Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rare Personal Post

I am nearing blog post 1000 and we will have another Cyber roast. This is post 997
so it is not far off those of you in contact with Jeff Bargholtz and Felis see if we can talk them into a cameo.

My favorite author Richard Poe is updating his website. When it is up and running I will add a link. Those of you who have not read the Seven Myths of Gun Control should
do so. Recently there was a blackout in town and my folks asked if there was looting.
In this town even grannies are crack shots and the police would be the least of a looters problem. A looter that would try to break into the local booze shop would probably end up lynched. In NYC this would be another matter, but the last et of blackouts were not as bad as those in the 70's.

I did contact one of our old friends lady Esther who is busy at the moment. Many of us miss her charm and warmth.

Speaking of Jeff Bargholtz, I do not know what he wrote but I have frequent visitors from Jordan and the UAE looking for him on my site meter. We all should give a hat tip to Jeff for his coverage of the Duke rape case. Many Liberals notably Uptown Steve were upset with his posts and those of La Shawn Barber on the subject. Racial stories of this nature do not interest me much, but it is clear Bargholtz was correct. I also did laugh when I saw that Scientologists call their critics Wogs, a term Jeff uses for other purposes. Only the Duck can use ethnic slurs like Shoa pimp. Likudnick, Neocon, Kahanist, Aunt Jemimah, Fudgepackers, but don't you reactionaries dare start talking about Islamic History or the Koran or you are all bigots.

I also want to talk about another type of far left hatred. Most of us know about the horrors of Southern Sudan. Any effort to save the lives should be applauded. I praised the efforts of Catholic charities saving 3,000 orphans. Left wing red redneck Kevron can not get past the pedophelia scandal. Excuse me genocide is a serious matter, but Kevron is obsessed with pedophelia. If Kevron is so obsessed with pedophelia he should focus his attention on the ACLU's, a commie front group, defense of NAMBLA and Comwad Bernie Sanders odd votes on this issue. There have been numerous complaints about teachers misbehaving. Has Kevron demanded that the teachers Union a Clintonista front group take action. The teachers union is a sacred cow and the far left never says a word.

The most wanted interview list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mark Alexander
3 Batya of Shiloh Musings
4 Angel of Woman Honor Thyself
5 Urban Infidel
6 Batya from Front Page Magazine
7 Zinla
8 Mark Winters from Bad Eagle on Comedy.
9 Pims Ghost
10 Sonia- Once we get past the nudity she is sharp.

At some point I want to do another philosophical/theological discussion of doing the right thing even when it is unpopular.

Pam of Atlas has a regular spot on Montreal Radio on 6:30 on Friday. I will have to switch from Mark Levin at that time to hear Pam's commentary.

Corection this is post 972 we will hit 1000 in around two weeks. I deleted all my drafts to come up with the real number.


KEvron said...

"There have been numerous complaints about teachers misbehaving."

yet another red herring. you seem to have a difficult time staying focsused.


beakerkin said...

This is no red herring. The teachers union has protected pedophiles. However, the Teachers union has been a commie bastion for years. If you are soooo concerned about pedophelia then talk to your Comwads at the ACLU who defend NAMBLA.

Your inability to give praise to an organization for rescuing 3,000 orphans is sick. The Catholic Church does alot of good work in the community each and every day.
Following your commie logic we should condemn all public school teachers because their were a few pedophiles in their ranks. Try sharing your concerns about pedophelia with the Commies at the ACLU.

It seems that all this pot has rendered you incapable of higher thought. I will leave the rationality of an acolyte of class genocide railing against the Catholic Church to others. 100,000,000 dead is just another number or is the new slogan "Killing Fields anyone".

Farmer John said...

Congratulations beak...I look forward to a thousand more!

Warren said...

Kevron is just a posting platitude machine.

If it ever had an original thought, it was smothered in the crib.

Always On Watch Two said...

the Teachers union has been a commie bastion for years. If you are soooo concerned about pedophelia then talk to your Comwads at the ACLU who defend NAMBLA.


Elmer's Brother said...

congrats beak, here's to a thousand more!

Steve Harkonnen said...

My wife is a teacher and hates it already thanks to the liberals that are choking our children's education.

kuhnkat said...

Kevron you MORON,

try checking into REALITY and see that there have been over 30 teachers convicted for molesting children. I'm not talking about a 20 or 30 year period like is used on the Catholic Church. I am talking about less than 5 years.

Wanna bet there are more unreported cases than with the Priests also??

And it is getting WORSE due to the fact that you LEFTARDS keep lowering the standards of MORALITY!!

Go do your dog or something else ecological!!


American Crusader said...

As a former teacher, I have personal knowledge of one incident that was never reported to the police. The teacher was allowed to resign and this probably teaching somewhere else today. This happened my first year of teaching.
Congrats on nearing 1000. I've often said that this is easily one of the best blogs for original writing and thought.

beakerkin said...


I do understand that an accusation does not equal guilt. However, these allegations must be investigated and recorded.

The reality is that many workers use fake gripes to advance their careers. One Coworker had more than 50% of the complaints in a building with 200 people. She is sent to school in GA and she complains again and she goes to a district and complains again. Meanwhile she violates a rule that would result in jail time if I did it. She settles gets a permanent job and is fast tracked to Management even though her work is
best described as slipshod.

I will do a cyber roast for post 1000. We will see if we can locate Felis, Jeff Bargholz and Lady Esther for post 1000. No celebration would be complette without them.

Urban_Infidel said...

I didn't have any bad experiences with public school teachers except for one 7th grade 'guidance' counselor who mediated a problem with two boys harassing me. She made me apologize to THEM even though they had been leaving seriously vile and perverted notes on my desk. My mother was FURIOUS! Was first time I'd heard her rant about liberals in schools-- my mother is very conservative. She then sent me to Catholic school.

beakerkin said...

The problem of public schools is that it is next to impossible to expell a student given the rules that exist.

Urban_Infidel said...

Public school in the 60's were in better shape, in NYC anyway.

I knew someone who taught art in a Jr. High School in Bed Stuy, he said its basically crowd control while trying to reach the 2 or 3 students who care about learning.

When did the pledge of alligence end? I think it was pretty recently, wasn't it?