Friday, October 05, 2007

Still laughing

I am more than amused that my subtle quips are often repeated months later. Those who dismiss my skill with words end up repeating them in their blogs.

I have been using the term usual suspects for a while. My use of the term comes from Bob Grant and I was surprised to see Sonia and Beatroot use the term in passing. I probably did invent Pseudostinian as the oldest use of the word in google searches isz my use in FPM. Oddly even bitter enemies MZ and the demented Greg who has left Israel frequently use this term.

One of the staples of this blog has been to dismiss far left anti-semites by spelling Jew Jooooooo. Regular readers have enjoyed outraged Commies like 167 and now Ren crying about excessive use of oooooooo.

I suppose the fact that Pagan Temple who is a critic remembers "Cafeteria Commisar" months later is a tribute. Sonia who is a friend repeated a theme and described antisemitism as an albatross across the neck of the left.

Now the usual suspects are complaining about my use of the term pop up books to describe the rather idiotic versions of history presented by Commies. These examples include commies talking about Anglo, American, Fwench and Nazi imperialism while ingnoring actual communist colonialism.

I will have to contact the great authors David Horowitz or Richard Poe about the creation of an actual popup book debunking Communist history. We can have pages with pop up gulags and the dimwit Che executing unarmed Cubans. This would be the ultimate gag gift that could be presented to Commies. Of course all proceeds would go to funding David Horowit's excellent work. This would be a double insult to the commie recipients and annoy them even more.


Ducky's here said...

"Usual suspects" ... Beak, I remember that one from much further back than your blog.

You are getting delusional again.

nanc said...

i remember it from "dragnet".

it's still a good phrase.

Farmer John said...

I remember it from Casablanca...

Farmer John said...

...and "usual suspects" fits "commies" to a tee.

Michael said...

It comes from Casablanca. Full stop. Don't do that, it's embarassing. Even assuming it was true that someone unwittingly repeated something he heard from you first, it is demeaning to point that out. One does not have to point out the source of every reference. God bless those who picked them up on their own and the rest - who cares.
Good luck!

beakerkin said...

Actually, I never claimed to have invented the phrase "usual suspects". My usage comes from Bob Grant of local NYC radio.

The comment was about a Trotskyite who cried when I used that term. The term then appears in Sonia and Beatroot's blog shortly later.

The term Pseudostinian may in fact be a creation of mine. Repeated Search engine checks show the earliest use was mine on FPM.

The point was not so much vanity but amazement that quips such as Cafeteria Commisar often are remembered months later. Obviously, they must be hitting a raw nerve or two if they are remembered so vividly.

Than you for your visit.

nanc said...

that's okay, beak - i make up words and have googled them and a couple have come back to me, like "conspeorist" - that's mine, but some others like "hitlery" (which i thought was MINE) isn't mine.

beakerkin said...

I am positive that Pseudostinian is mine.

The history of usual suspects is interesting. I attributed it to local radio host Bob Grant. Yet it is amazing to see a grown man cry over such an innocuous phrase that quickly was also used by Sonia and Beatroot.

sonia said...

I liked your 'albatross' reference and it inspired one of my posts.

'Usual suspects' was used in Casablanca, but not in reference to Communists. You gave it a new meaning.

And it's not embarassing to blow one's own horn. Shameless safe promotion is a healthy trait...

beakerkin said...

I did notice the use of the albatros metaphor. I have to watch Cassablanca again.

Thank you for the compliment.

Michael said...

Dear, oh dear, raw nerve indeed. Whether shameless self promotion is a healthy trait is a moot point, although on balance, I'd agree it's healthy in a Nietzschean sort of way. But my point had nothing to do with self-promotion. Your site strikes me as thought provoking and well thought through and this was just pure narcisism (which I'm sure is healthy!) We live in this decontructed, post-modernist world, where everything is referenced and cross-refrenced. In teh nicest possible way: FUCK IT!

beakerkin said...


I am glad to have you on board.

The post was about a series of phrases that have turned up on other blogs. In the case of "usual suspects" the Trotskyite clown cried at my use of the phrase. Many of these jerks complain about phrases months later.

The title of Sonia's post was lifted from a comment about Anisemitism being an albatross across the necks of the left.

Pickito said...

Do you all rant about who makes up words? You know that according to any kind of rational theoretical approach accepted in the last 5 years, YOU have about ZERO control over which word gets made up, how, and when, and especially why. Go to a REAL LIBRARY and research it. Ya know... books. Those things with the dust on them... Yeah.. those things. The things with the information produced by scholars and people who have dedicated their lives to reading and studying and learning.

Not four morons who have a computer.


Also, stop trying to own American English by creating pseudo-scientific terms. It's embarrassing for the rest of us who just want to talk to each other.

Control yourself.

Also, for personal interest, look up a man named Ortega y Gasset and his work called "La rebelion de las masas". Oh... wait... you're monolingual. Shoot. I forgot. You can only read in one language.

Carajo, nunca sabia que iban a tener tantos problemas con la logica en sus vidas...

Ok, get out your Spanish-English dictionaries and start thumbing.

BTW: I'm white. Thanks for stereotyping though.