Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Raven

Most of us hold what I call our Raven in our hearts. Our Raven is the unreasonable fear or hatred of something. Many people delude themselves with rationalizations or pseudointelectual fantasies that they are genuine.

I am perplexed how someone who claims to love America and its ideals would turn around and promote kook theories of race. This is especially comedic when the person in question is biracial. Miscegenation seems to be in every other post of this writer. Perhaps as he is nearing 60 he was too late to enjoy it himself.

Love in the current era is tough enough. It got tougher when the economy dictated two salaries just to make ends meet. Everyone is more tired and stressed from a work place that is meaner than ever. In the previous era one could man up about errors because taking responsibility and fixing your mistakes was an admired trait.

In the current era maintaining a loving relationship is quite difficult. I will not lecture another or pass judgment on another for life's most personal choice. Obviously, this persons parents were more enlightened than they are. No doubt many of the racial arsonists that this gentleman will be speaking to would be critical of his parents choice.

Our Ravens consume us and make us look stupid. Non white white supremacists sounds like a circus act. FYI, I do not need nor desire to sit in a room with racial arsonists and Holocaust deniers. I am an American and there are no second class citizens in my country Black or otherwise. Those who fail to grasp this concept do not have a clue about American values.

I want to point out the words of a friend who points out that Jews do over achieve. This is because we are the products of a culture that prizes learning and scholarship. Even in Vermont in a small town I had accumulated 200 books in three years. One can visit a siblings with one exception and see stacks of books. It is not DNA that creates this but a culture that treasures learning that produces this. My niece and nephew literally go to school for eleven hours a day and then do homework. When the late Northwind visited my apartment in St Albans she asked if I were running a library. I was shocked to visit her family's home and see one or two books tops.

The Pagan is largely correct about a backlash against quotas and pc guilt trips created the soil for the kooks at AMREN. The response to the arsonists who are often commies seeking to divide and conquer is we are Americans. If you doubt this you can amuse yourself with the positive reception of the racist bile spewed by Pastor Wright on Renegade Eye's blog from the readers. It is no accident either as the racist kook cleric is a follower of Black Liberation theology a cross between Marx and Malcolm X. No doubt the Duck and many others who saw nothing wrong with a President attending a racist church and palling around with a communist traitor terrorist should not cast the first stone at Yeagley for attending a cabal of idiots conference. Nor does Yeagley's attendance mean he agrees with every person present.

That being said attending a conference of racists, Holocaust deniers and assorted other societal pariahs is poor judgment. No doubt commies like the Duck like to pretend that Commies like Pol Pot cheerleader Gnome Chimpanzee, Harry Belacommie and Michael Moron are somehow in a different category than the folks at the AMREN conference but they are not.

Beamish and Bardo in 12


Cateran said...

Beak said... "Most of us hold what I call our Raven in our hearts. Our Raven is the unreasonable fear or hatred of something."

Got a problem with ravens, Beak? Not all cultures dislike them, you know.

Beak said... "Nor does Yeagley's attendance mean he agrees with every person present.

That being said attending a conference of racists, Holocaust deniers and assorted other societal pariahs is poor judgment."

Geez Beak, it's brilliant judgement. You watch the readership go up at BadEagle. In Marketing 101 it was known as reaching your target market.

Anonymous said...

It's like belonging to the UN.

CM said...

Yeagly is artificial.

Mother nature chided and punished him for going to the mountain top and pretending....He didn't learn a thing!

My thoughts are simplistic and expressed almost in the Indian sign language. yeagley wants to be savage....the Indian was in his inviroment, yeagley never has been in the Indian Culture or enviroment so he is a White man Savage, he will be just fine among the White supreme Savages, after all he IS one of them.

The gap between the two peoples, Whites and Indian will never be closed. Who really wants it closed..not me. Now with his type pretending to represent the Indians..What a step backwards for us...I give him too much credit,,yeah...he does not represent Indians...question is what, why and whom will he represent? Its an ALL WHITE GATHERING, DUH! Did they invite a Black speaker? Is this being Civil????


beakerkin said...


The Raven is used as a literary device signifying death and something ominous. You can say Ravens are my Raven.

CM said...


yeagley might have a few readers, but how many posts? I mean if I agreed with his every word like batty ann and ray or purple...sure post. Most readers don't post, just read with dropped jaws in his views....even if they dared to disagree he chides them and has the last word.

When things get hot, here comes another made up name like say "thrasymachus" to praise him. He does call people to come back, no one bothers but batty ann. She is the one that loves him, and goes all out for his rescue, he, himself doesn't bother...he lets her get down and dirty, s-e-x....whatever...she owns yeagley and he knows it!

Off to another day of maybe another 12 hr day of volunteering, the Red Cross has brought in some fab hot meals, water, cases and cases of water. We are proud of the Comanche Nation helping out with tree cutting gas for generators and so much more.

By the way, for the one that loves me by following me all over the net, I am 5'4" and I do not drink soda! May be why I am not short,squat, stumpy and pink and 175 lbs or pigfat!

I wish I could be proud of yeagley cause of his one drop Comanche.....maybe he will make me proud at this reniassause......naw will never happen. Besides he stutters and uses his hands to emphasize, he is lying, lying about WHAT is the question! He is going there for no other reason than to bring attention to his Anglo Saxon personal beliefs and we all know what those views are, "white is the purist cleanest blood that ever flowed". Brown and black are bore or something to that effect but his views on anyone other than white are his claim to this 15 minutes of fame he will get there. Surely he knows his blood is not clean!


Cateran said...

And a poe (po), in Scotland, is a bedpan.