Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lesson for the Duck Special Ed Time

A kahanist is a person that desires a theocracy imposed on Israel. A secularist who respects religion but has not been to services in a decade is a poor candidate to be a Kahanist. I have several posts where I expressly advocate a form of Civil law that respects religious terms like marriage. How those posts and my areligious personal life can be construed as Kahanist is a comedic classic?

Kahanists also disrespect the institutions of Western Democracy. Kahane has pointed out there is nothing Jewish in democracy.A perosn who wants to protect those institutions from Communist subversion is not a good candidate to be a Kahanist.

I am also quite open about my desire for Gay people to be left alone and civil unions. These are hardly the positions a Kahanist would take.

Kahanists tend to govern their politics by religious law. For example I view Communists who happen to be Jewish as dangerous death cultist. Kahanists follow the talmudic law when common sense dictates these people are natural traitors.

The reality is that old texts, be they the Koran, Talmud or Manifesto are not the basis to run a productive society. Religious law is meant for our personal lives and hinders economic productivity. The manifesto like all commie creations is best placed in landfills along with their authors.

Kahanists are exagerated by Commie Vermin who see them a Jewish Counter Part to Hamas. This is a hysterical exageration on the part of commies. One has to do a genuine search to find Kahane inspired violence. Barch Goldstei was how many years ago? One can readilly find hundreds of Muslim terror attacks in that time.

I have been approached by these types for two decades. I am not into silly Utopian dreams in their case. However, they are far less dangerous than your kind. I place the notion of creating a Jewish theocracy right up there with the hemp crowd.

Ducky Kindy explain what views expressed on this blog qualify me as a Kahanist?


Always On Watch Two said...

From Wiki:

Kahanism is a term used in Israeli political parlance to refer, first of all, to the ideology of Rabbi Meir Kahane,and, more generally, to other right-wing Religious Zionist movements or groups that share a belief in the fundamental tenets of that ideology, chief among them being the idea that the State of Israel should be governed theocratically, should accord full citizenship exclusively to Jews, and that all disloyal citizens should be either deported or allowed to remain as resident aliens with full economic and personal rights, but no political rights.

Based on the above, you don't qualify, Beak. ;)

Farmer John said...

But there is a small grain of truth in the charge which beak's opponents use to taint him with. Kahanists were defenders of Israel. So is beak. That is "sufficient" linkage for "rhetorical" purposes... inflamation of passions, not determination of truth.

Farmer John said...

Which is why I hate rhetoriticians (except when I'm being one myself) ;-)

beakerkin said...

Well I do like the part about deporting disloyal citizens.

kahaneloyalist said...

Beak, I wish to clarify something for you. Kahanists realize Communism is evil, remember we were the ones who fought for Soviet Jewry when everyone else wanted to appease Russia instead, but there is the concept of Ahavat Yisrael, that all Jews are responsible for and must love all other Jews, so while we recognize the evil of Communist (and Anarchist) Jews we wont write them off. I personally know Jews who were Communist who have realized the evil of that ideology and are now lovers of the Jewish people.

Regarding your claim that religion stifles the economy, Rabbi Kahane's position was that a free economy without socialist controls in by far the best system.

beakerkin said...


Your clarification is noted. However, I was there in the Soviet Jewry along with plenty of non-religious types.

I 100% disagree with your view of what to do with Jewish Communists. They are a cancer in a healthy society and need to be removed. Holding a door open to those who will slit your throat may be halachic, but imprudent.

I am glad you stopped in. Would you kindly explain to the Duck why I do not qualify as a Kahanist?

The Torah and halachah do not restrict commerce like Shariah. However, I prefer the rule of civil law for a healthy society.

kahaneloyalist said...

Duck, Beak is a good person but he is certainly not a Kahanist. It has become fashionable among leftists in Israel to label anyone who doesnt wish to commit suicide a Kahanist, while Beak isnt in the lemming camp except for not wanting to let the Muzzies and leftists slaughter the Jews (and everyone else) he disagrees with almost every other Kahanist positions. Dont worry Beak, we love you anyway.

And Beak, it is true many of those fighting for Soviet Jewry werent religious but it was religiously led and it was religious Jews who started the struggle.

beakerkin said...


Thank you for your sentiments however, I walk my own path. I will
not be joining the ranks of the Kahanists any time soon.

Do note the policy of this blog is not to post comments from people who post comments on Greg or Gert's blog or host them.

I posted your comments as they were relevant.

Mr. Ducky said...

You don't reveal much, Beak. I get the idea your family was in the crap in Russia at some point. Not that it's unusual.

I actually give you the benefit of the doubt labeling you a kahanist since it gives you an excuse to hate all things muslim.

The idea of revivling a billion and a half people unequivocally is fascinating. Doesn't give any insight into the sources of your ridiculous ralings against anything you see as threating as Marxist, ant-semitic or communist.

Most of the others just see Islam as some bit player in the endtimes. Makes them irrational but I don't get your schtick.

beakerkin said...


My family is from the Pale of settlement and some endured the Ukranian famine.

Politically I am an anti-Communist social liberal. My positions are quite similar to that of Freedomnow or Possum.

A patriotic pro-American liberal sees all Utopians as enemies of our Democratic institutions. This is the traditional form of liberalism in the mold of Scoop Jackson. Today's liberals are more akin to fellow travelers.

I walk my own path and distance myself from Utopians who are dangerous Marxists as well as those who I deem inane Kahanists.
I am more concerned about protecting institutions from subversion and workable solutions than dreams.

As far as Islam goes I take an honest look at their history and Culture without the PC prism. Islam is as Islam does and theories about hijacking a religion are absurdities. We can not disconnect what is done in the name of Islam from the religion.

American Crusader said...

Has there ever been a successful theocracy in man's history?
If so, I am unaware of it.
But..kahanist are correct in that the Arabs are now and always will be the enemies of Israel.
Still, Iran might make this entire discussion mute.

Mr. Ducky said...

Well that's largely true AC, although I'll point out that Beak makes no attempt to seperate Arab from muslim. Is rapprochement impossible? I don't know but I do know that the likes of MZ are as venal as anything on the Arab side and that isn't a cause for optimism.

As far as Iran goes. Give me a f**king break. Israel and the U.S. are far more threatening to Iran than vice versa and if you expect that they are going to sit still for that then you are simply foolish.

If we are mature enough to stand down and talk then they will eventually have nukes.

beakerkin said...


Although I have banned MZ, KL and that crowd they are in no way comparable to the genocidal and actual threats posed by Jihadists.

You are off your rocker about Iran.
Iran is apt to give nukes to Hezbollah and you will get armegedon.


Your question is one that I wish Richard Poe were around for. What
the ancients were could be a long discussion that would be interesting.

The_Editrix said...

"Beak makes no attempt to seperate Arab from muslim."

Do Arabs do that themselves? At the time of the Ottoman Empire's collapse (1923) Arab Christians numbered close to 33 percent. Today, less than six percent of the Arab population are Christians. No doubt through the valiant effort of the Muslim faction.

And now Beak is supposed to honour such subtle nuances?


Just curious!

Anonymous said...

Beak, I commend you for standing on your own two feet, not many people i see today on Blogs can say that, they either are running with the far right, or the far left.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is stand for own convictions, in a day and age where Ideology rules, it's good to have a voice of reason.

beakerkin said...

Rob one of the problems with my association with MZ is people assumed his views were the same as mine. While we both support Israel and that is about it. I do concede his heart is in the right place.

I have always been a moderate of a different stipe.

Mr. Ducky said...

editrix, because the majority of muslims aren't arab.

beakerkin said...


The vast amount of time we discuss Islam we are talking in the context
of Israel or Iraq. I am well aware of the subgroups and other counries that are Muslim.

Pakistan is not a hot topic but I am well versed in all the groups.
These are not hot topics here.

Warren said...

Duck, you are a retard!

Most of us mature with age but at some point your brain vitrified. This is very common among leftists.

They start out shitting their pants, spend their whole life throwing temper tantrums and shitting their pants. And in the end, they go into the home, still shitting their pants.

You have often whined about "dem jooos" that "censored" your little hit piece of a propaganda film. (Bet it was worthy of a place on the mantle with a copy of "The Protocol's".)

Did it ever dawn on you that someone, that previewed that piece of crap, was disturbed buy its blatant Anti-Semitic content and ratted you out instead of creating another blood libel?

I know, it was a traumatic experience, similar to the time I found out that there wasn't a tooth fairy, but you really need to move on.

As far as the Arab/Muslim thing goes, the Iranians are Persians/ Abu Sayyaf, Philippines/ Moro Islamic Liberation Front - the Philippines/ Adolat and Akramiya, Uzbekistan/ Armed Islamic Group, Algeria/ an al-Qaeda linked separatist group in China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region/ Islamic Movement of Central Asia - affiliated with Al Qaeda/ Jemaah Islamiyah - Southeast Asia/ Students Islamic Movement of India/ Kurdish-Hizbullah - Turkey.

Of course, in a place like Indonesia, They don't actually have to form separate terrorist organizations. They operate and are armed by the government.

So, you don't hate "all" Jews, just the roughly 80% that don't believe they are the cause of all the problems in the world.

Always On Watch Two said...

They start out shitting their pants, spend their whole life throwing temper tantrums and shitting their pants. And in the end, they go into the home, still shitting their pants.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

As far as Iran goes. Give me a f**king break. Israel and the U.S. are far more threatening to Iran than vice versa and if you expect that they are going to sit still for that then you are simply foolish.

Oh sure. You're all for Iran to have a pre-emptive strike doctrine, Ducky.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Ducky was hooked on applause from the first time he went poo for momma in the potty chair, and he's been shitting everywhere ever since.

The_Editrix said...

"editrix, because the majority of muslims aren't arab."

Then you ought to have said: "Beak makes no attempt to seperate Muslims from Arabs."

And even if you had, I somehow fail to see how the rest of the Muslim world differs from the Arab-Muslim world. They are generally murderous scum and those who are not, comply with the murderous scum.

Everybody who knows me knows, too, how I hate to call people names. But in this case I really have to agree with Warren's moderate assessment of your person. You ARE a retard. And if I read crap like: "Israel and the U.S. are far more threatening to Iran than vice versa and if you expect that they are going to sit still for that then you are simply foolish" I have to add that you are not just a retard, but a suicidal retard to boot. And although that is basically a good thing, you are drawing millions of decent people and a great culture into your own self-hating suicidal urges.

When I started to become interested in the Middle East conflict (that was roughly at the start of the oh-so-daintily-called "Second Intifadah") I found Rabbi Kahane pretty wacky. Now, some years later, I think that every word he said about you and your ilk was true.

The Merry Widow said...

Morning, Editrix!
As usual, a susinct* appraisal of plucky and Iran!

*I know, I know, it's spelled incorrectly, I just don't feel like braving my son's room to find the distionary. I might not get back!

The_Editrix said...

Good afternoon TMW! Never you mind! I only fuss about people's spelling if I have a bone to pick with them, or, as we are saying in German, a chicken to pluck.

Basically, it's petty and mean. ;-)

The_Editrix said...

"Baruch Goldstein was how many years ago?"

Dr. Baruch Goldstein was a paediatrician [sp?] who was desperate because of the many injured children he had to sew up and the many dead ones whom he couldn't help anymore, in spite of all his skills as a doctor.

I don't know whether he even was a Kahanist. And even if yes -- what does it matter?

To compare him with the murderous terrorist Arab scum is preposterous.

He is my hero.

American Crusader said...

ducky, you seriously underestimate the potential danger of a nuclear Iran.
First off, they have a leader who I believe would welcome Armageddon.
Shiite Islam has its own version of the messianic return -- the reappearance of the Twelfth Imam.
I believe Ahmadinejad is crazy enough to believe that he maybe the 12th Imam.
Second..let's say he isn't crazy and it's all propaganda. Ahmadinejad would still transfer a working nuclear device to Hezbollah (which in reality is part of Iran) who would readily use it in the United States.
The old Cold War strategy of MAD doesn't apply to Iran.

Elmer's Brother said...

editrix....how plucking a duhkkky?

Freedomnow said...

Ducky, why do you waste your time with empty rhetoric?

You said, "editrix, because the majority of muslims aren't arab."

This point is irrelevant in light of the fact that the majority of Arabs are Muslim and they are the founders of the religion.

If you started to put all the facts into context you would reject your stance on every issue.