freakin' fraud.

Nice of you to put in a holocaust reference. Do you mean the Ukrainian Famine which you deny is the largest ethnic genocide in history. I can still remember working on that film and only getting it aired on "liberal" (LMAO) PBS by agreeing that a panel of jews would discuss a film on the Ukrainian famine afterwards. That made an impression on me. Why was it necessary to ask jewish permission to ait that film?

beakerkin said...

Hold on Ducky

Are you claiming the Holocaust did not happen or the number of victims were exagerated?

We have been over the Ukrainian famine many times. Commies caused the slaughter and then blame Jooos for covering up the Commie slaughter. FYI My family lived in the area and plent of Jooooos suffered if they weren't party members.

If you are blaming a few spies for the ethnic cleansing of Joos from Egypt than the Rosenbergs are relevant. Commies certainly did spy on the USA and knowingly lie about it for 50 years. Thus let the round up begin. All you commies are going to live with Kim Jong Mentally Ill. You have justified ethnic cleansing.

I am well aware of Bat Yeors life story. I have read her books and they are relevant. She has every right to publish her views which are 100% relevant.

You are pulling a David Irving type denial with Islamic history.
Islamocolonialism, Islamo Jim Crow, Jannisaries, theft of religious sites, ethnocide, genocide and imposing theocracy on non-believers are facts.

Are you going to say Blacks enjoyed slavery or people were happy to go to Gulags and Killing Fields next?

MZ is your superior you hypocrite acolyte of class genocide.

Elmer's Brother said...

duhkkky's idea of women's rights is to give them head of the line privileges in the bread line.

Mr. Ducky said...

For his next trick, Beak will, no he isn't going to pull a rabbit from the hat but he will demonstrate that B'at Shit isn't just another fraud in the line of Joan Peters and Allen Dershowitz.

Mad Zionist said...

Beak to Duck: MZ is your superior


Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, who's pProfessor Sultan, a professional wrestler?

beakerkin said...


What bread Commies do not produce bread have some cheap alcohol and some herring heads while Ducky has Caviar in the party lounge.


You are superioe to Duck in modesty as well.


Still no response did the Holocaust occur and did Joooos inflate the numbers.

The Duck is claiming Peters, Dershowitz books are fraud due to the opinion of noted Communist anti-semite and Holocaust minimizer Norman Finkelstein. Finkelstein has been fired from three NYC schools for incompetance and mental instability. This is a genuine feat for a Communist as actual terrorism and fraud and no scholarship whatsoever does not seem to get commies fired.

Norman Finkelstein's Communist critique does not discredit either book and I have read both. Finky likes to pull red herrings out of his behind. He claimed that the Mossad wrote Dershwitz's book until Dershowitz produced a hand written copy. Dershowitz doesn't type and this is one of a series of false charges Finky is famous for. He claimed Ellie Wiesel was a fraud because a book he mentioned wasn't published in Yiddish until the book was produced.

Bat Yeor's scholarship is 100% valid, as are both the Dershowitz and Peters book. Any findings by Finkelstein or any known communist are worthless. Benny Morris and Novick whose works Finky quotes have slammed inaccuracies by Finky.
Neither Scholar is a Conservative and Morris points out Finky does zero original research. Daniel Goldhagen wonders how Finky who does not read German can critique his book with mostly consists of never translated German material.

The fact that Finky is a Holocaust minimizer and likes to put 6,000,000 in quotation marks is a bonus. Being a Communist alone makes all your scholarship worthless, but being a Holocaust minimizer celebrated by David Irving, David Duke, Zundel and Narconazi Nasrallah is a bonus. Embrace your inner Nazi Dukkky you were never far removed from it you just differed on methodology class vs race.

Bat Yeor's scholarship is 100% valid and your racist critique is a Jooo can not be trusted to write on Islam unless he is a Commie and follows the script. Sorry Duck but accolytes of class genocide do not carry any relavance in the real world stick to film.

beakerkin said...

Dr Wafa Sultan is a Syrian American Psychologist whose brave call for the Islamic world to stop the senseless violence is ignored.
Her bravery in the face of religious zealotry has earned her several death threats.

Are you denying or minimizing the Holocaust?

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, Finklestein is tenured at DePaul. Got aproblem with the Jesuits, now?

beakerkin said...

Actually he is up for review and I have a world of problems with the administration of DePaul. Finkelstein should be immediately fired and several members of the tenure commitee have serious problems with his commisioning of a cartoon of Allen dershowitz masturbating over the corpses of dead Lebanese. The cartoonist in question also entered the Iranian Holocaust denial contest.

It isn't like DePaul is a serious college. Nobody confuses it with an accademic powerhose it is a fourth rate institution and Finky lowers it even further.

I think Jewish groups should bring up the removal of Finky with the Pontif. The current Pope knows all about the Holocaust and will not look kindly on people monkeying with its history.

For the record Chomsky should also have been fired three decades ago. Tenure should be abolished and Commies should be removed from faculty ASAP.

Are you denying the Holocaust or minimizing the numbers?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

We supplied Iraq with chemical weapons to fight Iran?

We, as in the United States of America?

That's insanely divergent from reality.

Now, we all know that as a leftist, Ducky's primary obligation in any discussion is to convince his listeners that leftists are perpetually stupid, but usually this can be done without outright fabricating a line that even Iraqis in charge of acquiring weapons in the war with Iran would be surprised by.

Ducky, your anachronistic "Special Forces" WW2 vet that "informs" you of all things Middle Eastern is still playing your dumb ass for a sucker.

For your enlightenment and rehabilitation (should you ever decide to walk off the leftist plantation and join the ranks of the informed), here is a good primer toward understanding where Iraq imported weapons from, as well as an overview of Iraq's domestic (that means IN IRAQ) chemical weapons production capabilities.

Iraq's chemical weaponry was MADE IN IRAQ.

Truthseekers will find that the USA is not even in the top 20 suppliers of weapons, conventional or otherwise, to Iraq in the 30 years between 1974 and 2004.

A reasonably lucid potato might surmise that from Iraq's ubiquitous Warsaw Part munitions and equipment, French anti-ship missiles, German chemical stocks, etc., but you have to take baby steps with leftists like Ducky. No leftist stops being a dullard overnight.

Which begs the question:

Which nation does Ducky know less about, Iraq or the United States?

Warren said...

Ducky, you've had your ass handed to you on a platter and you're too damned stupid to realize it.

You twist and turn in the wind like a cheap pinata that's been hit with a ball bat and still you persist.

You have too much emotionally invested in your psycopathic ideology to ever admit that you don't really have a clue.

Possum pegged you right off the bat and I've said it before. You are a spoiled child, screaming at the top of his lungs, with his fingers in his ears. That way you don't have to hear what the grownups have to say.

You're eating a shit sandwich and convincing yourself its peanut butter.

Always On Watch Two said...

You discount anyone and everyone who speaks negatively of Islam--Pipes, Spencer, Ye'or, et al, while, at the same time, you give credence to any who speak negatively about any other religion. I'm sorry, but that's just not realistic.

Possum said, What trips my trigger is the claim that Islamist terroristm has nothing to do with the religion of Islam. That's absurd. It's done in the name of relgion, duh.

Not just in the name of religion. Islam codifies the persecution of those of other faiths.

Warren said...

BTW, Ducky,

"Possum the point is that in fact sharia is the law in some countries. It doesn't over ride anything. It is the law."

And if it was made the law here, or anywhere else, it would be the "law" and wouldn't "over ride" (sic), anything.

"Ali Shariati and his philosophic works which are much more widely respected that Bat Shit's."

Widely respected by whom, your mentally defective fellow travelers, each with their own shit sandwich to eat?

In case you haven't noticed by now, we don't care to join you in your "feast". We know the difference between partially digested corn and peanut chunks.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Ducky, you've had your ass handed to you on a platter and you're too damned stupid to realize it.

You'd think Ducky's being informed of his own stupidity on a daily basis would be a catalyst for change rather than corroborating evidence of that stupidity, but sometimes I think we're expecting too much potential for rational thought out of him.

After all, he does insist he is a leftist.

Warren said...

*After all, he does insist he is a leftist.*

Always On Watch Two said...

I see that Mr. Beamish and Warren and in fine form.

What a wonderful day to end my day!


nanc said...

warren said to plucky:

"You're eating a shit sandwich and convincing yourself its peanut butter."

i'll never be the same again. please have someone check on me before the week's out. no, really...

kuhnkat said...

Hey Ducknowitz,

I'll look at the grey areas as soon as you look at the many countries where Muslims are MURDERING THEIR PEACEFUL NEIGHBORS TO TAKE THEIR COUNTRIES!!!


You MORON!!!

kuhnkat said...

Excellent post Beak!!

How many times did Ducknowitz respond with his usual no facts weak piss??