Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The common denominator

Far left anti-semites like Ducky, Gertrude and 167 invest way too much faith in the Communist fake three times fired for incompetance and mental instability Norman Finkelstein. The first refrain is Finky is not a communist. Finky has been a Communist for years. He is the son of a communist as well and his mentor Noam Chomsky is a noted Communist. Finky calls himself a Green and Chomsky calls himself whatever variant of anarchism is fashionable at the momwnt.

Communists have a history of hiding who and what they are. In the mind of the anti-semites there are no Commies. Even an affable idiot who calls himself Troutsky denies he is a commie. Lets be 100% clear these are people that are way off the political map.

The Pseudostinian story is a fairy tale with no rhyme logic or reason. The notion of Pseudostinians as a distinct ethnicity fails basic scruitiny. The absurd notion of an Arab indigenous people being there for eons was exposed by Joan Peters. Naom Chomsky comisioned a mentally unstable mediocre grad student to do a hatchet job on the book. Similar hatchet jobs can be done on any book.

The commie far left has accepted that the Peters book is debunked as an article of faith. However, if anything Finky's communism frequent terminations frequent firings, a genuine feat for a communist. Many like Angela Davis have next to zero scholarship and did not get fired. Finky has a history of bogus charges such as calling Ellie Weisel a " professional Jooo" and claiming Wiesel was a liar because a certain book was never translated into Yiddish. It turns out the book was translated into Yiddish. Does Rigoberta Menchu whose brother is allegedly dead but still alive get treated ro similar scrutiny. Her book is still being used in colleges long after it has been proven a fake. Daniel Goldhagen is mystefied how Finky can pronounce judgement on his book when most of its sources are German and have never been translated to English, Finky doesn't speak German. He charged Allen Dershowitz didn't write his book but had to withdraw the statement when a hand written text was produced.

Then there is Finky's reputation with scholars whose work he cites. Benny Morris has pointed out Finky does no original research and quotes his material out of context.
His mentor Chomsky is fond of quoting odd Commie publications with readership of near zero. This is equivalent to saying Elvis lives based on a supermarket tabloid.

Then there is Finky's odd friend who read like a Commie and Nazi who's who. Cockburn, David Duke, Hasran Nassrallah, David Irving, Ernst Zundel are all huge fans of the Finkster. In reality Nazis and Commies were never polar opposites they were competitors. So now Ducky is free to make common cause with Nazis and Jihadis.
He can wear a Turban with a Nazi emblem and wave the commie flag. Gert is cut from the same cloth as Ducky just stupider and less classy.

Commies have to invent myths because any reading of history makes them jesters. Bat Yeor's work is invailid because she is a non Communist Joooo who dares criticize Islamic history. In the mind of the Communist there is no Islamocolonialism, Islamo Jim Crow, Etnocide, Genocide, Slavery, Jannisaries or impossition of barbaric theocracy on non muslims. They need a Disneyfied version of Islamic history because it fits the Fairy Tale, pun intended.

Beamish in 08

Will Ducky answer if the Holocaust occured and if he thinks the numbers are inflated
like Finky.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Leftists, be they Nazi or Commie, all live in a strange world where there's secret Jewish and American puppetmasters behind every historical event that everyone somehow knows about.

They don't seek utopia. They want you to pretend you live in one already.

nanc said...

i want to know whose commie hands were up the backsides of these - for lack of a better word - people:

kuhnkat said...


I read a shor biopsy on Castro that claimed he was very impressed with Hitler!! Could be why it took him so long to hook up with Stalin and company. PO'ed at them for helping to wipe out his HERO!!


Basically Little Che Ducknowitz, you are all homicidal, sadistic throwbacks to a time when YOUR ancestors were ANIMALS!!