Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Welcome to the frozen North

My trip home was amazingly easy. It seems that all my thirty mile trip with both defrosters on full bast combined with direct sunlight weakened the Ice. My front and rear winshield were clear and three out of four side windows wee clear. By the time I pulled into the town gas station even the fourth window was soft enough for the ice to be removed in seconds.

It is three degrees and the wind is starting to pick up. Overnight lows will be negative 5 with 15-20 mph wind. There was one bad week last year with -13 a few nights but it isn't so bad if there is no wind.

The roads were excellent, but the Quebecois on the Interstate seem to be on a suicide jihad going in the mid eighties at least. They do this in heavy fog as well and one does not know what is in that fog.


FLORIAN said...

So where is this "frozen north"? Is it classified? Canada? It's a bit chilly down here in Atlanta also. Hope we don't have sleet or snow--that means I'll have to work OT working for the power company.

Otter said...

Well they want out of the country before dark, Beak. God only knows what those crazy Americans will do if they catch them after dark! ;)

beakerkin said...

I am in Northern Vermont 15 minutes from Canada. It is -4 with 20 mph winds.

Justin said...

Beak I assure you that you are not alone in this weather. We went through 3 days of ice and below freezing here in Dallas. This morning I wake up and now we have ice and snow and temps below freezing.

Ok Ok what did you guys do with the global warming thing. This sucks. :P

Always On Watch Two said...

Mountaineers practice a hell-bent driving style. It's the same in east Tennessee.

Elmer's Brother said...

I've lost several plants in my yard due to the freeze and I'm in southern Arizona.

Brooke said...

We just got a really good frost here in Ohio; one of the first of the year!

We had so much rain over the last few days that the river was uncomfortably close to the top of the embankment that our neighborhood sits on, but all is sunny and cold now.

Mr. Ducky said...

Mainers tend to lead foot also. Vermonters seem more refined on the road.

Of course, Bostonians consider driving a contact sport.

kuhnkat said...

Ducknowitz explained:

"Of course, Bostonians consider driving a contact sport."

Ahhh yes, that's where the BRAIN DAMAGE came from!!