Monday, January 29, 2007

The Media is asleep on the job

Some of us have been in a rush to criticize Olmert. Many of those criticisms are 100% valid. Yet the media has done a lousy job reporting the Civil war in the territories between the Corrupt Commies of Fattah and the Islamo-Nazis of Hamas. This was a fight I predicted long ago and the best thing Olmert can do is stay out. The subtext to this fight is not Israel it is about power, money and corruption.

Many of us lament that a Pseudostinian voice of reason has not called for an alternative. If someone did call for an alternative the armed factions would lynch them as a colaberator. How many of the colaberators really were colaberators remains unknown. The lynchmobs do not put people on trial and if they did it would be before a shrieking Islamic version of a Peoples trial. The far left tended to gloss over such lynchings in South Africa. These stories did not make news until a racist mob killed one of its own Amy Biehl who had no business in South Africa. The far left seems to think it has the authority to interfere in foreign policy. Nobody elected Rachel Corrie, Amy Beihl, Tom Fox and Lori Berenson to conduct foreign policy. Moreover, if a disorder known as the Commieknoll nuns takes sides in a Civil War they
may pay the price.

Where are the scearming headlines now that the Pseudostinians have turned their guns
on each other. Where are the headlines when Hamassssss asssssasssinated the children
of a Fatah member on their way to school. There is a notion on the far left that it is Israel holding back the Pseudostinians. The reality is it is the foreign aid fostering corruption and dependency among the Pseudostinians. The Israelis are gone from Gaza have the missiles stopped? Have the Pseudostinians made an attempt to build
an economy? The Pseudostinians have no reason to build an economy because their political elite depend on slush funds from misguided countries including the United States. If the victims built companies and employed people they wouln't be victims and the money would stop. It would be nice if the money reached the people, but it never has and likely never will.

The recent demonstrations in Washington were organized by Commie Front Groups. Did you read about that in the media? I have gone to these protesters in NYC and asked if they knew who sponsored the marches. When the protesters were told of the organization and role of Communists they were shocked and appalled. Another problem that allowing Communists to organize these protests is they add messages that have nothing to do with the march. What does Free Mummia, affordable housing, bashing KFC and the plethora os Pseudostinian flags have to do with Iraq? The commies can not even stay on message. We should ask the political figures who spoke at the event how long they have supported Communism? Of course one can expect the refrain of reflexive McCarthyism and Blacklisting from the left. Yet the far left has an abundant record of treason and lies in this country.

There is a bias in the papers against mentioning unsavory political groups in PC Marches. Do sane Gays support NAMBLA, of course not. The gays I know are mortified by association with pedophiles and groups that advocate that horror. The media does a lousy job stating who these organizers are. Contrary to the Ducks opinion Code Pink, United for Peace and Justice,ANSWER and the National Lawyers guild are all well
known Communist front groups.

Would the media be as charitable with a march for visitation rights for fathers organized by the KKK? Would a pro-troop rally look coherent with 1/10 of its members holding buckets of KFC or Second Amendment placards? In any coherent understanding the KKK is an odious group. However, those that support a philosophy that produced
Killing Feilds, Gulags, 100,000,000 dead are just as odious if not more so.

Beamish in 08,12 and on Mount Rushmore in 16. The Beamish monument on the Mall would be shaped like a football stadium. Visitors would be see the man in the Gas mask holding an M-16 in one hand and an assortment of Football food near the other. A lifesize scuplture of Beakerambo tearing the spleen out of a terrorist will be in the back.

Contrary to popular opinions Beakerambo is an employee of this blog. This is not my self portrait. He is hard at work in the B Team studios practicing for his next role.
He will be in the new production of DonKerryiote. He will be the sidekick of the man who has more waffles than the Eggo company. Theresa will will be playing Dullwithoutprozac.

A Clip.

Donkerryiote: Loyal Panchobeaker, why is it that Bill Clinton can lie but retain the support of the American people? Why is it the American people do not understand nuance?

Panchobeaker: Mi Mi Meep Waffle Mee Meep.

Dullwithoutprozac: Dahlink who cares what the sheeple think. Now perform your husbandly duties. We haff ooodles of cash from my other husbandk


Panchobeaker I chafe at performing those duties will you do them for me as a good follower.

Panchobeaker: Me Me Mi Meep No way Jose Me mi meep Gold digger meep meep.

Don Keryiote will be arriving at a blog near you. This film is rated NP or No Poultry permitted.


Farmer John said... this post is why I enjoy coming here so often! Awesome.

Always On Watch Two said...

About the Saturday protest in Washington....I don't recall seeing in the WaPo anything about organizations. I might have missed any mention, however. After all these years, my Jane Fonda as war protestor was too much for me. When I saw the coverage on TV, I thought it was a clip from Forrest Gump.

No screaming headlines about what's going on is Pseudostine in today's WaPo, and no mention in "World In Brief." One headline in the World Section: "In First, Arab Muslim Joins Israeli Cabinet"; the last third of the article mentions clashes between Fatah and Hamas, and concludes with Saudi's offer for each faction's leaders to meet in Mecca.

beakerkin said...

What no protests about my abuse of classic lit.

In other news the Pseudostinians have commited another act of terror
against a bakery. Ouraged commies point out the bakery used transfat
and thus was a legutamate target for terror.

Farmer John said...

Nope, no protest here. The line of abusers is too long to single you out.

American Crusader said...

So what's your opinion about Bush selling Fatah $86 million worth of arms?
Is he hoping for a civil war?

If Palestinians ever decided to stop killing each other and everyone else, they might be able to build a functioning economy. Probably won't happen in my lifetime.

Mr. Ducky said...

Also the regime banned long hair on males, mini-skirts, Sophocles, Tolstoy, Euripides, Russian-style toasts, strikes, Aristophanes, Ionesco, Sartre, the Beatles, Albee, Pinter, freedom of the Press, sociology, Beckett, Dostoevsky, Godard, calling Socrates a homosexual, modern music, new math, and the letter "Z" which means "He is alive " in ancient Greek.
Beak always reminds me of the voiceover at the end of "Z" for some reason. Probably because he's a fascist.

Robert Bayn said...

My basic problem with the far left, is not its association with Communism, it is not that they practice their right of freedom of speech, it's the constant way they put down this great nation.

I quote Jane Fonda:

"When we are able to finally end this war, we will finally have a country we can be proud of"

I love my Country even when I disagree with it, I'm proud of my country even when I don't agree with the leadership, I support the men and women who fight for my freedom, even If I believe the people who sent them were wrong.

beakerkin said...


You are a patriotic liberal and there is a profound world of difference between you and Fonda.


The Bush administration is wrong and the focus of the PA should be jobs. This may be unpopular but jobs is the key.


Last week I was a kahanist now I am a facist make up your mind. However, in Rios Mont's case removing Commies is some type of pest control. When dealing with Commies it is better to dish death rather than to fall victim of class genocide.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

But Ducky,

The Fascists were Leftists just like you.

Mr. Ducky said...

More solid journalism

beakerkin said...

Yes this story was widely reported. How many stories have you seen on Pseudostinians using plastic ball bearings cased in rat poison.

I think these munitions should also be used in DePaul and should be dropped wherever Ayers and Dorn reside.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, your anti-Jesuit bigotry is showing again.

beakerkin said...


The Pope must have the same anti-Jesuit feeling I do. He denounced the apostasy of the Commieknoll disorder and Liberation Theology.

The last two Pope's have spoken out against Holocaust Denial. Yet DePaul hires a Commie who places 6,000,000 in quotes and has called Holocaust survivors liars.

My record on praising the Catholic Church stands for itself. I think DePaul would be improved by the appointment of Rios Montt as President.

Norman step into my office. Commies step in but they step out in boxes.

Jason_Pappas said...

If Palestinians ever decided to stop killing each other and everyone else, they might be able to build a functioning economy. -AC

It never occurs to them. Before demanding political autonomy they might demand economic autonomy in the form of a free trade zone. Hey, they could follow the lead of American Indians and build casinos on the Mediterranean Coast in Gaza. They could follow that with a Disney World and a Busch Gardens. After awhile this tax free zone will get the Israeli government upset because their citizens were spending too much money in PA areas thus escaping taxes. The Israelis will have to follow suit by being less socialistic to compete and everyone will have plenty.

Ah, well, it was a nice dream but then I remembered one factor: Islam. Too bad!

Of course we (the USA & Europe) provide the majority of Pseudostinian’s income either directly or through the UN (where the West provides most of the money.) If we just pulled the plug, Gazans would have to go back to Egypt to get a job. End welfare; end the Pseudostinian problem.

Mr. Ducky said...

Actually that was done in Lebanon, Jason. Led to difficulties.

Many of those difficulties were caused by the Israeli Apartheid Regime. Not all, certainly, but Israel was a big negative factor just as they were recently when they completely trashed the remaining Lebanese infrastructur and caused major ecological disasters.

Where are Palestinians going to obtain West Bank land for a casino? Are you off your meds, Jason or just cruising along in your little utopian dreamworld?

beakerkin said...

Lets see Duck

Has the notion that Lebanon allowed terrorist acts from its soil for years sunk in yet. Israel showed great restraint in waiting as long as it did.

Jason_Pappas said...

They have Gaza. If they stop hurling projectile at the Jews and start investing in their beach-front property (where’s all those pro-Pseudostinian Arab Sheiks?) they’d have an Arab Rivera. You know there are Egyptian resorts in the Sinai that are frequented by Israelis and Europeans. But Gazans would rather turn their children into human bombs and blow-up Israeli teens in Discos.

When was the last time you heard Gazans make demands for a free trade zone? Or even demands for jobs? It's "kill the Jews" and "kick them into the sea." I remember Thomas Friedman once saying the Palestinians are more concerned with the boundary of the nation than the content. To them it's never "what kind of people do we want to be" but "get those Jews out of here." Well, they're out of Gaza and would like nothing more than to be left alone.

Let's remember our founding fathers petition for liberty and rights before they gave up and demanded independence. These people don't want rights, trade, and hard work. They just want to kill Jews. If they respected property rights, it would be worth while investing in Gaza. But who in their right mind would put a resort in the midst of Hamas and Fatah? No one even imagines productive businesses in PA areas.

Besides these people have been kicked out of Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, etc. They can't even keep jobs in other Arab countries. They live to kill and die. Every child is brought up to aspire to be a suicide bomber. That's not an employable skill for a job in my company.

It's sad that Arab nations, having lost many conventional wars, turn these poor people into cannon fodder. If they are kept in an aparthied-like state, it is Arab nations who deny them the freedom to relocate and work.

The children of Mexicans born in America have more rights than Palestinians born in Lebanon. Israel has far more patience with these people than any Arab nation.

kuhnkat said...

Little Che Duckwad continues to exhibit his abnormal psychology by projecting his Fascistic tendencies on Beakerkin.

Let me see now, if Beakerkin was Fascist, would he not BAN more MORONS, oooops, sorry, I mean mentally CHALLENGED types like DUCKWAD??