Saturday, February 20, 2010

These hard times

I want to point out many of us feel wronged by the government at times. However, the thing to grasp is that government agencies are staffed by regular folks. Most of these people are skilled professionals doing their jobs.

There are laws and rules that we are charged with enforcing. A good officer knows that just because he can doesn't necessarily mean he should.

The person who flew a plane seeking to kill IRS workers was a sick and twisted person.The IRS workers have lives and families and are doing their job. Many of us think our tax bills are excessive. If you do then the proper person to blame is the politicians who keep raising taxes and creating endless programs of pork.

It is okay to be angry at the government. It is never okay to commit criminal violent acts against innocent officials.

Left unsaid in all the Obama debacles is the outlandish cost of higher ed. It would seem that Obama has turned a bind eye to the outlandish escalation of costs. Perhaps
Universities should have some belt tightening and get back to the basics. Of course Obama does not want to discuss the salaries and hiring practices of the Old Bolshevik

A friend was hit by a car driven by what almost certainly was an illegal alien with no insurance. Her hospital bill alone for one day was $17,000. Fortunately, she has insurance but with damaged optic nerves who knows if she will be able to return to work. No doubt the incident was a tragic accident, but these are just some of the hidden costs of illegal immigration.

I was planning to do a B Team spoof called Mission Unlikely staring the B Team. Beamish, Beakerkin and Beakerambo being sent back out to Trashcanistan to assassinate
the Al Queda accountant Mohammed Salaam Feldman. Feldman was a devotee of the Marty Feldman school of Marxism and converted to radical Islam when the Soviet Union fell.
In the satire the cheapskate US government gave the B Team the passports of Brad Pitt, Dovid Wiess of the Neturai Karta and David Yeagley. Poor Beakerambo has to assume the identity of David Yeagley.

Here is a clip from the film the Airport Scene

Jihadi: So you are Brad Pitt. What is with the gasmask
Mr. Beamish: It is for the new film by Oliver Stone the Man in the Iron Gasmask
Jihadi: Oliver Stone suck
Mr. Beamish: Everyone knows that but Oliver Stone
Jihadi: Aren't you the Rabbi from the Movie the Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob. Can you do one of those dances.
Beakerkin: I am Rabbi Dovid Wiess of the Neturai Karta
Jihadi: I still think you look like the Rabbi Jacob. Then again all of you Jews look alike. However, the folks at the highest levels said not to behead you yet.

And you according to your passport you are pundit David Yeagley.
Beakerambo: Me Meep Me Meeeep Mi Mi
Jihadi: Is this some kind of Native American language.
Beakerkin: No its just an Oklahoma accent combined with a speech impediment.
Jihadi: It says that you are some sort of pundit. Our country barely survived the last visit of Ann Coulter. You look much stronger than your picture.
Mr. B; Its the steroids...........
Jihadi: Even Jihadis have heard of the evils of steroids. Hey put me down you infidel bastard.
Beakerkin: Now you've done it Beakerambo. Who told you to throw the bastard through the window.
Mr B: I don't know about that. All the coworkers are picking his pockets. Lets make for that jeep and get out of here.


beamish said...

It can not be stressed enough that the suicide pilot that flew his plane into the IRS offices held very strident anti-capitalist views, and lacked a grasp of the fact that filing falsified returns to cheat the tax system were the cause of his problems.

The idiot's "manifesto" contains a lack of a sense of personal responsibility and anti-capitalist views. The dipwad even blamed Bush for his own criminal behavior 20 year prior.

Ridiculous blame-shifting, anti-capitalist views, and economic illiteracy.


CM said...

The man flying the plane(name?)maybe was a person growing up pampered by his parents living beyond his means thinking he was high/middle classed then found out he was lower least money wise.

Lower or poor people don't usually torch their homes with the family inside especially their child....maybe he had maritial problems but don't hurt the child.

Now just heard on CNN over ten Churches in TX. were torched this year! What is happening to us people? Parties organizing all over the Country, are they dividing or are they helping to get the word out...but who's Word? Now I read something about "Subversive Organization" in S.C! If it works, which I would round em all up in neat little Black list, in this case it will be a White list!