Friday, January 19, 2007

Word to Ducky being a Kahanist would be a form of self improvement in your case

Every person should aspire to improve themselves. The ignorant Duck seems to think Kahanism is something people hide like his own Communism. Real Kahane followers do not nor have they ever hid their identity, they have no reason to. Kahanists do not have a record of spying on the United States and contructing false martyrs like the Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss for five decades. They did not nor have ever recieved money from a hostile foreign government and knowingly lie about it even after the Soviet Archives confirmed the fact. Kahanists have not set up a whole network of Front Groups to do their bidding like Code Pink, ISM, CIPES, ACLU, National Peace Council and the National Lawyers Guild to name a few. Kahanists also do not live on the public dole setting up accademic gulags and worthless research while working 10 hours a week for six figure salaries.

MZ is a Kahanist and in every description he is your superior. He is quite open about what he envisions the State of Israel to be. Compare this to your dishonesty about being a communist rat. Then again Commies like yourself have to hide under labels like progressive, green, anarchists and some call themselves incorrectly liberterians but the correct term is anarcholiberterians or spineless. MZ has no need
to revile the system of the United States and is a genuine US patriot. You need to make excuses for every enemy of the USA, because the party line says so. You have the need to justify every maldy of the enemies of the USA. For example colonialism, slavery and Jim Crow are evil so long as they are practiced by the west, but are fine under Islam. The comparison of Jim Crow to Shariah is an insult to Jim Crow as it did not authorize amputations. Theocracy is evil except when Muslims impose it on others. I am also amused of your claim and that of 167 that homosexuality is commonplace in the Muslim World, apparently some of you commies think Saudi Arabia is San Fransisco with sand. Do not make a big deal about killing gays it is only few
and the ones who get lashes enjoy it, in Tredington they have to pay for that kind of fun.

Kahanists are quite honest about their desire for a Torah state. How the bird brained poultry mixes up an outspoken secularist with numerous posts praising secular law remains a mystery. The Duck bends over backwards to rationalize Arab terror as being caused by Israel or the West. The Koran is quite open about what to do with infidels and terror has been at the center of Islam since the begining. Give us 50% of your crops for the right to live in Jim Crow status. Shooting schoolkids in the back, smacking planes into office buildings, blowing up public transportation,
beheading infidels are not aberations caused by poverty or opression. The bombers in London and on 9-11 were not poor, nor were they chanting free Mummia or pass Mother Jones when they commited their mayhem. Any attempt to coflate Kahanism and Islamic terror is intellectual fraud, common place for Maxist Vermin.

On a personal level MZ is also your superior. He is loved by many and has dozens of friends and is welcomed wherever he choses to go. I say this in spite of my many disagreements with MZ on a political level and notably about the superball of zion.
MZ is a forgiving man with a big heart and is far more patient and less combative than I am. He has the traditional view that crazed jihadists are the worst enemies of our people. I am more American in outlook and see the greatest enemy of the American people and Israel as Communist vermin. One can find decent Muslims with no problem, but Commies like yourself always like to whip them into a frenzy. One can not find a decent Communist as being an accolyte for class genocide, sedition along with deception is a charachter defect. Treason and bigotry for you is as natural as breathing. No doubt you try to couch your rhetoric in flowery words, but it is all about power and theft. You know what is best for the unwashed masses, except they recoil and flee your tyrany and you need walls to keep them in. While they starve on fisheads and rice, you will eat caviar and feast in the party cafeteria.

Wanting to create a Torah state in Israel is not something I desire. However, as an American patriot my focus is here and the Israelis are capable of handling their own problems without my advice. In your case being an actual Kahanist would represent a form of self improvement.

Beamish in 08


nanc said...

is this "whup the duck" week?

beakerkin said...

I think it is a bit much so I led with another post. This may sound odd but Ducky does have fans. There are people who root for him
and reas daily but they are almost exclusively outside the USA.

I think MZ will get a kick. FYI I could have added Gertrude and this would have been the same story. Ducky may have some idiotic views but unlike Gertrude he is not a criminal or a coward and never cries.

nanc said...

p.s. beak, i think plucky had a bad beginning:

Mad Zionist said...

MZ does appreciate this, Beak. Listen, if you read Kahane's writings, or check out some of his debates on my site, you will quickly see how rational and sensible his views and arguments really are. Remember: the leftists are quite good at libeling, and have falsely made his name synonymous with genocide and Hitler. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As for Duck, well, I suspect he'll just dismiss the entire post with a sarcastic insult or two. Maybe he'll throw in a smug, stereotypical comparison of Nazis and Kahanists being of the same ilk and then call you stupid just for good measure.

Remember, the totalitarian left does not like being exposed.

Mr. Ducky said...

"Wanting to create a Torah state in Israel is not something I desire. However, as an American patriot my focus is here and the Israelis are capable of handling their own problems without my advice."

Does that mean you support stopping the welfare checks?

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, create whatever state you wish in Israel. That is the decision of Israelis.

But when you steal someone's land and water don't be surprised they they want to punch your f**king face in.

beakerkin said...


What type of Communist vermin are you welfare is a good thing. Now lets go to your criticism session with guest worker Kuhnkat helping out

HAHAHAHAHA YOU MORON!!!!!!! You can't even repeat the party lines.

Yes we should demand those Pseudostinians get to work and build a normal economy. We should eliminate Nato and all welfare in the guise of useless research in academia in the social sciences.

It seems that aid to Israel is the only part of the foreign aid you object to.

beakerkin said...


The Duck is all in favor of ethnic cleansing of people for terrorism.
He claimed Nasser had a right to do so. He just needs to extend this logic to Arabs and he can be a Kahanist. He needs to drop the treason and the class genocide bit.

Every man should improve himself being a Kahanist would be a step up for the Duck.

beakerkin said...

Here is where you are wrong again.You keep returning to the failed narative. It was never Arab land nor does time start in 1948 because a few Marxist bigots say so.

Arabs colonized the area and have an abundance of land allready. This matter should have been solved ages ago but you commies keep feeding the Jihadis and keep them whipped into a frenzy.

The Israelis can determine their own fate without my opinions. Funny Duck you advocate letting people settle their own affairs everywhere but Israel, more hypocrisy on your part.

Mr. Ducky said...

No , when we drop the welfare checks to israel we can eliminate Egypt also.

Israel, Egypt and Colombia represent nearly all our foreign aid with Israel by far the largest portion.

beakerkin said...

The reason Ducky wants to eliminate foreign aid to Colombia is so his Narcocommies allies can overthrow the government. We should increase aid to Columbia and let Hugo know if he continues to aid FARC that his country will be attacked with airstrikes.

My problem with aid to Egypt is coruption in distribution.

I have no problem with the foreign aid the way it is. Just more money and military hardware for Columbia.

I would sooner see all aid for Communist research, elimination of student loans for social science degree, eliminate the NEA and NPR.

Urban_Infidel said...

Must be duck huntin' season.

beakerkin said...


Ducky has his fans but they remain quiet. They read from as far away as Romania and South Africa regularly.

I guess this blog form of American talk radio is a novelty. NYC people are familiar with Bob Grant and the rest of the nation has Mark Levin so itis old hat.

The Duck went over board with the Ellie Weisel comments and endorsing ethnic cleansing of Jews from Egypt. He deserved a beat down and the overseas crowd seems to enjoy it.

Mr. Ducky said...

What beat down. Elie Weisel is a freakin' sel serving pimp.

Other than collecting fat speaker fees, list his accomplishments.

Just what has he done?

I do not endorse ethnic cleansing, however, B'at Shit left Egypt when she was young, went to school in England, lived in posh Geneva hotels and knows as much about oppression as Donald Trump.

Mr. Ducky said...

Yeah, MZ, 'ol Kahane was a pretty reasonable guy. Just ask Baruch Goldstein.

Of course, Baruch's buddies back at Kahane headquartersthought it was a wonderful day when "jews fought back".

Fired 3 clips into a group of unarmed muslims at prayer. Now that's some serious "fighting back".

Like I say, rabid dogs who need to be either controlled or put down. No different than their rabid muslim counterparts.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, does MZ deny the Голодомор like yourself?

beakerkin said...

Why don't you ask MZ. He can speak for himself? I am not his answering service.

The fact that you can name Baruch Goldstein is an indication how rare the phenomenon of Joooos going postal over Psuedostinian provocations. How far did you have to reach back for that one? In that time there were how many Pseudostinian attacks hundreds maybe a thousand.

Lets see I could ask the same questions about Chomsky, but treason, sedition, endorsing Holocaust Deniers and calling eye witnesses to the Killing Fields liars based upon a Commie magazine in Australia with a publication of less than 100 aren't good things.

You do not seem to mind speaking fees when Mental War Churchill, Traitors Ayers and Dorn and thrice Fired Norm Finkelstein get them.

Weisel won the Nobel Peace Prize and numerous awards for his writing
and scholarship. You are in the company of Commies, and Nazis. Poultry Heil as Ducky embraces his inner Nazi.

Lets see Bat Yeor is ethnically cleansed from her home and now the Duck feels this is not genuine enough because her parents don't have a sob story. You grow more demented by the moment.

Being a Kahanist would represent a tremendous improvement and you we be liable for 999,999,000 less deaths.

MZ is your superior in every description.

Mike's America said...

Ah... nothing like Roast Ducky with RED sauce on cold winter evenings... Add a side of fried loony lefty moonbat and we have a feast for the intellect of all good and right thinking Americans.

What was that sign Bugs Bunny used to show Elmer Fudd when he was hunting? Oh yeah, I remember: "IT'S DUCK SEASON."

Mr. Ducky said...

Yasser Arafat won the Noble Prize. Beak considers him a great man. So does mike I assume.

beakerkin said...

Policians are held to lower standards than scholars. How many Nobel Peace Prizes does Chomsky have 0 bagel, goose egg, nada , zilch. Just another Commie traitor and Marxist Hack promoted by the Old Bolshevik Club.

kuhnkat said...


you brought up an excellent point. Where ARE DuckeNazi's friends??


Elmer's Brother said...

duhkkky an american patriot? hahhahahaha....chortle....snort cough....

Pim's Ghost said...

Wow, Ducky, if I write about you will you stop by my site then? Pretty please? I'm really not sure what the hell I'd write, but hey.....

beakerkin said...


Lets see you could write about Ellie Weisel who Ducky calls a Shoah pimp. You could write about Bat Yeor who was ethically cleansed from Egypt. You could write about the Duck's approval of ethnically cleansing Jews.

You could write about Liberation theology that the Duck sees as authentic Christianity.

He also is fond of Arabic doodling
and has an odd disdain for Renoir.

Mad Zionist said...

Yeah, MZ, 'ol Kahane was a pretty reasonable guy. Just ask Baruch Goldstein.

I'm sorry, but when did I claim to be a "Goldsteinist"? More importantly, did Duck not do his homework and realize that Goldstein's shooting incident happened 4 years after Kahane was murdered by putrid, festering islamic refuse?

Oh, and to make the point perfectly clear: Had Kahane's policies been implemented, both Goldstien and the 29 terrorists he killed would still be alive today. That's because all the wretched tumors of islam would have been deported and the conflict resolved.

Lastly, it's a war, and Goldstein was doing what must be done in war. America needs to do the same thing to Al-Sadr and his rancid pile of terrorist fungus, too. Islam is a terrorist organization, they had murdered many of Goldstein's friends, he had treated many of them as an IDF physician, but finally was sick and tired of his loved ones being harrassed and killed by the people in that mosque.

Goldstein snapped, that is true, but that's what happens when the government won't properly defend and protect their citizens. The killing and violence will only end when the moslems are puked out of Israel once and for all.