Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Time to depart

The time has come to leave Bad Eagle. It is a site that is in no definition Conservative or in any definition Christian.

There are some who advocate a 2.0 repackaging of a socially acceptable form of Nazism.
This form does not denigrate Jews it denigrates Blacks. Jews weren't tossed into the ovens right away. First the Nuremberg laws were passed that legalized discrimination
and forbade miscegenation.

In the past I have left only to return after a private email or two asked me to comment on something. I chose to remain here where we will espouse real Americanism. We will still fight commies, jihadis and racial power kooks.

I will remain here and depart for good.

In order to love America one must grasp that we are a nation of individualists. Our traditions come from the Constitution and the wisdom of our founding fathers. One can not be an American patriot while denigrating whole swaths of our fellow citizens for the possession of melanin.


Always On Watch said...

I will remain here and depart for good.

Well, it's high time you made that decision.

I know that leaving a frequented site is a difficult and emotional decision. But, honestly, I'd have bailed long before now.

There's no reasoning with individuals who refuse to listen to reason. And the stress levels on the one trying to do the reasoning are sky high.

Ducky's here said...

He's really on a tare today, Beak.

The_Editrix said...

All "revolts" at BE have lead to a dramatic increase in traffic. It was the case with the first one against me, the second one against the poster who calls himself Amil Imani, and now the Beak mutiny.

So if you don't want him to benefit from it, you either stop arguing with him and stay there or (better) stay away. Besides, he enjoys it. To him it's what smutty picks are for men with more normal tastes.

Isn't it priceless? He draws that Maria Whatever thang out of his sleeve to rebut your statements. I think he is too dumb to pull off a double identity stunt, besides, he is too dumb as well to know how to use a spell checker, but obviously, somebody obliged. The longer it lasts, the more he will benefit from it. So choose wisely.

CM said...


Does that mean no interview with the Breakfast of Champions, the big kahula, The Wind Whisperer, King of the Mountain Top, 1% Comanche, who couldn't get anyone around here to do his biography/family tree so his friend Poe put a mystic fable together for him...never, ever realizing any REAL Comanche would ever read his site!

I really wanted to hear what he had to say! Ah well...its all been said and done, no changing what is black and white on the net, its there forever...Watch what you say, how you say it and always be truthful!

Like a good colon cleansing, huh?


Anonymous said...

Beak, I don't go by my real name and you probably don't remember me. However, I used to occasionally post at Badeagle years ago. Having followed from a distance the consistently pathological exuberance shown by Yeagley and his cabal of sycophantic minions for eugenics-based theories, it's been apparent to many of us former posters what this man is all about. He is, when stripped of his false claims to care about Native peoples, just another in a long list of supporters for white supremacy. Please read his latest blog to see how at home he is with Nazi-like race theories.

Yeagley long ago discovered "an in" to supposed conservative circles by using his Comanche ethnicity as a kind of mascot, a token door opener. Make absolutely no mistake: at the core of the man's philosophy is a deeply religious belief in the genetic and absolute inferiority of black people. Much lengthier and better dissections of the man's utter lack of character have been undertaken before. Suffice to say I would bet my savings on him being diagnosably a sociopath. Check up on the clinical definition and see what you think. The number one indicator is his complete lack of empathy or the ability to even remotely try and feel another person's pain or point of view. He has a clinical, icily detached demeanor towards the suffering of any black person. Did you read his take on Haiti?

Sincerely, and with all due respect, please make this truly the end of associating with the man. In the past you've demonstrated an almost malignant optimism regarding Yeagley's character, as though because he likes Jews, that made him okay. Hopefully, you see how devoid of integrity the little cretin is now. Lastly, I strongly disagree with your assertion that Kidst was an intelligent poster. I recall having several go-rounds with her over her views that African Americans never had anything to be upset about, and that slavery wasn't really that bad for them. In a nutshell, she was just as much a nutjob as David, Betty Ann, and the rest of the "gang." Posters like Nora, Mac, and Gator, never bought into his drivel and cut all ties accordingly. I hope you are able to do the same.

beakerkin said...


Years ago I was invited by Yeagley to comment in the Jewish sections. I seldom ventured beyond there except if Kidst, Amil or some of the others was writing a high quality post.

I really did not notice the vile content of some of these posts that are hair raising. Needless to say that when I did notice them I spoke up. My dissent is quite different from that of a Mac, Nora and the others.

The Dr claims to be about patriotism and love of country. My
dissent is that his views make a mockery of our traditions and ethos. The Constitution guarantees
our rights as individuals. The concept of equal protection under
the law is basic to who we are as a people. How does one claim to love America while making a mockery
of our values?

Kidst is a valued friend and a person who speaks her mind. You will see similar sentiments to hers
in a book by Kieth Richberg. It is not my personal view, but I respect
her opinions even when I do not agree with them.

This is the end of the line for me.
Usually when I left or didn't post
for a while the Dr would send me a PM or I would miss my friends. All
of them are gone save Mark Winters
and Tall Soldier. Amil just posts his articles and I can read them elsewhere.

When I want to talk of religion I can talk with Rav Roov, Junglemom, Justin, Warren, TMW, AOW and a variety of others who grasp the idea. As for conservatives AOW, Mr. Beamish, FJ and the others are the genuine article.

I accept no critiques of my patriotism or devotion to the Constitution from the gourd dancer.

His latest creation is a very poorly written fake Jewess. This cheap writers archetype does not fool the real article. Then again
like Yeagley himself this alias bandies about a few key words but botches the substance badly.

Long term readers know I have extensively studied Psychology. My
impression is the Doc is unstable.
He tries to impress with jargon and often resorts to you aren't informed when he has no answer. He attempts to add three dollar words
incorrectly to appear scholarly.

This time the ball game is over.

I will not support Nazism 2.0 with
Blacks replacing Jews as subhuman.

beamish said...

From the reports here about Yeagley's site, I see he's leaving a bad taste in the mouths of people.

But is he really a Nazi? Does he really advocate left-wing national socialism like our favorite troll Ducky?

Alligator said...

Beak, I haven't been on the web much for a few months. However since checking back around, I was appalled though not surprised at the recent postings on BE.

The obsession with sexual behavior being determined by one's race is getting worse over there as well as the vitriol against all blacks in general. I noted one poster observed they were about "one sheet away from a Klan meeting." The poster seemed like a decent guy so I hope he realizes he should depart too.

The demeaning remarks about blacks (and by extension, all non-whites)is essentially cursing with a very thin veneer over it so that certain four letter words are avoided. But anyone can see the sentiment is there. The justification of those remarks by twisting of scriptures demonstrates that this is race based religious zealotry.

Yeagley is discrediting true conservatism, patriotism and Christian principals. I can only take consolation in the fact that he has such a small following, his influence is marginal. There's a reason why Horowitz, O'Reilly, Mercer and other pundits won't give him the time of day.

I encourage you to stay away from BE this time. You cannot redeem Yeagley or that site. There was nothing there to redeem to begin with. When I finally understood that, I left. It still embarrasses me to some degree that it took me so long to catch on.

Cateran said...

Beakster, the Kidist is cut from the same threadbare length of cloth that Yeagley is. She's openly said how little regard she has for black people - in fact she has openly referred to herself as a racist on the BE forum.

So is there any surprise that Yeagley was very taken with an African who saw herself, due to her racial history, as superior to other Africans (black ones, of course).

It seems to me Beak, you can be very inconsistent when it comes to bigotry. You only seem to notice it when it becomes so obvious you can no longer ignore it or it's directly pointed at you.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear you've left that place.

beakerkin said...


Kidst's points were that the Amhara
had more historic ties to the Middle East than to West Africa. In every practical sense she is correct as Ethiopians do speak a Semitic language.

I must have missed the part where she declared herself a racist. One must also remember her family left a brutal Communist dictator. After
surviving that her views are similar to Kieth Richberg who was glad he was in the West.

The_Editrix said...

His latest is really priceless. The "Negro" is all about sex while the valiant Indian man roamed the prairies pounding the piano, reading the Old Testament, crying because he loved America so much and keeping the Sabbath. This male virgin has a serious sexual fixation with blacks.

Beak you are talking gibberish. What, pray tell, is the difference between your precious objection to Yeagley and mine, Mac's or 'gator's? This may surprise you, but you Americans (besides, the 'gator is an American patriot) don't have an exclusive on human staple values like, for example, the belief in the same intrinsic value of all humans. So stop insulting us and your intelligence in the process.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

The Dr. has not rationalized treason
or wholesale theft of private property.

beakerkin said...


When you or Mac are rightly outraged by his vulgar racism it is a proper reaction. It is a correct human reaction to a very vulgar hateful man.

I presented my dissent in much different terms. Yeagley claims to love that which I love. My dissent was that he is making a mockery of American values as written in our Constitution as well as our legal traditions.

In essence my argument grasps the Yeagley myth at his core. He is no
American patriot. His ideas are mockeries of all our traditions and values.

In the Jewish community there was a time when people were shunned for doing the wrong thing. There was talk about resuming this practice for men who refuse to give their women religious divorces. In NY State the law mandates this so the point should be moot.

The fiercest rebuke is from those
within our house. As Mac and yourself are good people but not Americans this type of rebuke is only possible from a person whose
core embodies the love of our traditions. This type of rebuke from a person whose writings embody
and describe patriotism vividly is especially poignant to a man who markets himself as a super patriot.

His words to me in private reveal that he thinks my attachment to the Constitution are insincere. Those who have read my words that come straight from my heart would
be amused. AOW who is conservative does honor me with appearances on her radio show as a patriotic liberal.

Of course his fake Jewess accused me of infiltrating the US government for diabolical purposes. This is not something the genuine article would ever write. It is something a white supremacist imitating a Jew would write. Moreover Orthodox Jews tend
with rare exception not to make absurd comments denouncing Zionism.

Like Yeagley this person presents herself as 50% on the mother's side claiming to be raised Orthodox. Yours truly is 100% and just happens to have a Pulpit Rabbi as a Brother and was raised
in those same traditions. I have no need to use language to demonstrate my credentials.

Moreover, the sentiments of the Orthodox were summed up best by Reb Nattan who says "He would rather his child marry a Jew from another race than a non Jew". Writer Julius Lester, ( an Orthodox Jew and a gentleman) writes in Lovesong about not being asked if he converted when he goes to an Orthodox Temple. The question that is asked is Cohen, Levi or Yisroel or what group are you with. This is asked as members
of these groups get called to the Torah in different orders. This also reflects identical questions when I visited an unfamiliar temple. This usually comes after the host congregation offers me the required items for a male to participate in prayer.

However, Yeagley is so desperate to save face he required a very poor writers creation. Like Yeagley himself the creation was all the jargon of being a Jew with zero substance.

One can also ponder where the pen name came from. Maria Anastasia seems an odd choice for a so called
Orthodox Jewess. However, I have met actual Russian Jews with the name Joshka which is mighty close to the Yiddish word for Jesus. One does not encounter many Jesus Goldsteins.

Anonymous said...

Beamish, does Yeagley's in-your-face racism have to fit to a "t" the attributes of socialism for him to be considered a a hardcore racist? Like, maybe everyone should just "back off" Yeagley because he believes in private property and a small government? To me, that's just rationalizing and excusing his putrid views. Scum within in neat and tidy little political box is, well, scum.

Beak, aside from you, as you are Jewish, I don't think anyone really cares about the possibly fake Jewess poster. For those that up and left years ago, it was his overall vitriolic disdain for nonwhites that caused us to leave.

My earlier statements on Kidst and Mac's remain valid. You have a penchant for viewing everything thing through a prism of capitalist versus communist. I believe by doing so, you've perhaps unintentionally excused Kidst's more racist viewpoints. She has on numerous occasions said terrible things about Canadian First Nations as well as African Americans. But because she's anti-communist and fled supposed tyranny, you've given her a pass. Keep in mind it's similar stances that allowed you to continue to support Yeagley YEARS past most of us that left.

The_Editrix said...

"In essence my argument grasps the Yeagley myth at his core."

Beak, you are right, and I see your point! I take the "gibberish" back and apologize.

beakerkin said...


I really do not recall any comments about Canadian First Nations. I tended to remain within the Jewish sections. 90% of my posts were in those areas.

I very seldom ventured outside of those areas.

I grasp the subtleness of Kidsts points. Ethiopia is a very unique nation amongst Africa.

You do have a point, but with rare
exceptions I am not combative except when dealing with communists. Even when the Editrix and I were at odds there was always
a ray of sunshine for a person I respected.

If Kidst visits I will ask her directly. You can read an excellent interview of her in my archives.

Race is not something I think about
or is in my heart. Those of us that
I communicate with off line can feel free to laugh.

As far as Mr Beamish goes he is largely correct. I went to the Tea Party movement and did not hear a single bad word about Jews. I can honestly say that the vast majority
of times I have experienced bigotry
it has always been from the left.

Nazism was one of many Utopian socialist movements. It is incorrectly portrayed as the polar
opposite of Communism. This is not
correct and does not examine the subject in its entirety and it presents a cartoon version of a topic that has been misunderstood.

Ann:Woe onto any KKK type that crosses the path of Mr. B. For those of us who have witnessed this it is serious butt kicking time when they cross his path.

Editrix: I understand your concerns
and no offense is taken. That last post is the real Yeagley. The amusing part is that he really is 100% hate. I can not recall the last time he wrote of the joys of Comanche Culture. Perhaps it was his gourd dancing days. The man has no joy.

Anonymous said...

While I don't mean to bog your blog down with dissections of Kidst's views, I can say with certainty that her views of slavery in the United States is simply a regurgitation of the "historian" Ulrich Philip's argument that chattel slavery wasn't all that terrible.

In fact. it was actually sorta nice, since blacks apparently lacked the ability to appreciate freedom. Kidst stands firmly in that tradition, as does, with no coincidence, Yeagely. I could care less about her views on Ethiopia or what a neat country it is. She's a bigot, period. I don't have the stomach to do the work in locating the thread, but Alligator was part of the discussion. Gator spoke out against her views, as did I. I'm sure she'll sing a different tune now that she's somehow becoming "mainstreamed."

Like Yeagley, she defended her views that blacks in the U.S. have never really suffered and have nothing even remotely to feel bad about slavery. How her status as an Ethopian women living in Canada qualifies her as an authority on race history and relations in the U.S. is for her and her supporters to figure out.

I hope you are able to steer clear of his site from now on. Be forewarned; he is notorious for sending emails to former posters, BEGGING them to return. He really has no ability to feel anything real in the way of emotions. Having people to argue with is his sole form of recreation. I know several former Native posters that no longer respond to his pleading to come back. I'm one them.

Lastly, judging from how long Winters and Ray Frigon have remained there, and given the jaw-dropping obviousness of Yeagley's religiously inspired racism, I have no respect for either of them. Make no mistake, whether or not either of them likes Jews or not, their continued presence is a disgusting acquiece to his racism. Again, the man is a sociopathic user of people. This is and has been obvious for years now.

Ask yourself this: what is to prevent him from one day turning on Jews? Besides, his feigned "respect" for Jews comes only through his imposing his own definitions onto them. He uses Jews like he uses his Comanche heritage.

The_Editrix said...

The man has no joy.

Amen and nuff said!

beakerkin said...


There will be no return. Do note that she has been gone for a while.
I will ask her about her views on the subject if she drops by.

Now for my own views of slavery. Of course it was wrong, but in the world of the 1800 it was a norm. Slavery itself was not exceptional and even some hunter gathers did own slaves. What is unique is slavery's end. No doubt the howling
mad Prof Kultur who disparages religion will feign ignorance on the religious roots of abolition.

I am not a fan of passing down guilt from one generation to the next. Personally, I do not blame today's Germans for the Holocaust.
However, I do blame Marxists for their continued abuse of populist antisemitism.

The Dr. does seem to have some love
in his heart for Jews. It would have been more expedient to turn on the Jews earlier given the crowd at Bad Eagle. However, he is looking for a Jewish foil to place a smiley face on his foul agenda.
He hoped Reb Nattan would provide an alternative to me, but proved more similar than he expected.

He is trying to fit in with his new mentor Jared Taylor. Taylor has a Jewish girlfriend and is more
of a country club bigot or is trying to push Nazism 2.0. So long as he attempts to fit in by Taylor
his becoming anti-Semitic is unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Beak, I'm all for examining the historical particulars of things like slavery without necessarily holding today's generation of folks accountable. Chattel slavery was a disgusting chapter of in many countries' histories, including our own. Not that slavery is moral within any culture, but chattel slavery is somewhat of a different "animal" than tribal or even Greco-Roman style.

It's ending in the U.S. was multi-faceted, with much support for it's demise coming from free-soilers. They weren't necessarily against slavery morally, although some did change their mind on it. They simply didn't wish to continue having to compete with slave labor alongside a northern economy increasingly beholden to wage labor.

Religious abolitionists do indeed deserve praise. They never were the majority of the anti-slavery movement but were on the moral side of history as far as ending slavery. I suppose the Abrahamic traditions contain the seeds for great acts of courage and kindness, as well as the potential for great cruelty to be conducted in their names as well.

I refuse to refer to David as a "doctor" and believe his love for Jews is as fake as pro wrasslin' is. He simply sees Jews and their scriptures as somehow, through bastardized logic, as justifying his racist claims. You'd know more than I, but I would bet he has no real, intrinsic love for Jewish people, say for the Jews of his own mind, that live up to a stereotype he himself created.

In any event, I look forward to hearing what Kidst has to say, particularly now that she's trying to appear mainstream with her viewpoints Mac always had her pegged correctly. I've been away from the blogs for almost two years now. I was going to begin posting on Mac's site but life got unexpectedly in the way. I'll start using my name here and pay his great site a visit now that I've got some more time these days. I go by Ray, by the way (Not Frigon!).

beakerkin said...


I know you are not Ray Friggon. He is off the wall at times. I really did not interact with him too much until the last year. He is a 9-11
conspiracy crank.

I have to admit that I enjoy great satire. The Editrix did a brilliant spoof of Bad Eagle with me as Leakerkin. The Dr was fuming at the time but I enjoyed the spirit of a good joke.

I met a lot of good people at the site. In the end the site was bigger than Yeagley. Its posters were more interesting than the host
but he was too unstable to hold it together.

The core of my group started with myself and Warren. We talk every now and then and he still comes around. The Merry Widow also left there and found a home. People can from Front Page Magazine and other places and we built our own community.

Ultimately Bad Eagle will stop the pretenses and just be as warped as Stormfront. There are still a few critical voices like Bear, Ajibik and Tall Soldier but they will tire.

Yeagley has almost a mystical obsession with Jews. He can read the books and scripture but what we are just eludes him. He sees a people that has survived adversity
and has a vibrant intellectual tradition.

Oddly, he just doesn't grasp the subtle parts of being Jewish. For me it is natural as I am raised in the traditions. I grasp the norms and customs of my community.

I have to admit side splitting laughter when Yeagley chided me and called me "very bigoted". His opinion on being a bigot would likely qualify as expertise.

It is time to move on.

In the past I have always left the door open. The Dr would send me a private mail and want an opinion and it would be finnished. I never
really blasted him in an email until now. I do not regret that email as he failed all of us. We all came there in good faith because we believed in a true scholar who loved America.

Bad Eagle was a great visionary concept. It fell apart because he
is a pathetic individual who makes
a mockery of our American ethos.

The_Editrix said...

"The Editrix did a brilliant spoof of Bad Eagle with me as Leakerkin."

Thank you Beak! I realized that you can't be all bad when I saw that you are able to poke fun at yourself. I took down the Violent Hummingbird spoofs from my blog, but they are too good to go quietly into cyber night. (Immodest I'm not!) Here are the Leakerkin spoofs. Have fun!

beamish said...

Beamish, does Yeagley's in-your-face racism have to fit to a "t" the attributes of socialism for him to be considered a a hardcore racist? Like, maybe everyone should just "back off" Yeagley because he believes in private property and a small government? To me, that's just rationalizing and excusing his putrid views. Scum within in neat and tidy little political box is, well, scum.

I just think the "Nazi" label is bandied about and misapplied far too frequently, and especially over the last 65 years where the Left has been little challenged on their absolutely baseless assertion that the historical Nazis were anything but left-wingers. I hate to see Beak lower himself to cheap labelling. If Yeagley is not left-wing, he can't by historically precise terms be a "Nazi."

He can, however, be a shitbag.

Anonymous said...

Beamish, your last statement epitomizes Yeagley perfectly! In terms of precise labels for Yeagley, aside from being a shitbag, Nazi may not fit the bill perfectly. However, when applied to many Nazi social and "scientific" viewpoints apart from political ideology, I think a case can be made. His views on racial purity and eugenics and pathological disdain for micegenation, while shared by different groups and at different times (the British and American scientific racialists of the 1920s), fit comfortably with Nazi ideology as well.

That said, the Nazi label is thrown around quite loosely these days. I guess we can leave it at him being and always remaining a turd-gobbling assclown.

Cateran said...

Are we to cut the Kidist a bit of slack because she's a Semite? She also, like Yeagley, calls herself Christian. I've yet to see one drop of Christianity in any of her opinions. Or Yeagley's either, for that matter.

It seems to me that Christians are want to follow the teachings of Christ. When was the last time you saw either the Kidist or Yeagley quote the New Testament? Never?

Of course you don't, because the New Testament speaks directly against the sort of things that Yeagley and the Kidist peddle. Sure, racial superiority is something that there's plenty of in the Old Testament. Problem is, for folks that like to call themselves Christian but need to dip into the Old Testament to back their bigotry; those Scriptures are written for the Jews, not for Christians. Christians live under a new Covenant, a Covenant where all men are equal in God’s eyes.

Beak said... "As Mac and yourself are good people but not Americans this type of rebuke is only possible from a person whose core embodies the love of our traditions."

I hold a Green Card, Beak. That makes me a good deal more American that a growing portion of the population of California - as if any of that really matters when we're discussing bigotry.

Ray said... "I was going to begin posting on Mac's site but life got unexpectedly in the way. I'll start using my name here and pay his great site a visit now that I've got some more time these days."

Good to see you Ray, I was wondering where you'd got to. I've been looking forward to picking up a couple of conversations where we last left them.

Ray said to Beak... "You have a penchant for viewing everything thing through a prism of capitalist versus communist."

Yes, indeed! Beak, like a lot of Americans, you see a two-dimensional world. Capitalist - Communist; Black – white; red States – blue States; Republican – Democrat; Right wing - Left wing; right – wrong. I’m sorry; politics are far more complicated than that.

I've seen (during the opening rounds of your Healthcare stushie a while ago,) one of your Jewish pals post something on Yeagley's Blog about a British Labour Party guy being a Communist (of course he had to be because he was Labour Party). Much to the joy of Yeagley, who was effusive in both his welcome to said pal of yours, and in his agreement with the gentleman's (not-so educated) opinions. However, if either of those political "pundits" had bothered to do ten seconds research they would have found that the man they were maligning as Communist had spent his political career fighting Communism in the Labour Party.

So much for two-dimensional politics, eh.

The_Editrix said...

"Suffice to say I would bet my savings on him being diagnosably a sociopath. Check up on the clinical definition and see what you think. The number one indicator is his complete lack of empathy or the ability to even remotely try and feel another person's pain or point of view. He has a clinical, icily detached demeanor towards the suffering of any black person."

I wish I could express my thoughts so clearly. I have a section "Compassion" in my compilation of Yeagley quotes where I tried to illustrate just that. It isn't easy to recognize as what it is. Some (I, for example, Sheila comes to mind as well) took to deleting our own posts, I said outrageous things, too, to get a reaction from him -- to no avail. The "clinical, icily detached demeanor" was stronger.

Ray must have joined Violent Hummingbird after I left. I wish I had seen some direct encounters between him and Yeagley.

beakerkin said...


Most of what I saw from Kidsts posts
was stating that the Amhara are not West Africa. In this point she is correct as Ethiopian history is tied to that of the Semitic people.

I never read the animus in her comments that the rest of you picked up. Most of it was pride in the Amhara who were fighting various adjacent people.

If she stops by and I hope she does
I will ask politely.


You may hold a green card, but your posts are not viewed as nationalistic. You really don't
capture the spirit the way I do. My
criticism has always been a tad different in that he is making a mockery of American values and conservatism.

On Communism, I am and remain a dedicated Cold Warrior. Communists
are at the forefront of stoking populist anti-semitism and have been waging their own Jihad in America for decades.

Yeagley is a different animal and is a Johny come lately to this. He also forms alliances with AIM activists when convenient. He halts any discussion of communists
leadership of AIM.

He will point out that some of his
critics are communist. However making that claim in my case is absurd.

The_Editrix said...

"I never read the animus in her comments that the rest of you picked up."

Sorry Beak, count me out of "the rest". The people who did "pick up" racism in her comments are easily defined as Mac and Ray. I never picked up anything in her comments because she bored the effing tits off me. After I got the impression that she was out to pick a fight with me I stopped reading her posts altogether. So please re-define "the rest of you" clearly as "Mac and Ray". I don't want any part in this. It bores me.

CM said...

For whats its worth,

I found Kidist uppity. I love Art but I don't have any interest in her ART! She is a very nice looking woman of Color...isn't Ethiopian Black?

She is one that yeagley keeps asking back, but I think she is gun shy of you know who(promised not to mention). Yeagley praises Kidist for her intelligence and another gets jealous....and so it goes....

looks like he is going thru his files. steve returns, maybe he will use that saw in a special place....I can hope!

Least he is leaving the Indians alone for the most part anyway. I still want to know what his speech will entertain.


beakerkin said...


Kidst is from the Amhara of Ethiopia.
They are look different and have a completely different culture than the rest of Africa. They speak a Semitic language and have a history more closely tied with Egypt, Arabia than with West Africa.

Race is a flexible term and exactly who is Black is a matter of opinion in many cases. It is not something I dwell on as race is not something we are fixated on.

The fact that a person is of one race or ethnicity really doesn't tell us much about the person. Take
Dr Yeagley for example. He is a jerk regardless of what race he is.

I am rather amused about his claims to morality. Racial supremacy is clearly not in the New
Testament or the Constitution.

Furthermore denigration of whole
swaths of people including veterans, law enforcement officers and professionals of every type simply because they are Black is immoral.

Furthermore unlike Yeagley, I have attended Tea Party events. That crowd would throw things at him if
he ever started the racial hygiene
stuff there.

CM said...


Phidoux has a very interesting post on the White Nations forum. I think he is trying(I say "TRYING") to tell yeagley something. So much violence within these type of gathering, and yeagley is such a wimp. He best not say he is Native American. Note where they say "accused" martin of being Native American. "Accused"!

And Bosells' wife is Not Christine Boswell but Christine Drake who says "HUGE NEGRO MENTALITY BEAST". Yep thats the mentality yeagly associates with, I bet she has more balls than yeagley.....I feel so sorry for him...NOT!

If he gets beat up, I wonder if he will hide away his scars like Tiger Woods and is there a clinic for lunatic Hardcore racists?


Cateran said...

Geez, Beak, so you are willing to cut her slack because she's a Semite. That's exactly why it's taken you so long to figure out what is really going on with Yeagley.

Race is a flexible term and exactly who is Black is a matter of opinion in many cases.

Bullshit. There is nothing flexible about race - the only time it gets flexible is when skin colour is used to determine "race". Black, white, yellow, red - what utter nonsense it is to confuse colour with race.

And therein lies the problem. If colour is so bloody important in the scheme of things racial, why is it then, that people of the same colour think nothing of murdering, on a large scale, people that have the same colour of skin that they do. Why was there a problem between the Hutus and the Tutsis (they're both black, after all); why is it that the Japanese and the Koreans (not to mention the Chinese) dislike each other with such intensity (geez, they're all yellow, they should be brothers); why is it that the English and the French have spent so many years in warfare (they're white Europeans so they must have so much in common). Need I go on?

The only answer to this is there is far more to race than the simplistic idea that every comes down to skin colour.

And if you can't see that, then there's no surprise that it's taken you so long to twig to Yeagley's (or the scabbit Ethiopian's) silly great white race theories.

Cateran said...

Beak, the following comment of yours has been irking me since you made it. It's also something Yeagley said to me, so I'd like to respond to it.

You may hold a green card, but your posts are not viewed as nationalistic.

If you think I'm not "nationalistic" you must have been ignoring pretty well everything I've ever written on BE.

Okay, so I'm not American, but as a Canadian, I recognise the fact that America is our closest neighbour, our largest trading partner, and a stout ally in numerous wars. So, I am, in a lot of respects, a firm American nationalist. I want to see your country united and not divided, because what happens south of our border affects us too. That's the problem with Yeagley's politics, they are divisive, something that's always bothered me about him.

And none of what I've said includes the fact that I have a lot of family that lives in the States. They live in New York, like you do. So, for them too, I want to see a strong America.

Canadians, as a whole, are very quietly nationalist. They're generally embarrassed by effusive and overt displays of nationalism. Flag waving, chanting the intials of our nation, etc. is not the norm for us. Generally, the only place you see Canadian flags flying is at public buildings.

Mind you, the Olympics seems to have changed all that - I can't remember seeing so many Canadian flags on display. Which, I think, is a very good thing. A bit of in-your-face nationalism will do us all some good.

You really don't capture the spirit the way I do.

Whilst your ego is working fine, you don't hold the sole franchise of nationalism.