Friday, February 19, 2010

Euro hypocrites

The political clods and clowns are falling over themselves condemning Israel for eliminating a terrorist in Dubai. A nations job is first and foremost to protect its own citizens. The United States send drones to kill terrorists and unfortunately some civilians get killed as well.

The same lefties have been aiding and abetting the folks at Hamas for years. Did we hear a peep when Hamas butchered their PA rivals on the leftist blogs. The Euros feign outrage and pour money into Gaza so that Hamas can reward their followers instead of building an economy.

I think the next time Israel uses fake passports it should be less creative. Create fakes of known supporters of terrorists like Norman Finkelstein, Galloway and Neturai Karta members.


The_Editrix said...

Great news! The world is a better place without that mass murderer. And even better: The Duck will have his "Attends" in a knot now!

Anonymous said...

It didn't use "fake" passports. It used identity theft to paint inncocent Brits as Mossad agents.

The_Editrix said...

"I think the next time Israel uses fake passports it should be less creative."

It seems they have used fake German passports as well. That is outrageous. If Hamas killers travel on German passports they are usually genuine, the passports.

I wish that were funny, alas, it isn't.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, I'm trying to get a statement from you on the four year prison sentence given to your hero Giuliani's bag man.

Any comment?

beakerkin said...

FJ: That is what made the plan more effective.

Duncy: Kerik unlike Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank will serve time. He should move to MA and become a Democrat who represents Hugo Chavez instead of the people of MA.

Anonymous said...

That is what made the plan more effective.

It also painted bullseyes on the backs of innocent people. And if those people get killed in turn, what does Mossad care? 'F the Mossad. Let their agents risk using "fake" passports or steal the identities of dead people next time w/o endangering the innocent public.

Anonymous said...

I may eat my words on this, but from what I've gathered just from reading this post by Beak, Mossad acted recklessly, just like FJ said. Hamas does horrid things at time and would not doubt have done the same thing. However, what gives the Mossad the right to do engage in similar human rights abuses? Had my name been co-opted, you can bet I'd be beyond pissed.


beakerkin said...


A nation has a job to protect its citizens. The citizens are in no more
danger today than they were yesterday.

The rouse has been done before. The folks whose ID was used were in no additional danger.

If the USA can use predator drones and take out civilians this is certainly no worse. If we knew where Osama was we would do everything and anything to kill him.

The_Editrix said...

Knowing the media conduct when Israel is concerned (remember the Mohammed Al Doura Hoax or the Jenin "massacre" that never happened, anybody?) I think it's rather too soon to cast the first stone here.

The_Editrix said...

I had a closer look at the case. So a team of eleven to perform an assasination for which two would have been sufficient? And they all look as if they'd jumped off the stage of a cheap amateur movie production? Smiling at the security cameras? Using passports of Britons living in Israel? The MOSSAD overlooked the fact that in security-obsessed Dubai nothing will escape the omnipresent cameras? Precision? Finesse? Not even the Hamas believes that the Mossad is behind the killing and suspects "an Arab government". And don't we all know how the Palestinian groups love and cherish each other?

To me (I may be wrong) this looks like an effort at getting rid of al-Mabhouh while playing off the Brits and Israel against each other in the process, and, thanks to the anti-Israel media bias, so far successfully.

There is only one thing of which we can be sure at this point: The story will vanish into thin air more quickly than you can say "bias" should it transpire that Israel is NOT behind the assassination.

Just as a reminder three examples of media spin this and this and this. There are countless more examples, just let me mention again the Mohammed al Doura hoax and the Jenin "massacre" lie.

May the blood of the 23 Israeli soldiers killed at Jenin come over those who ordered them to street fight to save Arab lifes instead of bombing the place. To the world it is still a "massacre".

beakerkin said...


I think the PA sometimes collaborates with Israel. If everything that was said is true then this is still safer than sending out drones.

The PA is a Marxist group and the ends justify the means. Then again Hamas exterminated most of the PA in Gaza. The PA had to run to Israel for safety and let them cross.

Meanwhile while this butchery went on the left Yawned.

The_Editrix said...

"I think the PA sometimes collaborates with Israel."

Yes, I was told that. We will probably never know what really happened.