Monday, February 22, 2010

The Green Movement is Dead in the States

The Green movement was a fraud that allowed itself to be prostituted by Communists.
The recent admissions and emails prove that the Global Warming bit was yet another scam for power.

This does not mean that saving endangered species is not important. However, the best way to do so is to ditch the anti Capitalist Marxist rhetoric and work within the existing parties.

In essence there is a disgusting trend on the left that wants to invade our personal liberties. First alcohol and tobacco was taxed in an effort to raise revenue. Now the same health fascists want to tax Mountain Dew and will be after Snickers next. This is called regressive taxation and adversely impacts lower income people.

If there is one aspect of American life out of control it is the cost of higher ed.
This can be cured by eliminating sabbaticals and ending research and publishing requirements for non Science disciplines. Of course Obama wouldn't dream of upsetting the Old Bolshevik buddy system. A coworker is paying 39000 with no room and board to send his kid to a local college. Perhaps the Farmer can give us a ball park figure for his daughters bill at NYU.


Always On Watch said...

If there is one aspect of American life out of control it is the cost of higher ed.

An undergrad degree costing $200,000 is outrageous. My cousin is just now finishing up as an undergrad at the University of Kentucky. The cost of his past four years is such a rip off! My cousin is already over his head in debt.

Always On Watch said...

Mustang has a post today on global warming. A snarky post.

Anonymous said...

I would also begin to revert back to a time in which the majority of kids right out of high school did not attend colleges/universities, but rather went on with their lives. Universities have become (and have been for a long time) big business and an industry.

Many kids that obtain a four year college degree are still uneducated but will be hired and paid more than someone that has been doing a given job for longer and know more. I find this scandulous and ideally would have college reserved for those that have some idea of what "they want to be" when they grow up. That's not going to happen because education is another industry tied at the hip to other sectors of our society.

However, classrooms would easier to learn in with less students, most of whom really don't want to be there. This may lower the cost of education as well, once it became fashionable to be able to be hired and make a living (basically exist) without obtaining a degree that probably won't prove all that useful in the long run. It sounds snobbish but it's how I see things at the education level these days.