Saturday, February 27, 2010

In the times

Once again the forces of evil fail to note there is a shortage of labor in China. This is pushing wages up according to the Bolshevik NYT. No doubt all of this progress occurs after ditching Marx.

The Bolshevik Times also runs a story within a story. Few of us write about the communist attempt to create a pest hole in South Yemen. In todays puff piece the NYT explains how many Southern Yemenites flocked to Afghanistan for revenge on commies who made a mess of their home.

Now if you have spent some time reading about the Baloch who make up a key segment of Al Queda. If you have read Naipul he gives a vivid description of the Baloch. Commies used them when convenient and started a rebellion. Then they invaded Afghanistan causing refugees to fill their lands. Betrayed by Commies they rush to join Al Queda.

Commies are very quiet about the Communist past of Hekmatyar. They forget that the key Taliban figure was a commie.

Commies also would like you to forget about their role in bringing the Iranian clerics to power.

The truth is found beneath the fables.

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