Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More traditional fare

I intend on putting the Bad Eagle fiasco behind me. This blog had a fun unpredictable quality before this mess. We will return to that format.

I want to close the book on Yeagley. I will not lie and pretend he was not my friend. I will also not claim that I did not try to reason with him. The problem was he said the right words, but they were empty. When I talk of patriotism and love of country and our ethos it is a very real thing I hold close to my heart. It is easy to hate a cartoon like the soulless Renegade Eye who hates those founding principles and wishes to see America turned into a Trotskyite gulag. It is harder to deal with someone who claims to share our love of country but is beholden to foul ideas.

Many of us saw the Yeagley we wished to see. Those of us wanting to see an intellectual saw that. Many of us wanted to part of a vibrant community. In the end Bad Eagle was a great idea brought to its knees by the failure to uphold the ideas he espoused.

I do not aspire to be anything other than what you read here. I am just an average man living, living a balanced average life. You never know what you find when you come here. You might get a book review, satire, commentary or a love of life post.

My grandfather lived simply. He loved his art and dedicated his life to fine carpentry, love of family, his country and his community. He was an otherwise ordinary man except for his great skill as a carpenter and a marksman. He wished to
live an average life in a country that was not too kind to him. However, when given the choice between Poland and bug eyed Bolsheviks he fought bravely for Poland and left.

He understood the big ideas and the evil of Communism. He wanted the fruits of his excellence in craftsmanship and to live life as a Jew. He understood evil where he saw it. He married a woman from a poorer family who was not the prettiest, but she had American citizenship. Together they lived a normal life and he did love her even though nobody else seemed to. While the world around him loved him, she just was not warm and fuzzy. This odd pairing did have one of those unexplainable loves where one party lights a room and the other is just there. She was task oriented and sharp. He was warm, strong and gentle. Yet they really did love each other and were best friends dying within months of each other.

My grandfather fought for Poland, but loved America. He could build a business, live as a Jew and raise his family in peace. I asked him if he ever wanted to go home. He pointed to the floor and said this is our home. This is as good as it gets.

Sometimes all the books and gassy philosophy just misses the mark. A true genius makes the abstract simple.

A good nights rest, a warm meal, someone to love and be loved by and peace of mind were all that he needed to be happy. In his own way he was the anti Yeagley. It is in this spirit of loving life and country that this blog will continue.

To the spirit of the immigrant carpenter, proud calvaryman, American patriot and devoted relative. To the spirit of my maternal grandmother who made lemonade out of lemons and was described by those who knew her as the most brilliant person they ever knew. To the beloved Rav Roov who blunders through 25000 Yeshiva traditions and a life of hard labor. To the calm sea and the gentle wave that fill my heart with love. To you the readers without whom this blog would be a bore. Yes all of you are friends even the Duck. I dedicate this blog to the spirit of a real life.


CM said...

Go in Peace yeagley and I raise my hands to a good life and a brighter tomorrow for all.

From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, I love American and all her blemishes.

You are a good man Beakerkin.


Alligator said...

Beak. I fully agree, it is time to put the BE chapter to rest. The doctor is who he is and I am sure that in his mind, he sees no duplicity or problem with his ideological positions. We've all felt some sense of disappointment with what the site said it was, and what it turned out to be. I can't say my time there was wasted because I developed some friendships and contacts that continue to this day. So in that regard, I do thank Dr. Yeagley for that much. I've tried hard to keep out of BE and Yeagley's business since I left. I hope you and others will be able to do the same now.

The Pagan Temple said...

"JacknJill" might not be able to resist the urge to drop by over there every now and then for a good old fashioned wank session.

Cateran said...

Beak, I'll bet you a Bronx dinner that you can't stay away for sixty days.

Your choice of eatery, should you win, but you'll have to wait for my next trip back there.

Oh aye, the bet includes both the Blog and the Forum.

The_Editrix said...

Mac and Beak: Whoever may win (and my money is on Mac) -- I'll send you a keg of German beer to go with the meal.

beakerkin said...


What reason is there to return. My friends are long gone. The only friend I have left there is Mark Winters.

Amil and Kidst are working on becoming pundits. They understand that their careers are not helped by being at Bad Eagle.

I have said my peace. My sentiments
are similar to the Gator.

Cateran said...

I have no idea what reason there is to return, all I'm saying is that you'll find one. I take it you're passing on the bet?

"Amil and Kidist are working on becoming pundits."

I'll be chuckling over that for the rest of the day.

The_Editrix said...

I suggest that Mark Winters puts up a blog called "Camera Madida", which Yeagley will in Freudian slippery and general blockheadedness then call "Camera Mandinga".

You are right Beak! Comedy is the best way to deal with it all.

CM said...

O well Hell,

yeagly is still on the throne of his white movement and now he is offering his virgin self as a Mascot. He says Amren needs a new emblem, new mascot and he offers his lily white virgin self as a fake American Indian Warrior....he says "make me Proud"! In other words he means USE ME!

I say s*** him! naw he's toooo much of a chicken to claim being Indian, he is blowing wind.

Jared Taylor dude may not be very happy with "tonto" trying to take away his glory.

What is this stupid little man getting himself into....talk is cheap...I think he is too afraid to mention the fact that he is Native American to the crowd....he will concentrate on his true German white anglo saxon protestant half. He is for all intents and purposes caucasion, thats all there is to the little deceitful lying little man, caucasion!