Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The idiocy of the Poultry

All of us would agree that Jim Crow was evil. However, our friend the Communist waterfowl sees nothing wrong with Jim Crow as long as Muslims apply it on Christians, Joooos, Hindooooos, Boooooodist and Zoroasssstrians. The Duck claims that I hate all things Muslim. The truth is sane people should hate theocratic law applied on non-followers in a bigoted Jim Crow manner. Sane people realize 1400 years of Islamo colonial brutality against a variety of people is a fact. However, sane people do not seek refuge in the cult of class genocide. All scholarship by members of the cult of class genocide are worthless.

Ducky likes the world of film, where he can live his utopian fantasies. Communism is a utopian ideal on film. The reality of bodies all over the place and neoslavery in Gulags, rampant corruption doesn't play into the naritive. Time after time every Commie fantasy fails and scores of people die. They die while appologists like the poultry blame the individuals rather than a warped idea. We would all agree that any attempts to rehabilitate Nazism would be evil and warped. Communism has produced four times the dead of Nazism and people like the Duck are warped and evil.

The Duck believes in the script no matter how far fetched. He will rail about Falwell
and Robertson imposing theocracy on you. He will complain about false Christians even as he praises an idea denounced by two Popes as apostasy. He reserves his praise for those who persecuie Christians via Manifesto or Koran. He has zero problem with a theocracy that uses Jim Crow laws has Kangaroo courts and imposes amputations and the death penalty for gays and women who have been raped. He sees no problem with placing theocracy on non-believers as long as Muslims do it to other people. The Duck is an expert on real aparthied as he took the Saudi Royal family Potemkin Village tour to study caligraphy. Caligraphy sucks and I do not want to hear the Duck's birdbrained disdain of Renoir. Yes his Potemkin Village caligraphy tour qualifies him as an expert. It does not matter that Steve Harkonen, Elmer's Brother as well as my brother and Sister in law were also there and see the situation differntly. The reality is that all these other people do not have to follow a script determined by mental midget followers of the cult of class genocide.

Now the Duck is railing about Franco's treatment of gays. We asked the Duck what did Franco do to gays? He killed them and stolr their property. This is what Communists do to everyone on a larger scale. The Duck fails to mention current persecution of gays in Muslim countries including the death penalty, Castro's and the thug in Zimbabwe's dreadful record. We should all worry about Pat Robertson's idiotic commentary and gloss over capital punishment for gays because it doesn't fit the story line.

I posted the Euro hypocrisy of the critiques of Scientology. Every single critique made about Scientologists could be made about Islam and Communists. The fact is Scientology may be odious, but its adherents do not smack planes into office buildings or shoot school children in the back yelling Hubbard is great. Nor do they commit acts of treason against the US Government or create gulags. Never look for wisdom from the European or American left it doesn't exist.

Life is not a grade D Trumbo script, Trumbo was an appologist for class genocide and subversion. The Duck has his cinema fantasies but the rest of us have reality.

Beamish in 08.

In production now is the Mad Zionist version of the New Algerian classic The Man in the Iron Gasmask.

Ducky: This is the worst abuse of classic litt ever !!!!!!!!


Always On Watch Two said...

The Duck claims that I hate all things Muslim.

Probably Duck thinks the same about me. But the truth is that I admire many elements of Muslim culture, particularly the architecture.

As a Spanish major, I can't possibly hate all things Muslim.

But shari'a law? Now, that's a different story.

Stay safe in the brutally cold weather, Beak!

Mad Zionist said...

The Duck claims that I hate all things Muslim.

No, that would be me.

Mr. Ducky said...

Life is not a Dalton Trumbo script? Are you aware he wrote Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo?

I have to give you credit Beak. You don't let your ignorance keep you from making a fool of yourself.

Love the Scientology rant. Ho did you manage to pull that out of your butt? Medicate, Beak, medicate.

Urban_Infidel said...

Speaking of commies, I've got a plate load of photos of 'em that I took Times Square last night.

Come, feast. Enjoy.

beakerkin said...

Lets see could Trubo's script have come after his beloved Soviet Union was attacked. The only time the Commie left was ever for a war was when Moscow gave the orders. It is well known that Commie vermin like Trumbo were pro-Peace when the Nazis and Commie were allies and then he pulled a Linda Blair and became Gung Ho.

Sorry Duck Trumbo was human garbage and an apologist for class
genocide. Nor does Artistic talent of any kind mean judgement in your political and personal life is also flawless.

What makes your stay in a Saudi Potemkin village more relevant than Elmer, Steve Harkonen or my Brother and sister in law who were less generous than you about the Saudi Apartheid kingdom.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, speaking of films you should try to take in "Climates". Director's being called the Turkish Antonioni.

One of the benefits of the arts is that it gives you insight into cultures and shows you the gray area.

You need to put down your black and white straw man arguments for a while and live the life of the mind.

My experience was much more direct in Saudi than the ones you mention. I take it that Harkonen was stationed over there. Really gave him an in depth look. Please.

Thing is Beak that it is an old culture with many, many flaws but it does benefit us to understand it fully in spite of those flaws and not depend on the rantings of some 85 I.Q. scam artist like the Jihad Watch crew who make a good living scamming folks like yourself for contributions.

Life is large, Beak. Your mind is small and impenetrable. You can change that.

beakerkin said...

The above is a load of crap. I can not speak for Steve or Elmer, but mu brother was there two times and for a period of six months each. As a medical officer he was not afforded the Potemkin Village tour
either. FYI my older brother is a liberal and disagrees with you. My sister in law has been there several times and does not have a Jewish last name. She will be the first to tell you that you are nuts. I am sure that Harkonen and Elmer will tell you how long they spent in the Aparthied kingdom.

Sorry there is no black and white with Sharia any more than Jim Crow or Nazism. Jihadwatch is more accurate than the reports of Fanon or Chomsky who as Commie vermin have their own naritive fiction to write. Unlike Fanon Bat Yeor and Fred Isaac are fluent in Arabic and spent decades living under its misrule.

Tell us your next fiction that people were happy in Gulags, blacks enjoyed slavery or the boat people were auditioning for Gilligans Island.

Brooke said...

Oh, and tell us how the women in that "old society" are happy underneath their hijabs, going only where their husbands give them permission to be.

beakerkin said...


Let the Duck also explain about the religious police who sent children back into a burning school because they weren't covered.He will spin this around to blame Falwell.

Anonymous said...

Duhkkky said:

How did you manage to pull that out of your butt?

Could be the same way you put it in...with a little ky

American Crusader said...

I thought "Valley of the Wolves" was ducks favorite film.
Virulently anti-American and anti-Israeli plus pro Islamic.
What more could you want in a movie?

kevin said...

Take a peak inside a UK Mosque

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak and the animal formally known as MZ comment on Iraq...

"We want genocide...and a pony!"

beakerkin said...

MZ has never advocated genocide. I have advocated srcutiny and deportation of Commies to North Korea when they break the law. Let Kim Jong Mentally Ill decide what to do with you.

Moreover when you commies step into other peoples civil wars you should be killed. Fewer Commies in CPT teams, ISM or human sheilds is fine by me. I am off to IHOP for the Rachel Commie er Corrie special. Her parents should pay for any damage she inflicted on the bulldozer.

Always On Watch Two said...

I, too, posted on whats been happening in the UK mosques.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against Muslims, i think their great, everyone should own at least one.


Always On Watch Two said...

THIS might be of interest:

President Hugo Chavez's announcement at this week's innaugaral ceremony of plans to create a network of "socialist cities" run by "people power" in Venezuela's unsettled interior has some critics concerned he is moving his country toward a Pol Pot-type system.

The anti-American leader told the Venezuelan national assembly that large tracts, each 38.6 square miles in size, would be developed as new egalitarian communities run without mayors or municipal governments.

"I invoke and summon the constituent power, the people's power, the real fuel, so that the engines I am talking about may lead us to a better future," he said at the swearing-in ceremony where he declared "the new era on the road to socialism."

"Those of you who want to know what type of socialism I have planned for Venezuela should read Marx and Lenin," he said....

No wonder Ahmadinejad and Chavez are buddying up!

kuhnkat said...

Duckwitted proclaimed:

"One of the benefits of the arts is that it gives you insight into cultures and shows you the gray area."

Uhhhh Duckless, arts is reality filtered through what passes for a braincase in MORONS LIKE YOU!!!


When I was young and VERY uneducated, I thought you could learn from movies. Then I stopped the self medication!!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I think Muslim warfare doctrine is impressive. Not nearly as civilized as say, the ancient Aztecs, but one can't expect too much coherent martial epistemology from rock-worshipping baby rapers.

Always On Watch Two said...

Mr. Beamish is back! :)

Warren said...

Nostradumbass said:
"Life is not a Dalton Trumbo script? Are you aware he wrote Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo?"

The ultimate in idiocy!

Defending his delusions of cimema as reality, he cites another movie!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Back, and thawed out too. :)

Brooke said...