Thursday, February 11, 2010

What is a conservative

The good Dr. poses an interesting question as to what a Conservative is.I am amused that he questions my morality largely because I am against discrimination against gays.
Being called amoral from a person who preaches racial hygiene is a very fumy joke.

Number one I do not describe myself as a Conservative. Many of my close friends are Conservative. However, where I fall on the political spectrum is very close to center right.

Now unlike the Dr. I have attended Tea Party functions. I can state with certainty if he ever read that racial idiocy he posts at a Tea Party event he would get booed off the podium.

The Tea Party movement is about financial responsibility and the role of government. It is not a bunch of kooks dressed up in bed sheets burning crosses like the American Renaissance movement talking about legalizing discrimination against Blacks, eugenics or racial supremacy. You can look at the writings of Dr. Yeagley and see next to no space devoted to those topics.

The Dr. does occasionally work with Communists like the folks at AIM when it suits his purpose. Yours truly literally makes their life miserable at every opportunity. The Dr. spends very little time on the subject. I am a well known Cold Warrior and he is a Gourd Dancer.

I advocate respect for religion. Our legal traditions expressly forbid the creation of a State Church. Our traditions also include intellectual freedom to find your own path to God or not to believe in anything.

The sum of biblical morality according to the wasted warrior is about the treatment of Gays. My position on Gays is that they should not be discriminated against in employment or housing. I also am in favor of civil unions as an alternative to marriage. The notion I am some type of gay rights activist or advocate is very amusing to Justin. What it really says is that my mainstream positions are considered amoral by a person on the lunatic fringe.

His claims to be more moral than anyone are amusing. What does he base this morality upon. I am a dedicated public servant who serves the people of the United States. What has Yeagley done for his fellow citizens? He might base this claim to be holier than Beakerkin on the basis of a lack of a sex life. This is not something most guys
brag about. However, Yeagley has stated he is asexual largely to answer the rumors that he is gay started by Betty Ann.

Conservatives also preach love of country and our traditions. This blog is recognized for its patriotic view point and respect for our traditions. The Dr. has shown zero grasp or respect for our legal tradition or American ethos.

While I am not a Conservative, I am far closer to this concept than the Dr. who is off the political map. In his case he abuses the term Conservative to push a foul agenda that has no respect for our legal traditions.


Anonymous said...

Just ask this KOOK.

Always On Watch said...

His claims to be more moral than anyone are amusing.

Watch out for the self-righteous types.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, have you seen that the latest Captain America issue has Cap looking for white supremacists in the Tea Bagger movement?

Think he'll find Yeagley?

The_Editrix said...

"My position on Gays is that they should not be discriminated against in employment or housing."

*SIGH* Beak, who discriminates against homosexuals? Nobody. Would YOU tell your future potential employer at the interview what your sexual preferences are? Whether you like to be on top or not? Or whether you like it on the kitchen table or in the bathtub? No? So what point does it have then to ask or tell whether somebody prefers sex with men? I, however, would be very wary if somebody would "out" himself as homosexual at an interview or display the "camp" excentricities that would identify him as a homosexual because that clearly shows that he lends an importance to his sexuality it doesn't possess.

Nobody would be interested in homosexuals weren't they clearly the most pushy, power-hungry and undeserving of privileges minority in our Western culture, and yes, even worse than Muslims and feminists, and, oh my God, that says a lot. Who prevents them to bugger each other silly behind closed doors? Nobody! But that's not what they want. They want special recognition, power and privileges. Go and root for some TRUE damn├ęs de la terre if you have such a strong sense of social justice. What about Muslim women? Recently, they have buried alive a teenager in Turkey, and in Iran, they are hanging girls as young as nine and rape them before the act, so that they don't go, as virgins, to heaven. Instead, you are worrying about the fact that some fags can't "marry". Cry me a river! Get your priorities right.

beakerkin said...


The man pats himself on the back too much.


What does he have to be self righteous about?


Yeagley has almost no posts on economics and fiscal policy. He would be booed out of the event

Universal Realist said...

Hi Beak

I’ve been following your blog for a while. I’ve been enjoying it.

I to use to post at BE but quit due to many of the issues you brought up here. I’m a moderate Republican, which in Yeagley’s head makes me a liberal. I didn’t post much there due to the fact that most topics got hijacked and would degrade into name-calling and insults. After Mac was banned and kick off as a Admin/Moderator there was no moderating and Yeagley just let it degenerate and still does. Threads quickly became pointless.

I see Yeagley has a far right social conservative and Evangelical and according to the far right social conservatives they are the only true conservatives. They don’t like fiscal focused conservatives and or moderates or center right. They are willing to lose Republican seats that only a moderate Republicans could hold all because they’re not social conservative enough. Yeagley and Ray Frigon consider Sen. Brown of Mass who is a Republican as a liberal because of his laid back views on social issues and because he posed tastefully nude in Cosmo and that he would not criticize his daughters if the choose to pose nude.

I say the social conservative acted more like Progressive liberals. Because social conservative want to control people’s lives just like Progressives do. Each wants to tell us how to act and live, what’s good for us and what’s not and each are willing to pass laws to do what they think is best for us. Personally I don’t want to be told what God to pray to or that I’m not allowed to pray to God. I don’t want to be told that I can’t have hamburger cause it’s bad for me or can’t look at a pretty woman because I’m committing adultery in my mind. Either one of these groups would be willing to lead us into there own version of an Orwellian state, whether it be Communism, Fascism or a Theocracy.

I don’t think the Founding Fathers were out for a Big Brother government to dictate people’s lives. I think that is was what they were trying to get a way from.

JINGOIST said...

I'm with you Beak! Although I'm pretty far to your right, I share your enthusiasm for Constitutionally protected, G-d given rights.
THAT is what drives the tea partiers--people like you and I.

There's a severe threat to our way of life, and it's the government in DC.

FJ said...

Watch out for the self-righteous types.

...or anyone else fueled primarily by resentment vice "amour de soi.".

Anonymous said...

Universal Realist,

Couldn't have thought the same thing better, much less express it.

yeagley never said much about Brown(MASS.) or the statement about his daughters but if Obama posed tastefully nude yeagly would have a massive! Obama looks mighty good enough in those swimming trunks and that big smile.

Tears my heart out that his speech at the AMREN will be titled "A COMANCHE VIEW OF WHITE AMERICA". I am willing to bet that this title will change just like the undisclosed location. Oh how funny yeagly sounded when he said "THEY" the speakers, didn't even know the location....he's been invited to this party will they "accuse" him of being Native American or did they "accept" him as being Native American when he was invited?

Reminds me of when my daughter was invited to a birthday party when she was about 6yrs old, her little(white) friend had to tell her, "my mommy said you couldn't come because your "INDIAN", neither one of these babies knew at that time about racism, but it was rearing its ugly head. yeagley hasn't helped in this area even though he claims 4 degrees plus a short stint at teaching and social work. He grew up White and hasn't felt/had the degree of racism any person of Color would. His views of Blacks is contemptible, we people of Color don't worship the color white or think they are the most beautiful, some are and some aren't, but his views are everyone not white is a beastly boring Brown and Black and below the human race. I as a Comanche can't say enough against this man that claims to be Comanche, I am seriously ashamed of him and his views.


beakerkin said...


Mac and the Hun made the Dr look better than he was. In the case of Mac he kept Yeagley's racism from being too blatant.

What made Bad Eagle a special place was the brilliant posters. We could have long threads on any subject and what would come through was often brilliant.

An example was I was reading a book
on Revolutionary war battles. I can not find that book as it is amazing reading and someone borrowed it permanently in Vermont. The subject of Joseph Brandt and the battle of Oriskany
came up. Oriskany is an odd topic even with history buffs. However, I never considered that Brandt did
have a role in Canadian history after the war or how he is viewed
by Indians in retrospect.

What made Bad Eagle a special place was the community itself.
There was something for everyone
and even if one did not agree with everyone the posts were brilliant.

I am going to question Kidst if she ever comes here. I do not recall the racial animus as much as her portraying the Amhara as unique. I always considered her a friend and sometimes like the others I was on the receiving end of her barbs.

I want to point out I never took those barbs personally. However, Yeagleys reduction of a person he has known for six years to a mere ethnicity bothers me deeply.

When I correspond with AOW, TMW or any of the people that come here I think of them as individuals. Yes I grasp that Mac is a Canadian who takes pride in his Scottish heritage. However, I the people that I deal with as individuals with unique personalities.

I consider the Duck a friend with very bad ideas. Believe it or not when the Duck and I drop politics and discuss art or film it is some of the best material on this site.

Something is very wrong with a person who has interacted with someone for six years and reduces them to their ethnicity. Maybe I am totally absorbed in my big table Americanism so much that I can't relate to reductionism. Maybe, I am a product of NYC where being adaptable and appreciating the cultures of others is a given. Maybe, the Dr. is just very very warped. I certainly do not see non Americans on this blog think in reductionist terms.

In an cartoon world bigots are cartoons, jihadis look like dark skinned bug eyed versions of Jack Elam and commies are beret wearing slobs whose gatherings are sausage fests. Reality is much different than the cartoon world. Yeagley is a brilliant man in some areas, albeit one who is very disturbed on the subject of race.

I went to the Tea Party event in DC fearing the worst largely because of the hate I saw at Bad Eagle. I went with AOW and Frog Burger and was shocked by how on message the Tea Party was. It was a celebration of fiscal conservatism and our American ethos. It was an amazing day I will never forget except for the Johny Rockets food that stunk and a Croissant that could be used as a weapon.

The_Editrix said...

"In an cartoon world bigots are cartoons, jihadis look like dark skinned bug eyed versions of Jack Elam..."

Honestly Beak! I've never heard anybody say that and bigots usually don't have strong views re jihadis. If anything, they are rather fond of them.

Jihadis and their enablers look, for example, like this,


















or this.

Really, there is no limit to the varieties. I'm afraid, the point that jihadis can be the victims of bigots too is not a terrifically good one, mainly because jihadis are in a league of their own when it comes to bigotry.

Universal Realist said...


I find it hilarious that his speech is titled "A COMANCHE VIEW OF WHITE AMERICA". Personally I see him as only a card carrying Comanche all because he had enough drops of blood to get in. From what I can tell he and his siblings grew up in the “white” world and rose to be “white”.

When he wrote about the history of Comanche at BE he said the Comanche people were “a people without religion.” That kind of told me everything about the understanding he had about “his” people. Just because the Comanche didn’t have European form of religion/Christianity does not mean they had no religion it just was different. Yeagley is a religious snob. From what I can tell the only time he ever tries to connect with the Comanche people was on a political level and council meetings. From what I saw he did little if anything to connect with “his” people on a cultural or traditional level.


I know what you mean about the old BE. I to enjoyed BE at first. I came around about the time when the Hun was being attacked I stayed out of it because I knew nothing about what was going on. But in the beginning I gave Yeagley the benefit of the doubt. I enjoyed many of the topics or post, particularly those of Mac’s, Gator’s, Exile’s, Mark, and Ajibik as well as your post in the Jewish sections.

When I first came around there were more Indians at the site but they began to disappear now it’s only Betty Ann with Ajibik and Tallsoldier dropping ever now and then. I’ve see new people that state they are Indians but as soon as they disagree with Yeagley they are called a liberal and their Indianess is question and is chased off.

BE had the potential to be a unique and great site for the exchange of thoughts and culture but unfortunately between Yeagley’s increasing closing mind and lack of open discussion and moderating BE will never be the same. Now it just attracts bigots and far right social conservatives.

As you pointed out Yeagley rarely discuss Obama’s policies. When ever he discusses Obama one if not all these three words are used; Black, African and Negro. Like by now we don’t know what color Obama’s skin is. But the last I heard Obama is 50% Black and 50% White. I don’t care what his skin color is I care about how his policies are going to affect me, Good or Bad.

The_Editrix said...

"I came around about the time when the Hun was being attacked ...".

By whom? You know I live by my fellow German Georg von Frundsberg's motto "The more foes, the more honour."

"When ever he discusses Obama one if not all these three words are used; Black, African and Negro."

Don't forget alien! English is not my native language, so I may get this wrong, but isn't the epithet "boy" he is so fond of applying to Obama extremely offensive? God knows I have no time for Obama, but I almost wish him a second term in office just to see Yeagley choke on his own bile.

beakerkin said...


Boy is only negative when said to African Americans. This is odd but President Bush and Lincoln were compared to Apes and chimps. This is not offensive when done to white politicians, but is offensive when said to Blacks.

There are plenty of oddities in the language. For example when Commies say Neocon this is a polite way of saying evil Jew.
Ducky has stopped using Likudnick and Kahanist for Jews that support Israel.

The_Editrix said...

"...he's been invited to this party will they "accuse" him of being Native American or did they "accept" him as being Native American when he was invited?"

CM, my guess is neither of both. My money is on him being the one token non-white (not even Indian) there, whose presence will "prove" that they are no racists, basically the same strategy he employed at Violent Hummingbird. I've said so before: I wonder how many will clandestinely shun him so as not to have to shake his hand. If he weren't so vile it would be deeply sad.

beakerkin said...

Batty Ann

As you are on my site more than I am it is obvious who is obsessed with whom. While we do have a policy that allows almost anyone to post here you don't make our cut.

I have departed Bad Eagle for good and I am not returning. The Dr has nothing to say to me and visa versa.

Kindly return to Bad Eagle where you are wanted.

I will not print any comments from you here.

CM said...

Oh my Golly,

Them four computors are getting hot by now!

Seems being yeaglys' one and only Indian woman isn't all thats she dreamed it would be, all that negative emotions could be used in other areas! He just doesn't have it in him to satisfy anyone but himself..poor thang.

oops...sorry....I don't mean to interfere.


Anonymous said...

Hey Beak, be on guard for her to attempt to post here using another alias, one that attempts to come across as polite and "reasonable." She fooled the Brent David's (or whatever his name) site awhile back, until you called her on it. I appreciate you keeping her away from here.

CM said...

uhum...yep...mild mannered, very sweet and inquisitive "it" was. Never fooled me...a trap set many times on B.E. for yeagley, then he comes in for the kill and usually had a back up...newbys(me thinks its yeagley himself) to praise himself. He has used all his so called allies. I'd be ashamed if I were a man and still posted...seems obvious that they do worship another man, all except Ajibik, that is, and of course if they are male friends of Beaks. I never know who is male or not until they mention their spouse. None of yeagleys' forums are discussions to learn from, they are dictated statements....his!


The_Editrix said...

"Boy is only negative when said to African Americans" says Beak.

Well, then we can safely assume that he used it deliberately on Obama.

CM says: "He just doesn't have it in him to satisfy anyone but himself..poor thang" and "None of yeagleys' forums are discussions to learn from, they are dictated statements....his!"

SO well put!

Alligator said...

Nora, I can confirm that in the USA the term 'boy' is a pejorative when used towards blacks. That is a tradition that developed in the South, following the emancipation of slaves. It was a way for resentful whites to remind blacks that although they were free, they were still subservient and had no control of their lives. There is no doubt in my mind that is how the doctor uses it, as an insult and a pejorative.

Just thought I'd give a shout out to my ex-BE compatriots who have shown up here, Ray, Anonymous, and CM! Good to see you all again.

The_Editrix said...

"There is no doubt in my mind that is how the doctor uses it, as an insult and a pejorative."

And a typically cowardly one. Can you imagine the innocent, wide-eyed look with which he'd deny that HIS use of the word "boy" had THAT implication?

I just had a look at the SiteMeter. Where is the BAG? Nothing to report back to Yeagley? Oh my oh my, methinks they had a lovers' tiff!

CM said...

Hi Alligator,

Good to see you too..

He may gently slap her wrists, she fumes....but boy does she lap it up when he speaks to can see "her" sky light up waaaay down here in Oklahoma. Did she not say she got married again recently?????