Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Book Review The Siege of Mecca Trofimov

This is an amazing book on many levels. One begins to comprehend how inept Jimmy Carter was. One can only speculate about a failed President who weakness encouraged radical muslims to attack the US embassies with impunity. His weakness is also shown to have encouraged the Soviets to expand across the globe.

We also get an inside look into the history and workings of Saudi Arabia. We also see the Saudi brutal response to a Shia rebellion. Commie's tend to ignore Arabs killing each other while hyperventilating about any Israeli actions.

The author's attempts to tie the rise of Al Queda to the Islamonazis who took over Mecca are tenuous. More interesting is Saudi attempts to blame the Mecca revolt on Jews, Shiites and Commies. Oddly the religious nuts pushed the country into a more draconian version of Sharia and accomplished some of their goals.

Beamish in 08

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