Monday, October 22, 2007

Notes from GA

I am on a semi military base with highly restricted acsess to email. I did get this correspondence off by hauling my laptop 2 miles in the rain. My book bag is over 50 lbs with a lap top.

A few classes do train with gasmasks. I thought it was a Mr Beamish in 08 rally but it was just the class from the department of prisons. An amazing group of them sat near me and my class mates were chiding me about not asking one of them out. Asking out a babe who has just qualified with an M-16 is best attempted by Mr B himself.

There are some amazing herps on campus. Students have been feeding these turtles for years so they swim up to you looking for food. There are three species on my walk Softshelled, Mobile (similar to the familiar Red Eared Slider) and a couple of massive snapping turtles.

My classmates are great people. I am in a suite but the person I share it likes the heat at 88.

Keep me in your prayers, but things are going much smoother after a rocky start.

I will detail some amusing misadventures when I leave in a spoof called Beakerkin Privates.


Pickito said...

Hey Beak.

Well I do hope you have time to respond some day.

Good luck at the military base.

BTW: What are you doing there? I can't tell from the threads.

Anonymous said...

Back in my "Chem DeMil" days I was first medically qualified for wearing a gas mask, then certified and issued one (along with a pair of nasty looking auto-injectors to be used should an accidental nerve agent release ever occur.) I hated having to keep myself clean-shaven, though.

And of course, walking from the bvuilding where I worked to my car in the parking lot un-masked and through the smoke exiting the chemical incinerators stack was always a bit "un-nerving" to say the least.

It was fun wandering around the empty storage igloo's during lunchtime, though. The varieties of wildlife at the nation's chemical weapon storage stockpiles are truly impressive.

Of course, the storage facilities aren't nearly as impressive as the wired and cordoned off "manufacturing" facilities. I love signs that say... "Use of deadly force is authorized beyond this point"

The Merry Widow said...

Just make sure that you retain your cookie monster physic! You lose the smooth for lumpy muscle, I won't let my daughter try to roll you down the hill! LOL!
On the other hand, I'm glad things settled down from the 'sxcitement'...just as long as they don't send you to DC, you should do fine! ;)


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Someone qualified with an M-16 knows it's best to shoot someone who has an AK-47 and take his gun and ammo before the M-16 jams.

How ya doin' Beak?

nanc said...

DO NOT offer your hand to a massive snapping turtle! ever.

we have them here and depending on the size can take anything from a finger to the whole dayamed hand off.

i saved a terrapin from being slobbered on to death from our puppy a few weeks ago - the little guy was drowning him with spit!

better watch that herps attraction, beak or you might start getting a visitor the rest of us have been trying to get rid of...::wink::

sonia said...

Asking out a babe who has just qualified with an M-16 is best attempted by Mr B himself.

Don't let it discourage you. Good luck.

Always On Watch said...

You have turtles there? Wonderful!

And you must feel right at home with gasmask-training.

So you have a forced break from blogging? Well, we'll still be here when you get back!

nanc said...

ahhhhh, but do you have a pocket protector for your pens?