Sunday, February 07, 2010

Just who decided I am white

I want to know who determined that I am white. I do posses alabaster skin and green eyes, but the beloved Rav Roov shares the same parents and is much darker with curly hair. We are regularly mistaken for each other and easily recognized as brothers despite our different skin shades.

I reject all these idiotic racial nostrums and categories. My people are middle eastern and obviously along the way there were some encounters with Poles, Russians and others hence my light skin and green eyes. These are attributes and in reality I would prefer to live in a country where racial arsonists are treated like clowns.

A Jew does have some genetic basis. However, my niece is Jewish with Polish, Slavic, Semitic, Irish, Scott and Cherokee DNA. Nor is she unique as I personally know Jewish Italian, Philippine and a range of other crosses. A Jew is an heir to a tradition of learning, religion and culture. We are more than just mere DNA. We are breathing vibrant culture with our own unique traditions and folkways.

America was not founded on the basis of Culture. It was founded on the shared values
of individual rights and rejection of aristocracy. Our words and wisdom are open to all who share those values and respect others.

There are those who scream from the top of their lungs in white bedsheets and swastikas that they own America. These imbeciles do not have a clue about Americanism in any coherent definition of the word. My country does not have second class citizens. My country respects individual rights and liberties and who to love is a deeply personal choice that is nobody's business. In fact invasion of a persons
private life reeks of Marxism "the personal is political" bs.

I say this loudly and with great pride. I am an American. My birthright is individual rights and liberties. I do not accept racial arson. This is a nasty imported foreign idea that like Communism, Theocracy, Monarchy, Anarchism are unamerican. I do not seek to emulate the EU and I reject their moral arrogance. I am heir to unique traditions that include Washington, Hamilton,Jefferson, Lincoln, T Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan amongst others.

Were I in a room with racial arsonists and Holocaust Deniers they would get my wrath every bit as much as commies. I also want to point to the statement of Mazzola Marxist Kultur clown. Kultur clown is an imbecile who suffers from Pinter derangement syndrome. This syndrome is being so divorced from reality and absorbed in the cult of Marx that their utterances literally sound like Taliban spokesmen after multiple bong hits.

Kultur clown reveals his institutional bigotry against Jews when he claims I have an infantile attachment to my religion. No doubt if this were said to a Muslim or a HG practicing traditional Nature religion he would muster all his outrage. The fact that
he describes religion as infantile shows how divorced from reality he is. It also shows once again commies are not Jews and describe those who practice the faith as infantile.


Brooke said...

You tell it exactly how it is!

beakerkin said...


The positions taken by Yeagley are deeply offensive to me on a personal
level. I take offense to anyone claiming to love America and promoting racial arson.

CM said...


Most of us do read other Blogs and learn and share. Sharing discussion and accepting others' input. Not everyone agrees with you and they state it, you don't turn on them and bann, this is not that kind of site. No one has to kiss up here!

I never saw your rules of conduct , you don't need them! Adults posting because they want to share and learn! I don't think anyone tells anyone off in a in a hateful way, its an opinion that adults will accept.

No matter how much education one has, everyday is a learning experience, you don't need four degrees to have common sense in the ways of todays' World.
Might help on a resume', but now days, they will say you are too qualified! Best thing to have is common sense...and to use it!

Whites, intergration(to bring together as in schools, neighborhood etc. "NOT" forced sexual relations as yeagley says)
miscegenation, Blacks, Jews, all of which you could say all involves Politics and many Cultures have been discussed and most important of all is "AMERICA". Respect of America, even though we don't always agree with its Policies, we LOVER HER.

Black Rooster, squaws, smelly, dirty, nigger, and ugly Jewish remarks etc. are childish and stupid not normally used here. That is unless you happen to read B.E. all kinds of ugly things come to mind......about doc.

These statements are a giant step back for the person making them, yeagly knows it but allows it, he is using "ME, A FULL BLOOD COMANCHE" and another supposidly Indian to make his point! As long as he makes his point(he is White)...the White blood is the purest and cleanest that ever flowed......the Indians are being used....I KNOW IT! I keep notes!

Thank you for this site....and I promise....I will NEVER mention that B.A.G. person again no matter what...a miserable existence it must actually live, to utter such vileness. My only concern is yeagley!


Ducky's here said...

The fact that he describes religion as infantile shows how divorced from reality he is


No Beak, he described your attachment as infantile (it is), not your religion (it isn't).

Try to be accurate.