Saturday, February 27, 2010

A day home

I am amazed at the amount of fear and paranoia the Tea Party has struck into the minds of commies. Friday was the first time I had gotten to listen to talk radio in years.
I haven't listened to Hannity since the days of Marty who has long since passed away.

The Tea Party crowd is tapping into the sentiment found on Talk radio. I do not get to listen but my favorite Bob Grant now does a weekend show on WABC. I was listening to Mark Levin who was a local NYC phenomena well before he went national. He is a genuine Constitutional scholar and knows history inside out.

The shows seem energized and focused. The problem for Obama is that as people are out of work they are tuning into Talk Radio and Fox News. The Tea Party crowd has made inroads in unlikely places. A woman I have known for thirty years told me she plans to vote GOP. There is a groundswell of anger at Obama for abandoning jobs and trying to push health care.

The best show on talk radio that you probably can not get unless you are in NYC, DC or LA is John Batchelor. He does an interview show with experts, authors and journalists. It is hands down the best show on the radio.

What commies fail to grasp that even in Vermont, Montreal or San Fransisco talk radio
is conservative. In Northern Vermont there was a local show Charlie and Ernie and a great morning show called the War Room. The war room was fun other than one hosts odd
obsession with ridding her property of squirrels. I could have lent this host the late Earl the Cat who has an aptitude for this but only eats the heads. No matter how well fed he was he kills by nature.

The best of the liberal hosts was known as Lionel and he like Levin was also a lawyer. Lionel understood that the medium requires it to be entertaining. So he would mix whimsical stories in his mix. He does not hate America and was friendly with his conservative peers notably Bob Grant and Steve Malzberg.

I do not see our economy improving. Obama is not Bill Clinton who is capable of listening to the American people. Obama seems intent on being Jimmy Carter II.


Always On Watch said...

As I've mentioned before, I rarely listen to talk radio. I should, I guess, because I now have Satellite Radio in one of my cars.

I am amazed at the amount of fear and paranoia the Tea Party has struck into the minds of commies.

Commies hate a grassroots movement that doesn't advance their dialectic.

I do worry, though, that the Tea Party Movement will be co-opted by RINOs. **sigh**

Ducky's here said...

He is a genuine Constitutional scholar and knows history inside out.


Knows history inside out? Like all of it?

What are you qualified to evaluate such a broad range?

Yeah, the tea baggers have everyone in a tizzy. We've noticed how much they've accomplished. Get past trickle down economics (which translates to tinkle down for you folks) and "drill baby drill" and I'm sure there are more sophisticated ideas. These folks are a real panic.

But I'm more interested in "knows history inside out", is he more advanced than your hero GayEagle?

beamish said...

The economy didn't improve under Bill Clinton until there was a Republican Congress in charge of it. As you know from 6th grade social studies class, Congress is the branch of government that has the most power to affect the economy.

And, as we saw on October 1st, 2007 when the current Democrat controlled Congress' regulations first went into effect, the Dow Jone dove from 14,000+ and hasn't recovered since.

This is what happens when you put a party incapable of managing even a small city's finances in charge of the entire nation.