Monday, January 29, 2007

Straight Ahead

The interview with Sonia is scheduled for Thursday. Those of you offened by nudity are encouraged to skip this post. Sonia blog requires careful reading and does have
excellent political posts. The blog also covers art and film and is not a site for peeping Toms. The questions will be directed towards the themes allready mentioned.

The Current Most Wanted Interview list

1 Jason Papas
2 Mark Alexander
3 Woman Honor Thyself
4 Kuhnkat
5 Pims Ghost
6 Jams ODonnel
7 Urban Infidel
8 Batya from FPM
9 Zinla
10 Johny Mac

An interview with Kuhnkat would be fun. I could find myself on the wrong side of his catch phrase.


Anonymous said...


You mean "that" guy?

beakerkin said...

Yes an interview with kuhnkat could have me being beaned. It could be one of the more interesting interviews ever.

I do not know how we top naked women, Israeli settlers and brilliant German writers, but this could be the ticket.