Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Why I left Bad Eagle

Dr Yeagley makes some odd claims and promises. He talks of embracing Conservatism and
boasts of his degree in Divinty. He has zero clue about what being an American or Christian is about.

I want to talk about Christ as a non Christian. I live and enjoy the fruits of Western Civilization. The freedoms and society I enjoy are largely a cultural inheritance that flow from Christian principles. In order to grasp my perspective one should read the wonderful book The Great Divide by Alvin Schmidt.

The ethos of a true follower of Christ is like that of America egalitarian. The message of Christ is open to all who believe regardless of race or gender. A true Christian serves the poor as a religious calling. They are the hearts and souls of their communities.

My country was founded as a part an parcel of an anti-monarchist revolution. Its message of individual rights and individual rights were unique. The Dr forgets the part "all men are created equal" and the concept of equal protection under the law because it conflicts with his racist agenda. However, some of us take these words seriously. When he terms these concepts liberal he makes a mockery of conservatism.

Reading Bad Eagle is like watching a demolition derby. One can read the writings of Amil Imani elsewhere. Imani was a young man who has grown over time. Much of the regrettable things he wrote was a reaction to people ganging up on him and being provoked by Yeagley's mongrel Batty Ann. I have communicated with him off line and he is a delightful person who loves America with all his heart. In most respects he is more American than the Dr. There is little worthwhile to read there other than the humorous writings of Mark Winters and Ajibik.

America has a tragic past with its inexcusable treatment of Indians. Sadly, many of us mystify them in ways that are just not realistic. Some of us do not grasp that individual Indians as members of a common humanity can be every bit as racist as other groups. This should surprise nobody except the genteel university anti semite Kulur as Indians share the same human condition they are prone the same weakness and strengths as the rest of us.

Yeagley presents a myth that many of us would like to believe. He presents himself as a scholar and a visionary who loves America. He quotes books he has not bothered to read. I have caught him doing this at least once and the Editrix has done so more times. He bandies about three dollar words in an attempt to make you think he is cerebral. However, those words are not done naturally. Truly, brilliant people like Monica Crowley, FJ and many others use these words naturally. They have no need to impress anyone as their words speak for themselves.

When you look behind the packaging you find a hateful person with an odd obsession with Black males having sex with white women. This obsession is eerily similar to that of Julius Striecher who had similar views about German women who slept with Jews. How does one even begin to explain American values to a person that loathes 11% of the population on the basis of DNA? Unfortunately, my people are too familiar with where these crank theories of racial purity lead. I will not be a party to any movement that tosses anyone into the ovens on the basis of their DNA.

I want to point out many of us are under the delusion that academics are above bigotry. One can find plenty of examples of noted scholars who are bigoted and promote foul ideas such as communism and Nazism.

Dr. Yeagley's views often fall into the realm of poor satire. What other dullard would present himself as a biracial man at a conference of racial supremacists. One need not look too far to find abundant evidence of conflict between the KKK and Indians. Perhaps his goal in life is to have a mental illness named after himself.

It would be wonderful if Yeagley lived up to his myth. Merely stamping new and improved on a bad product changes nothing.


Always On Watch said...

America has a tragic past with its inexcusable treatment of Indians. Sadly, many of us mystify them in ways that are just not realistic.

Charles Dickens on the myth of the noble savage

I don't agree with everything therein, but it is an interesting and informative read, nevertheless.

Always On Watch said...

Speaking of bigotry in academia, see this:

A group of British academics have called on singer Elton John to cancel his scheduled performance in Israel this June.

"Political or not political, when you stand up on that stage in Tel Aviv, you line yourself up with a racist state," the British Committee for Universities for Palestine wrote in an open letter to John on Monday. "Do you want to give them the satisfaction? Please don't go."

Anonymous said...

The ethos of a true follower of Christ is like that of America[n] egalitarian[ism].

I am interpreting with the [] that you intended the ethos of the ideals presented by the the American founders in the Constitution and other documents, but found in people of all nationalities and belief systems. Although, you may have intended: [the] America[n] egalitarian, which would, of course, limit the scope of the statement.

[T]he part all men are created equal and the concept of equal protection under the law[.]

I just found it interesting, that in Judeo/Christian beliefs that is a key concept: All men are equally created, are equally judged under the law of God, and are equally granted forgiveness of transgression of the law.

CM said...


Pray tell me what is there to agree on and what is so interesting and informative?

Charles Dickens comment are ghastly and very White! I read halfway thru and went on to the last paragraph and still sounded just like yeagley.

Surely Caitlin would not have stayed ten years among the North American Indians if he had not admired them! I have a book of his illustrations, they are wonderful and I thrill at the dedication he had, now those interested can look to the past!

Charles Dickens sounds like so many of these people yeagley rubs elbows with right here in Oklahoma. These white men can wear overalls to a luncheon, but let no Native American allowed, even though he is clean, smells good and wears a suit...though he may wear his moccasins, he is a proud speciman who survived these detrimental types(still around I might add) who wish us all off the face of the Earth!

Henry David Thoreau also studied the Indians and had befriended them and had a much more pleasant experience with them.

Dickens was a Dick! I think yeagley studied him closely...and PEOPLE STILL ADMIRE THEIR WORKS???????

We HAD had to study all these so called admirable authors in school literature of course they didn't have this particular piece for tender eyes, but yeagley has the same views so its no suprise to know others do.