Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nazism 2.0

We used to spar with Communist clowns who promote Trotskyism as a form of communism without gulags or deaths. I deal with the folly of this argument on many levels.

Certain ideas are tied to certain events. Pseudo scientific racialism is tied directly to Nazism and the Holocaust. Communism is tied to Gulags, Killing Fields and planned starvation.

The Holocaust did not just occur overnight. Jews were dehumanized in much the same manner Yeagley dehumanizes Blacks first. There were rallies of Brown shirts in beer halls and vile hate filled sites. The closest blog that resembles Der Shturmer is a site linked by Commies called Liberal White Boy.

When the folks at AMREN advocate permitting discrimination against Blacks they are starting down a familiar path. Now some say calling anyone a Nazi is in bad taste. However, when this person is clearly promoting crank theories of racial worth this is substantively correct.


beamish said...

Leftists, be they national socialists (Nazis) or international socialists (Communists) are always "for the people."

They just throw out shell game caveat exclusions on what their definition of "people" actually is, so they're not "for Jewish people" or not "for unborn children in the womb" and so on.

Precision keeps the "Nazi" label directed at leftists following in the philosophical footsteps of Jew haters like Proudhon, Marx, and Bakunin, none of whom were Nazis, but all shared the one thing that keeps leftists singing from the same choir book, anti-Semitism.

Racialism and eugenics were also "Progressive Leftist" hallmarks of the early 20th Century.

If Yeagley is peddling racial hygiene theories, he's clearly not a conservative. Maybe he's the first leftist in history that doesn't intimately desire to exterminate Jews (after over 200 years, surely one was bound to turn up eventually, even accidentally). But I don't think Yeagley is a "Nazi" proper.

A "substantively correct" analogue to Nazis would include not only the near quarter-millenia old traditional leftist monopoly on hating Jews ("kill them and redistribute their wealth and property!") but also include the advocacy and action of the state taking control of private businesses and creating a dependency on government (you belong to the state).

I've not seen any evidence that Yeagley is analogous to the Nazis, in the same way Barack Obama hits the trifecta above.

Surely there's a more apt label for Yeagley than "Nazi."

The_Editrix said...

"Now some say calling anyone a Nazi is in bad taste."

It isn't bad taste, it relativizes the Nazi crimes. And if a German does it, it will be most likely an attempt at exculpation.

Take Herta Däubler-Gmelin (SPD). In September 2002, as Minister of Justice in the Cabinet of Gerhard Schröder, she compared George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler and dismissed the American justice system as "lousy." Bush wanted to use a war "to divert attention from domestic problems," so Däubler-Gmelin, just as "Adolf Nazi" had once done.

Interestingly, her official Bundestag biography says that she was born in 1943 in "Preßburg". Now "Preßburg" is the German name for the Slovakian capital Bratislava. In 1943, Slovakia was a satellite state of Nazi Germany. The German envoy Hanns Ludin was the all-powerful man. After the War, Ludin was found guilty of war crimes and executed. Ludin's deputy was one Hans Gmelin. A Nazi party member and "Standartenführer" in the SA, Gmelin was a lawyer by training. He was one of the many jurists the Nazis sent to the occupied territories and satellite states. He was also the father of the woman that would become German minister of justice, Herta Däubler-Gmelin.

Documentary evidence indicates that Hans Gmelin was directly involved in the deportation of Slovakian Jews to the Nazi death camps. Gmelin was elected mayor of Tübingen in 1954 and remained so for the next 20 years. On her father, the biography on Herta Däubler-Gmelin's homepage stated (and maybe still does state, I haven't checked): "Her father Hans Gmelin (†1991), a jurist and municipal politician without party affiliation, was mayor of Tübingen from 1954 to 1974."

I hope that clarifies that the Nazi-comparison is more, MUCH more, than a mere "tastelessness", even if it doesn't serve to exculpate one's Nazi father.

beakerkin said...

Mr B


Racial hygiene was discredited by the Holocaust. It is psuedo science
at its worst and it was at the center of Nazi philosophy.

If one were to make an American version of Nazism that is socially
acceptable blacks would be substituted for Jews. Even some of
his posts come close to Obama betraying America come close to the spirit of the Jews betrayed Germany in WWI.

He may not be a Nazi, but the techniques are eerie and disgusting. His focus on miscegenation is similar to that found in Der Shturmer

beakerkin said...

I also want to point out to TNT if he comes here.

I have always bitterly opposed all forms of racial hygiene and left Bad Eagle.

The Dr in his ignorance is now quoting Prof McDonald who is a very
well known anti-semite. He is indeed
very limited in his knowledge of Jews
beyond books.

The_Editrix said...

"Mr B


Racial hygiene was discredited by the Holocaust. It is psuedo science
at its worst and it was at the center of Nazi philosophy."

Beak, I didn't mention "racial hygiene". In fact, I didn't even had Yeagley in mind when I posted my comment. My point was that the term "bad taste" is wrongly applied to Nazi-comparisons.

beamish said...

If one were to make an American version of Nazism that is socially
acceptable blacks would be substituted for Jews. Even some of
his posts come close to Obama betraying America come close to the spirit of the Jews betrayed Germany in WWI.

Well, the "spirit of the Jews" to leftists, as Marx explained in his utopian fantasy essay "World Without Jews" is that "Judaism = Capitalism." Kill all the Jews, and like magic, all of capitalism is destroyed. Don't ask me to explain this "logic" because it came from the mind of a leftist, where logic and rationality never can occur.

But still, I don't think you can substitute hatred for Obama for hatred for Jews and make the charge of Nazism stick. Especially if Yeagley hates on Obama for the same reasons that I do, which is that Obama does hit the trifecta of Jew hating, state seizure of private industry (GM, Chrysler, the attempted "health care reform"), and belief in "you belong to the state" government intrusions into your life.

Obama is not Hitler, but he is very much Nazi-esque in policy. Which isn't all that new. Democrats have been Nazi-esque in policies since their creep to the left that began in the 1950s.

And that's just it. I just think the "Nazi" label is ultimately a distinction within leftism without a difference. It's an answer to the question "What kind of leftist are you? Nazi? Communist?" that isn't very informative beyond the correct identification of branches on the leftist tree.

If Yeagley's citing and quoting anti-Semites (favorably), the Nazi label isn't so much out of place, as he's crossed the threshold between center and left-wing. But still, does he stand at the ramparts like the leftist Pat Buchanan and scream about Mexicans taking away the people's welfare entitlements?

Fake conservatives are hundreds deep. We probably won't know he's gone fully left-wing until he's got ACLU lawyers beside him in KKK parades.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, keep on posting your "racial" theories. You do it often enough and you will eventually realize that you are close to walking off the same pier Yeagley did.

You complain about commies invading your site and closeted David Yeagley at GayEagle complains about you sending over transvestites to disrupt his scholarship. The man is a complete whackjob... and the more you talk about the idiot the more you move up in class with him.