Friday, October 12, 2007

Columbia Follies

The recent debacle at Columbia shows that there are offensive types of speech that go beyond the limits of acceptance. The noose placed on the door of a faculty member was disgusting. Yet we should not jump to conclusions as there have been some incedents where professors have vandalized their own cars to gain publicity. The incedent needs to be investigated and any claims about Columbia being compared to Jena is sophomoric.

Yet would anyone have noticed if a commie or jihadi burned our flag. Would the harassment of Jewish students by faculty have made page one. Would a KKK type advocating idiocy be granted a forum in the name of free speech.

The placement of a noose was a vile act. Yet certain vile acts seem acceptable so long as the targets are not on the Marcuse official victims pyramid.

Beamish in 08


Anonymous said...

It's only a hate crime if you hate the wrong people...

Anonymous said...


A man who tried to fend off gay-bashing charges by telling a jury that he is also gay was convicted of manslaughter as a hate crime Thursday in an attack at a remote city beach.

Jurors deliberated several days before convicting Anthony Fortunato in the death of Michael Sandy, who was beaten and then chased into the path of a moving car on Oct. 8, 2006.

The jury acquitted Fortunato of murder, which could have put him behind bars for life. He faces five to 25 years in prison instead.

Prosecutors said Fortunato and three other young men hatched a hate-inspired robbery scheme after they ran out of drugs and money on a weekend night. The group needed an easy victim, and Fortunato suggested they look for one in an Internet chat room frequented by gay men looking for sex partners, authorities alleged.

They logged on and found Sandy, lured him out to Brooklyn's Plum Beach with a promise of a date and attacked him, prosecutors told jurors.

Fortunato testified that he had a role in the crime but said hate had nothing to do with it. The 21-year-old said he was also gay, or at least bisexual. Jurors also heard testimony from three men who told of one-night stands with Fortunato.

Prosecutors argued that under state hate crimes law, they didn't have to prove that Sandy's attackers hated gay men, only that they picked their victim because of his sexual orientation.

So hang your nooses outside of "white professor's offices". It can't be a hate crime, then.

Always On Watch said...

The significant analogy between the noose and Ahmadinejad's appearance at CU escapes me.

would anyone have noticed if a commie or jihadi burned our flag

No. There would have been a crowd present to cheer him on, and the media would have avoided covering the event.

Justin said...

What I found interesting was the fact that Columbia was refusing to release the security tape that could possibly identify the perpotrator of this act.:=\. However, I should not be suprised and I will not be suprised if there is a ummmm how you say a strange absence of 18 minutes of the tape in question.

Those who lived the seventies know the meaning of the missing minutes. :) have a nice day.

Pickito said...

Now, don't be a hypocrite, Beak...

Ya gotta publish my profanity here...

It ain't a noose and unless you did a turn in the Big Easy, then please don't talk about Jena...