Tuesday, January 02, 2007

No secret to economic sucsess in the global economy

There is no mystery to long term global sucsess in the modern global economy. Natural
resources can be an impediment to the development of a modern functional economy.

1 Political Stability and respect for forgeign investors. Policitcal stability with respect for private property is essential for economic growth. Communists should be expelled or better yet killed as their predations create havoc. Far more people have died in crime waves in Uncle Hugo's blunderland or via ANC misrule in South Africa. Investors shun both countries for obvious reasons. Why should anyone invest in countries where communist vermin will readilly steal what they did not create. China's growth was due to respecting property rights and ditching any tendency towards economic malfeasance that accompanies Marxist theft.

2 First rate educational system. India and China have excellent educational systems that are in many ways superior to ours. Their students are unburdened by useless political classes by low rent Noam Chomsky wannabe types.

3 Keep political corruption in check. Constant payoffs and graft scares investors.

4 Utilization of females in the workplace. A modern economy can not be created with Flinstone era sexist sharia laws that keep 50% of the population out of the workforce.

India is a perfect example of these rules in action. Zimbabwe is an example of how violation of these laws creates a disaster.

Beamish in 08


kuhnkat said...

Russia will be another excellent example of the idiocy of the Command Economy backed by terrorism at the State level.

Putin was close to having it all with the huge revenues from selling weapons and technology to the Jihadis and Oil to the West. His stupidity in using murder and blackmail to remove opponents and control the wealth of Russia will return Russia to the failed economy of the United Soviet Socialists Republic.

Damn I love to watch these MORONS proving what you write about Beakerkin!!!!


Hey Ducklenuts the Fascist Greenie Weenie, don't hesitate to waddle right in and QUACK up a PILE!!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

And, it's self-perpetuating, from a purely social Darwinist viewpoint. As societies become repressive, the smart people get the hell out. A generation or two later, "the new class" (see Milovan Djilas) rules supreme over a population of unproductive dullards.

As Kuhnkat's example of Russia shows. Here's a country that never truly reformed from totalitarian Communism (look who stayed in charge), and never had the bloody revolt of relatives of the disappeared seeking revenge that you'd expect from a truly liberated people.

You don't think the Cold War ended just 'coz Bill Clinton said so, do ya?

Always On Watch Two said...

Recently Time Magazine ran an article about creating the 21st Century student. I haven't yet finished reading the article. It probably doesn't offer much, but I have to give it a read. Excerpt, toward the end:

Throughout the year, the class will examine news reports, websites, propaganda, history books, blogs, even pop songs. The goal is to teach kids to be discerning consumers of information and to research, formulate and defend their own views, says Stroud, who is founder and principal of the four-year-old public school, which is located in a repurposed handbag factory.

Classes like this, which teach key aspects of information literacy, remain rare in public education, but more and more universities and employers say they are needed as the world grows ever more deluged with information of variable quality. Last year, in response to demand from colleges, the Educational Testing Service unveiled a new, computer-based exam designed to measure information-and-communication-technology literacy. A pilot study of the test with 6,200 high school seniors and college freshmen found that only half could correctly judge the objectivity of a website. "Kids tend to go to Google and cut and paste a research report together," says Terry Egan, who led the team that developed the new test. "We kind of assumed this generation was so comfortable with technology that they know how to use it for research and deeper thinking," says Egan. "But if they're not taught these skills, they don't necessarily pick them up."...

At suburban Farmington High in Michigan, the engineering-technology department functions like an engineering firm, with teachers as project managers, a Ford Motor Co. engineer as a consultant and students working in teams. The principles of calculus, physics, chemistry and engineering are taught through activities that fill the hallways with a cacophony of nailing, sawing and chattering. The result: the kids learn to apply academic principles to the real world, think strategically and solve problems.

Such lessons also teach students to show respect for others as well as to be punctual, responsible and work well in teams. Those skills were badly missing in recently hired high school graduates, according to a survey of over 400 human-resource professionals conducted by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. "Kids don't know how to shake your hand at graduation," says Rudolph Crew, superintendent of the Miami-Dade school system. Deportment, he notes, used to be on the report card. Some of the nation's more forward-thinking schools are bringing it back. It's one part of 21st century education that sleepy old Rip would recognize.

Blah, blah, blah.

Farmer John said...

Natural resources is a sure recipe for populism... as the people of the region somehow feel "entitled" to share in the "profits" from those resources. They corrupt an otherwise viable democracy (ie Hugo Chavez & fighting over Iraq's oil)

Farmer John said...

I betcha Rip, the lazy slacker, would be a hell of a lot more employable AND self-reliant than any of those modern students...

Mr. Ducky said...

Too bad that dullard's row here at Beak's place can't recognize the difference between a political and economic system.

Anyway, Vietnam and China... the two fastest growing economies in Asia are communist governed.

Well, it's good the Beamish has company on the short bus.

Clearly Beak hasn't paid attention to recent writings on the problems India is having sustaining growth due to problems with its educational system. Don't worry Beak, Glenn Beck or some similat bullethead will fill you in.

beakerkin said...


Speaking of dullards look in the miror. China dismantled doctranaire Communism and embraced property rights while retaining its odious thugish political system. Vietnam's growth is a product of decades long mismanagement. In statistical terms it is no small feat to have growth when the economy starts off from ground zero. Obviously statistics is yet another subject you have failed. Stick with Caligraphy it is more suitable for your bird brain.

kuhnkat said...

Vietnam only had to sell one sampan load of plastic crap to the West to grow their economy 1000% last year. Next year will be harder Ducklenutz!!!


PS: WHO went to Vietnam last year to discuss trade?? I didn't hear much about China, India, Russia, Germany, Fwance, England...

In fact I was just reading ANOTHER report on the fragility of the Euro today!! Apparently Command economics REQUIRES VIOLENCE to work!!


You are QUACKERS Ducklenutz!!!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Read this slowly. Put your finger on the screen if you have to:


Don't worry, no leftist can.

can't recognize the difference between a political and economic system

So is it leftist politics or leftist economics that have killed so many people?

You fucking moron. Please, for God's sake, shut up before everyone knows you're a intellectual gimp.