Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A word to a freak and a circus clown

The developmentally disabled Batty Ann writing under an alias has threatened to sue certain commenters at Indianz.com for libel. If any action is taken by her she will be sued in kind for making demonstratively false claims.

She has made claims that I am gay and a heterosexual slob that sleeps with everything.She has also claimed I at various times I am Black, worked for NYPD and so forth.

She has also claimed I am Naiche. This would make me Apache and by all means more Native American than Yeagley or Batty Ann. The real Naiche is laughing because he thinks she is calling him Jewish ala Lenny Bruce

I do not consider being mistaken for gay, Black or Apache to be an insult. i remain a NYC type of Jewish ethnicity. I am not Black and AOW who has met me in person and Mr. B amongst others who has seen my photo can attest to this. If I were Black I would state this as a matter of fact. There are Black Jews and plenty of Jews with darker complexions.

As for my personal life this is nobody's business. If I were gay I would state so and could really care less what anyone's opinion on the subject would be. The fact remains I have conventional proclivities, but this is none of anyone's business.

I am proud of my friendships with CM, the Editrix, Mac, Ray and so forth. They post here and get along well with others. I would rather have the Editrix or whomever disagree with me from their heart than be a bobble head. I may not agree with the Editrix on every subject, but I respect her intellect and integrity.

The reason I left Bad Eagle is that the site lacks integrity. How one can claim to be
a patriot without respecting the rights of all of its citizens and make a mockery
of our Constitution and our American ethos is beyond me. The political views of Dr. Yeagley are incoherent and in many cases repugnant. It is okay to disagree with the policies of Obama or dislike him personally. However, I will not accept criticism of my President ( whom I disagree with frequently) couched in racial terms. Bad policies
remain bad policies and the frequent descriptions of Obama as a "negro" detract from any credibility Yeagley has. Moreover mathematically both Yeagley and Obama are 50% white. This may be news to Yeagley who was not a math major.


CM said...


I read that also. She wants attention. Yeagley is undoubtedly too busy for her. I read elswhere that her son is suing the police department where he worked she suis the man who molested her over 30 years ago....now probably 50 years ago, and the schools system for the masoct logo...on and on ...them siouxs sure like to sui....more power to her.

She splatters my real name all over with ugly derogatory remarks attacking me with every breath. I still don't know the real reason behind her hatred for me. I don't hide here, I do post on several sites, she is so worried about me. I had to change computors recently and I am just too lazy to look them all up again. Gee....its not like I have all day, I do have a life.

I have always kept to the truth. Honesty about yeagley and his adventures among my people in my presence is all I can attest to, no need to prove any of it. I keep on top of yeagley to watch what he says about my Nation, nothing more. He HAS kept pretty quiet lately, I like that. The Comanche Nation is none of betty ann gross' business, none at all. We are doing fine, she needs to help the poor pitiful Indian Elders and little Indian children cold and homeless and hungry of her own tribe in this cold Winter. I see her as all talk when it comes to being Indian, she is white as yeagley and Obama!

I see all the trees hanging down here on my property 15 acres of my own and 80 acres of my brothers' and a lot more that is undivided, but still I am part owner. Her Nation could make use of this at no cost, I think like that....but I don't have any means to get this to them. She has no humant compassion to any human but david anthony yeagley. Comanche Nation is none of betty ann owens gross' business, none at all.

She is one unhappy camper! No ones falt but her own.


CM said...

The woman will have a stroke with that much hate and no one paying attention to her, not even her bestest friend!

She still continues to lie and incite....yeagley still hides in his little dark closet!

Yeagly needs to pull himself up by his howdy doody boot straps, get ahold of jared taylor, prove to him he is sincere in his siding with them. Since the sioux love him so much they can hold their convention on the sioux rez, make money for the poor starving, freezing children and Elders since betty ann owens gross is not lifing a finger to help them. Even thought she has an office to do just that, protect her Indian People!

yeagly needs to prove himself to this group. Reilly smith a member of AMREN said in the current issue of American Renaissance magazine of leftists spies or riff-raff, "a lefty trying to sound like a 'racists' is practically a comedy routine, and very easy to see through. He hastened to add, we are an 'inclusive' group"

yeagley would have been laughed out of the convention and accused of being a spy, I would have to start feeling sorry for his skinny behind, he is so damn lame....no common sense at all.


CM said...


I forgot to add...the sad thing is yeagley, believes all the made up lies that the freak/clown posts...all to incite and get a reaction. I think the best thing to do is ignore the freaken clown.
Almost everyone has.


The_Editrix said...

Beak, I haven't been there lately. Is this very recent or about old stuff? Because last time I went there she'd been rather nice and quiet.

She had made some claims about something Yeagley did, issued a veiled threat that she might make it public, followed by the usual "promise" that she'd be leaving BE now because she doesn't want to have anything to do with Yeagley anymore. Barely hours later it was all deleted and Betty Ann was grovelling, scraping and bowing before Yeagley as usual. Which proves once more that HE controls HER and not the other way round. Every insult, every slur, every vulgarity from Betty Ann is not just condoned, but supported and sometimes even initiated by Yeagley, and while I can't know for sure whether the accusations are true or not, the fact that he has to live with a loose cannon like that woman pleases me in a wicked way. In fact, I think the accusations ARE true or he'd rid himself of Betty Ann long ago.

The Duck is right that you are obsessed with those seriously sick and twisted people, but it took us all our time to get over it. Ray has explained very well why that is so. Now did it ever occur to you that another reason why Betty Ann has shut up about you and the participants here may be that Yeagley doesn't want people to find this blog because the discussion here is getting pretty close to the mark? Obviously, and this is quite amazing, he has learned his lesson. It didn't do him any good to harass me further when I decided to leave BE. I don't want to overestimate what I did, so let me just dare a conservative estimation and say that without that the larger part of his reputation would be still intact. Obviously, with you he is trying a different strategy now, one of hushing up.

That said, did it ever occur to you that the "Beakerkin is gay" line may come from Yeagley?

beakerkin said...


Batty Ann has at various times claimed Yeagley was gay. He is troubled by the remarks. He felt it necessary to state that he is not Gay. I really could care less if he was. His incoherent views on patriotism would still be objectionable.

The Gay Eagle bit on this blog is something that comes from Ducky. I have never made this claim. I find it odd that Ducky who is very pro
Gay except when it comes to the PA or old Cuban policy would out someone or smear an opponent with a term that really is none of our business.

The_Editrix said...

I went there and she has indeed opened a new Beakerkin/CM thread. I don't think Yeagley will encourage anybody to participate or do it himself. "Mark Winters", the little abetter, may, though.

"She splatters my real name all over with ugly derogatory remarks attacking me with every breath. I still don't know the real reason behind her hatred for me."

CM, you can be 100% sure it is something Yeagley did or said. He owns her. If I hadn't been convinced that that is so, I'd be now, after her latest outburst followed by a humble pie eating session of gargantuan proportions.

beakerkin said...

Batty Ann

I want to be clear. If you sue Naiche
or CM for libel I intend to sue you for your behavior.

Read the above.

If you hear the sound of laughter it is Naiche imitating Lenny Bruce.

The_Editrix said...

"The Gay Eagle bit on this blog is something that comes from Ducky."

I know that. And whatever it wasn't my point. I said that I am pretty sure that the "Beakerkin is gay" line comes from Yeagley, notabene at a time when you used to be still his avid supporter. Betty Ann has now, after your demise from BE, been licensed to spread it. It is Yeagley who spreads all the lies and slander. Betty Ann is only his mouthpiece.

Universal Realist said...

Yeagley and Betty Ann are so far out there that they have a long walk before they can even catch a bus to take them to the city limits of reality.

I know you say Yeagley is not anti-Semitic but I find it weird that Yeagley who claims to love the Jewish people also likes to quotes Hitler and defend the likes of Nick Griffin of the BNP and others. Basically if he is going to lay with dogs he going to get up with fleas.

The_Editrix said...

BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: "Steve, I'm sorry to say, there is a good deal of libel on the internet. You don't say! I've been subjected to a lot of it. Cry me a river, oh valiant Indian brave! I do have a suit filed, and papers are being served (if not already served). Can you be a bit more vague? These things take time. Yeah, he is "suing" people for yonks now *yawn* I will make full, cleaer [sic!] announcements at the right time. Yeah, of course! Whatever!

I will say this: Blah I have not named any Comanche person in my suit. Yabber I have named one person who claims Indian blood, but, is otherwise unidentified as such. Yack This is all going to be terribly interesting. *Yawn*

I felt I was responsible to my family. Blah I had to file this suit. Yabber I brought our name into the public, in volatile political circumstances. Yack It is my duty to defend my family name." Blah blah yabber yabber yack yack...

What a pathetic bag of hot air! You see, it's all there. The entire leftist rhetoric. "I made a mistake, it must be somebody else's fault." The whining, the dishing out of insults, libel and lies coupled with that disgusting unableness to take stick if it is hurled back at him.

That creep is lying through his teeth. He used to solicit information about CM for his famous "law suit". Somebody must have told him that it was hopeless anyway or he simply ran out of money.

And NOT A WORD about Beakerkin, although that thread was about him. See? He doesn't want people to find this forum.

Ducky's here said...

Oh lighten up Beak. At least Gay Eagle's fag hag, Betty Boop, didn't call you a commie.

I have all the documentation on your party membership and I expect you to start naming names.

CM said...


Thanks but she wants me....no one else. Actually I have to blame yeagley, he teased me in the beginning and she got offended and jealous. She is still threatening me on
b.E. and as janklos baby on Indianz. She is sick. I should consider her a terriost and be afraid, but I am not. Actually its ALL YEAGLEYS' FAULT!

However I am not one to run and hide, I will accept her challenge. I want to meet the demented one in person, I know she is will be as nasty in person as on the net, she uses so many alias's...why????is the question. She can't be anthing but nasty in all of them, everyone knows who is behind the names, Betty Ann Owens Gross. I have to atttibute it to being from the rough rez life and being raised in an orphanage as she once stated, but she has so many different stories on her own life. I believe what Barbra Duggan her cousin told me, she has to be pittied, she only fools yeagley, no one else!

She continues to lie about me talking about her Grandchild. This is another mystery. What I did say about her Grandaughter is "she once said she allows her to read her posts. Imagine her vulgarity and near porn posts and disrespectful comments about the Black and they all laugh about it. That is child abuse. I think social Services should be contacted." Thats all! This was two years ago when the child was much younger!

She continues to disrespect my older sisters without even knowing them and yeagley didn't say one word of defending them. She has disrespected all Indian women of any Nation.

I have copied it all also, no need for me to get it together, I have it all. Barbra Duggans, Mallee Crafts and her and yeagleys derogatory racists remarks, all of them. All her ugly posts will look quite silly in court, but if thats what she wants...so be it.

I never bothered calling anyone concerning her fake Indian Civil Rights Office....except Mallee Craft...that was all I need to do. Barbra did all the other Detective work. Sioux are none of my business. I only reported yeagleys' claim to do away with the U.S. Department on Civil Rights and alerted Mrs. Craft. We did have a wonderful chat, I thanked her she thanked me. hah!


CM said...


This has gotten baggy ann owens gross into a hissy fit, and though I myself spoke against Charles Dickens' Quotes, she includes me into her crying, she herself speaks much the same way about Indians on a FAKE INDIAN SITE!

Mark Winters must be reading here too. He too posted quotes of Charles Dickens who's views of the Native American is much like yeaglys. yeagley has the Blog to carry on these views. He wants only to impress on White America the very same views as Dickens, using his very own derogatory quotes against the Indian men and Women and children. Baggy ann does not see this(love is blind), she is also a part of the disrespect with all her vulgarity and claiming at the same time to be and work for the Indians, all the while making fun of her very own Tribal people and their bad habits.

I never have made fun of MY BELOVED COMANCHE PEOPLE. They are what they are because of the past, some are very Educated some just want to live day to day but still taking care of themselves and their family...nothing wrong with that to each his own, or whatever blows your skirt and works for you and your lifestyle!

The whole world is starting to see the effects of the wealthy
greed. Some who can't cope after losing their finances or stealing are committing suicide, killing others, they can't see tomorrow when they don't have the wealth they had yesterday.

Native Americans can and do live for today, we know what the past has done to us.

Dickens was wrong....he visited the U.S. two times in his life, he was a foreigner and became a well known Author he had the means as yeagley, to
spread hatred and racism. Now Mark Winters wants to fight with baggy ann and is doing the same thing....she needs to leave me out of the equation, I already stated what I feel about Dickens...but she can't bare to give me credit!

Just when I started to like MW and his silly antics he took the wind outta my sails!