Saturday, October 13, 2007

Beak's Road Reading List

Those of you familiar with this blog are aware I am going on a long road trip. I consider it an honor to serve my country. Five weeks in Brunswick GA will not be so bad. Perhaps, I may run into Florian or Russet. Remember, that I am on a military base with classes 6 days a week.

It is rare that I recomend a book so early into reading. However this quote from Why I left Jihad by Walid Shoebat should be a reminder to those who deal with Commies.

"Today, I see so many Westerners who, on the far left side of politics, demonize Israel and exonerate Islamic-Arab terror. And Americans love to psychoanalyze everything, trying to understand evil. You can not understand evil. You can not psychoanalyze evil. Why do these people think the way they do? They are steeped in hate. Finally, we must acknowledge the reality of Satan, of evil in this world."

That profound quote is worth the price of the book alone. The author and the rest of us should extend this to commies as well. Commies are evil even when personable and naive like G, well intentioned but clueless like Troutsky or the souless Renegade Eye.

Religion of Peace by Robert Spencer. Many of us need to know the difference between Islam and Christianity. The best book on this topic is the Great Divide by Alvin Schmidtt.

I am also bringing two authors who have fallen on hard times. Ann Coulter's statements on Judaism were silly. The traditional view of Judaism by Christianity is that it is the fulfillment of the Judaic scriptures. When the statements are viewed from that tradition they are not offensive. The interviewer did try and bait Coulter into the anti-semitic comments. These comments should never be confused with the rabid anti-semitism of Norman Finkelstein, Chomsky or any mindless far left dimwit.

I will make my own version of Coulter's faux pas. The Jewish people would be better of if MZ converted to Christianity. His hateful version of the religion of our people, including the beloved Rav Roov, bears no resemblence to Judaism whatsoever. His calls for the assasination of elected Israeli leaders and advocacy of a totalitarian theocratic Israel are insane. If he embraced Christianity he would not be so off the wall and learn to value life and be less hateful. Moreover, I would no longer support Israel is by some accident if it ever morphed into a theocracy with religious police much like a Jewish Saudi Arabia. No doubt MZ could form his own Cuban style block patrol with KL and hunt out dangerous Onanists or gays. In fairness MZ has never endorsed beating or jailing gays, just placing them back in the closet. The larger questions of the in your face expressions of sexuality favored by a militant minority of gays needs to be discussed in another post.

My stance toward the over the top expressions of hypersexuality as seen in gay parades is somewhat different. Everyone deserves respect except commies, Jihadis, Nazis and racial power nuts. However, do not ask or expect me to respect you if you walk around in a clown suit or leather underwear and angel wings. My persective is one of respect based upon reasonable behavior.

I will also be reading Dinesh D'Sousa's What is So Great About Christianity. I am a fan of genuine Christianity as opposed to the dolts of Liberation Theology, Progressive Dispensationalism or politically correct Churches. I sit in amazement at the many wonderful Christians who read this blog and I interact with every day such as TMW, Junglemom, Elmer, AOW, Justin and of course Warren my brother. We ( Americans) sometimes take for granted that Christians do serve the poor without Utopian political theft based schemes and set a priority on valuing human life.

The anti Christian attacks by a deluded elite are represented by the naive G who calls missionaries "the worst people on earth because they tell them how to think". This comes from a person who advocates a philosophy that rounds people up at gunpoint and forces them onto collectives.

I would have added Dr Yeagley's book but it will arrive after I return. I made a generous donation to Bad Eagle in return for an autographed book. I will also see if Dr Yeagley can send a picture of himself reading the Bible for my office. I have no idea where commies get this insane idea that Indians hate Christianity. It is certainly not reflective of any of the Indians I know, most of whom are very religious Christians. Even those who opt for traditional Indian religion do not loathe Christians.

I am still looking for an appropriate picture of Beakerambo for my office. The idea of having him wear a bow tie was not to popular. It was a sad reminder of his days as a low rent sex object at Chipendales before he was given a job as this blogs mascot and star in parodies. Maybe a picture of Beakerambo herding cats will prove more suitable.

Beamish in 08


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Landmines everywhere...

beakerkin said...

Mr B

I could see how my comments about MZ would upset some. I do want to point out I had issues with MZ prior to the famed fight. Traditional Judaism, such as the type practiced by Rav Roov, does not condone assasination or forcible compliance of our faith.
In short MZ may say the correct words but he misses the human aspects of being Jewish.

His failure to understand the human dimensions of the Jewish faith might be rectified if he converted to Christianity. Perhaps with a Christian perspective he might understand about the value of human life even for human garbage like Norman Finkelstein.

I will add a personal note. MZ promised to ban Gert until he appologized to Florian for his unprovoked attacks. There was no appology from the Pink Panther of Tredington to Florian. Moreover, Florian would likely tell him to stick it and given Gert's proclivities ........ Gert is now insulting another poster non stop named Jay. Do not wait for MZ to intervene. He will only do that for the mental patient who has left Israel, likely as his welfare benefits expired.

I support a democratic Israel ruled by civil law. If Israel were to become a theocracy I would not support it.

troutsky said...

"Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood"

Satan is real, Ann Coulter is silly, I always learn something here.

beakerkin said...


The quote about Satan was from Shoebat. Coulter's quote was silly as opposed to the rabid anti-semitic fare of LWB and others of your kind.

Anonymous said...

Hello Beaker, hey,it's Johnnymac, hope you don't mind me sticking my head in the door. Sorry I haven't been here(I'm always saying that) How have you been? Still with DHS? Seems I'm checking in on you as your going somewhere. Have a safe trip or whatever. Had a nice e-mail from Madame ZinLa, says you might be coming to see her. Great. God Bless you. J'Mac.

The Merry Widow said...

I think Beakerambo herding cats would be a hit!
As for Indians who are Christians, my late had cousins in the early 100's that went as missionaries to the Cherokee, married Cherokee wives and were on the Trail of Tears with their people! You can't tell me that real agape love returns void!


nanc said...

beak - only one to two percent of native americans within these united states are being evangelized. this is sad as there are missionaries travelling the world when we have our own problems within our own borders.

we could probably see much changed in the indian nations if the church (bible believing christians) were to take a leap of faith and attend to them.

Pickito said...

Hey Beak. Nice blog. Check me out...

The quote you cited that mentions the bit about the impossibility of the comprehension of evil is tight.

When someone tries to comprehend something, they lend credibility to it. Evil is nothing more than total chaos to one's 5 senses. Living in hell is no less real than being smacked in the face with a rock. Now, that wound will heal, but for at least 10 seconds, you're gonna be in hell. Your eyes won't work. Your head will throb and your ears will not perceive sound correctly.

I am not for a war. Nor am I for the USA being a police state. However, I am very much for the USA and the people in it who speak their minds under the 1st amendment of the Constitution.

This was our nation's gift to the world and it can never be undone.

We must accept that citizenry in America can be reduced to CHOICE. You must CHOOSE, and sometimes, with every ounce of your being, to accept listening to something that almost drives you insane.

If the individual can't tolerate said statement, DO NOT pick up a flag, DO NOT wave a sign, DO NOT tell me.

Walk away. Never talk to me again. Leave me alone. Don't invite me to your parties at your apartment. I don't care.

However DO respect my CHOICE to say it.

And I will do the same for you.

It's so simple, a gay retarded four year old leper with gingivitis and one good leg could understand it.

That's what makes America great... There is probably some gay retarded four year old leper with gingivitis and one good leg using the internet right now.

I wonder what he has to say about everything he sees (as his dick drops off from his disease).

O well, we'll never know because some people will make that guy feel sooooo bad for himself by turning him into the poster child for some stupid cause, and I'll bet you $5 that the cause contains the word "save" in it.

Those same people who demonize religion and spirituality of any kind constantly talk about "saving" things... Interesting... What part of them lives in a Hell of their own construction, I wonder to myself as I thwack my penis against the wall as hard as I can and cover myself in peanut butter while I whistle zippidy-doo-da out my asshole.

In the words of the great poets of our time: "America. Fuck Yeah."