Monday, February 15, 2010

A very poor fraud

When one gauges the potential fraud of a writer one must look at the statements and
behavior over time. The Dr. has defended his so called Jewess who in almost certainty is a Stormfront type impersonating a Jew.

This failed creation starts off with an odd statement about Jews in the John Birch Society. There may be a handful, but this is an extremely rare thing. Most people, do
not bother with rabid cartoons and conspiracy theories. William F Buckley turned on this group when it insisted that President Eisenhower was a Communist collaborator.

This failed writers creation then claims like Yeagley to be 50%. The source of the 50% is not mentioned until I point out unless it is maternal you are nothing. Magically the story shifts that her mother is Jewish and that she has been DNA tested to have some genetic marker that designates her as Northern European. This last part seems to come from a person very familiar with Stormfront fare. In 40 plus years of living within the Jewish community I have never heard anyone make such an odd claim.

Wait the story gets more bizarre to the point of comedy club material. The person then starts the claim that she was raised Orthodox. She then goes on to repeat words
from ask Moses in parentheses as if trying to prove credentials to the genuine article. Sorry, but genuine Jews do not do this. For example I was on the blog of Zinla with Jingoist. Both of us have established our identities as Jews over a long period of time. We were describing a series of Communist and Arab sponsored odd balls known as Neturai Karta. Neither of us had to bother to show our knowledge in parenthesis. Our posts over time have been consistent with people who are very much a part of the Jewish community. On the rare occasion I discuss something from my community it is done naturally and only explained if a reader asks. For example if the word teffilin were used I would not even think to put a familiar object in parenthesis. My familiarity with the item would have me use it in passing and be natural.

The story has changed again and now the Jewess whose father has converted and is raised Orthodox apparently claims to have gone to Catholic school. The person repeats standard cliches about Christ Killer and feeling the need to identify with her Jewish family. Didn't we just hear days ago that she was raised Orthodox. Now the story is she was educated in a Catholic school. Her father is identified as an Adventist of Northern European descent who has married a Jewish woman, sent their kid to a Catholic school but decided to convert to Judaism. How someone is raised Orthodox but educated in a Catholic School remains unknown.

It gets stranger yet...... Cue the twilight zone music.

The fake Jewess starts off saying she is American first and denounces zionism. Then
she goes on to explain Israel was created by Communists and secularists and should not have been created until the arrival of the messiah. She then gives the site of the above named Communist and Arab terrorist sponsored Neturai Karta as representative of Orthodox thought on Israel.

A person who is familiar with the thought in the Jewish community would know that the
latter is only stated by an obscure group who are compensated and publicized and promoted by commies despite numbering fewer than 200 people. In fact one can see more
claims by commies of this group being authentic than their actual members. Even the Satmar have played down similar sentiments and do not allow themselves to be prostituted by communists. The Satmar are also widely unpopular for this view and are considered pariahs by other Jews. In interactions individual Satmar very frequently are apologetic to real Jews over this view and disagree with their leaders. This group represents a minority of the Orthodox. The Orthodox especially the Modern Orthodox are overwhelmingly Zionist in view point. A person claiming to be raised Orthodox would never represent the opinions of the Neturai Karta as mainstream.

Genuine Jews like myself and Jingoist do not feel the need to proclaim themselves as American first and denounce zionism. In fact genuine Jews never make those statements
and are rightly offended by any suggestion of dual loyalty. The statement reflects the opinion of a white supremacist antisemite when addressing Jews. Someone claiming
to be raised Orthodox would never address a fellow Jew in such a manner. This person
then went on to question the integrity of my service and suggested I was an infiltrator. Calling Captain Dreyfus !!! This alone should have caused Yeagley to be suspicious. However, as his knowledge of Jews is limited to books and brief visits and he is handicapped by fealty to foul notions of racial purity he missed this.

This fraud goes on to describe "liberal Jews" like myself as the source of antisemitism in the United States. This is quite amusing as the genuine article would tend to grasp that far leftist populist antisemitism has been a staple of the far left for about 150 years. This must also come as news to Mr. Beamish, AOW and Zinla and the many other fine Conservative readers of this site who understand the source of the most strident forms of antisemitism are on the left.

This very poor fraud goes onto write that she has met some Jews who literally hate gentiles. I have never observed this in four decades of interaction in the Jewish community. Even a militant Kahanist like MZ does not hate gentiles. He does hate missionaries that try to convert Jews. In general his views are that he is happiest with Gentiles if they respect their own traditions. I know some religious Jews who would not enter a Church or a Mosque. This does not infer hatred but an interpretation of our customs. I have entered and been welcomed into many houses of worship. I also have zero problem attending a wedding or funeral or just attending services with a girlfriend if asked. It is not something I seek out, but if social proprieties dictate I have no problems going there. I have never encountered a Jew who hated non-Jews in my experiences.

Lastly, this impostor who claims to be more Jewish and American than thou does not cite American values and the Constitution in her posts. My criticism of Yeagley's racist views are based on American values as expressed in the Constitution and in the historical lessons of the Holocaust.

A reader under the handle of TNT hinted that I would know that Yeagley's knowledge of Judaism is limited. He is very knowledgeable of scripture and those things that can be gleaned from books. However, as an outsider he does not grasp the substance of how we interact with each other or customs. The notion that a person who is quote
"Orthodox" would represent the views of the Neturai Karta as representative of Orthodox thought is comic. Even the Neturai Karta themselves are aware that their views are a distinct minority.

Abraham Lincoln had a quote about fooling the people. In that spirit I will make a Beakerkin spoof of the more famous quote. You might fool some of the people all of the time, but you can fool Yeagley all of the time. A fool like Yeagley is so attached to his odious views that he will either knowingly accept a poor fraud or be
fooled into confirming his foul beliefs.

Unlike Yeagley, I am 100% Jewish and was raised within the community. I understand the traditions and the norms of my community. While the Dr had a Jewish girlfriend or two and a few friends he has never been an insider. It is true that he has had plenty of Jewish friends and acquaintances and has read plenty of books but there are gaps in his knowledge.

In my life Holocaust survivors were family members, friends, neighbors and very much a part of the community. The reaction of the survivors were individual as some went onto wonderful lives. Others like my Uncle were bitter and remained frozen in time.
I suspect that if the Dr's friend whom he writes about were able to read his embrace
of Jared Taylor he would get a swift rebuke. This survivor would recoil at the mention of a person (Taylor) who thinks nothing is wrong with employment or housing discrimination and talks of odious racial purity. Holocaust survivors were individuals but even bitter ones like my Uncle thought preserving the history of this event was important. I was shocked to find that he apparently donated a significant amount of his wealth to the museum in DC. I questioned my mother ( his only known relative my grandmother was beyond capable of any decisions) if she had made the donation in his name. I was told by my parents that they had not made the donation in his name and made their own donations. Apparently, Yeagley did not spend
enough time with this person to grasp at subjecting anyone else to similar treatment
would be viewed abhorrent by real survivors.

When readers want patriotism there are many fine blogs to read, Bad Eagle is not one of them.


Now from Fox Entertainment Mr Beamish controls the Afterlife

Farouk: Ah I have made it to heaven where are my 72 virgins
Beakerkin: Sir did you read the fine print in that claim.
Farouk: What is this a Zionist dog in the after life
Beakerkin: No just a faceless bureaucrat in the afterlife machine. I am a mere step in the process.
Farouk: Then I am in that other place.... I am
Beakerkin: Not exactly, but you are going to have to see a higher authority.
Farouk: Oh noooooo it is the Great Gasmasked Patriot with the Kill Devil Ninja Grip.
He taught this to Ann Coulter and many a Jihadi went to Allah singing like Michael Jackson.

Mr. Beamish: The axiom in the after life is we get our wishes.
Farouk: What type of evil...
Mr. Beamish: Behold your Garden of Eden.
Farouk: This place is better than I thought. You are not so bad for an infidel. Where
are my virgins.
Mr. Beamish: They are right there.
Farouk: Noooooo Lyne Stewart, Bea Arthur, Janet Reno and Rosie ODonnel.
Mr. Beamish: Enjoy your after life Farouk. We aim to please you did get 72 virgins
Farouk: Noooooooooooooo.

Preview of Next weeks show.

Ducky: What this is the end of my existence... No non existence...No Obscure films..
Well at least there is no Fox News or reruns of the A Team.

Beakerkin: Welcome Ducky did you read the fine print before entering the afterlife...

Tune in next week on Fox for Mr Beamish rules the Afterlife


CM said...

All his friends he soooo admires seem to be all deceased, except for one female that is just plain brain dead, and his friend of over 30 years..Ray!


Ducky's here said...

I thought the most interesting topic was GayEagle claiming he had been commissioned to write grand opera.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, what constitutes an "obscure" film?

One that you and Beamish aren't aware of?

That really cuts down the film world, not to mention music as Beamish has displayed on his site.

The_Editrix said...

"While the Dr had a Jewish girlfriend or two and a few friends he has never been an insider. It is true that he has had plenty of Jewish friends and acquaintances and has read plenty of books but there are gaps in his knowledge."

Oh for Heaven's Sake, Beak! How many times does one have to tell you that everything (but EVERYTHING!) he says comes from his wacko religion. He hasn't got a single original thought in his mushy brain. The Adventists consider themselves as Jews who believe in Jesus. Yes, that is scary. But so is the belief that blacks come from an amalgamation of man and beast. Stop analyzing shit. It will remain shit, however often you'll put it under the microscope.

Btw where is Betty Ann? She is notably absent. No reporting back to Yeagley? Oh my oh my! Seems they had a lovers tiff. Cry me a river.

beakerkin said...


Be glad we didn't write the full version of Mr. Beamish rules the afterlife Ducky episode. As it was your line the term obscure film was your observation.

No doubt Mr. Beamish would have some diabolical revenge planned for a life
of service to Marx.

beakerkin said...

Betty Ann has nobody to argue with unless the Bear or Tall Soldier turn up. The place is a ghost town devoid
of great material unless Amil posts

CM said...

She is too busy trying to figure out how not to be Janklos' baby, yet she is janklos baby and Naiche is playing with her, she and yeagley use so many aliases they are bumping into each other and pretty soon they will be the only two people fighting each other. I laugh out loud at her and my friend Naiche!

yeagley is safe he, no one needed to watch his skinny behind. Bear and Tallsoldier sure wanted to be with him ennit in those luxury rooms! Convention is CANCELLED! BET YEAGLEY IS RELIEVED....will he delight us with his free speech so we can analyze it? I hope he did not mention the Comanche Nation!


The_Editrix said...

I have a hunch that she crossed Yeagley again and became too much for him for the time being. She went quite over the top lately. It was really like watching a train derail. She will be back, though.

She uses a Macintosh, btw., so if you look at the cloaked visits and see a Mac it will be probably her.

beakerkin said...


A Macintosh... I knew there was something evil about Batty Ann


The Dr. will recycle the speech for the next racist convention.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The_Editrix said...

"I don't know Oany personally"

Who is Oany?

Beak, do you think that is another one of Betty Ann's attempts at communication?

beakerkin said...


I do not know this person. However, we do have to be careful.

The Dr. is gravely wounded and the cancellation of this event is a huge personal setback. He was planning on walking the tightrope and denouncing Holocaust Denial.

Oddly, he only listened to me after I left. I can and will not
spend my life as Yeagley's Jimminy Cricket.

I expect Batty Ann having been bored will try and get us to post some hateful things. We must not become as evil as Yeagley or Batty Ann while distancing ourselves.

In the end there are those who grasp things that are truths but not tangible. Yet the most intsngible thing of all is the human heart.

You can read these pages and see many things. You see love of Americanism, book reviews and many different things. One even gets glimpses into my personal life.

The thing about Yeagley is that he really is an empty goblet. He has lost the ability to relate to people on an individual basis. I am not a person he has known for six years. I am the Jew an archetype and you are a mere German to him. The fact that all of us has an individual essence eludes him.

I want to point to the Sunbeam posts. The Sunbeam posts were the posts of a normal man experiencing life. What is more normal than a man expressing the yearnings of his heart. You can look up and down the writings of Dr Yeagley and find almost nothing of human expression. The closest he gets is the posts about his mother.

Not all of us are real. His life is empty and he doesn't know how to express joy or recoils from it.

I think of my life in abstract. It is not the political that fills my soul. It was the burning passion of a young love and a fiery one as I was in my 40's. I think of those moments with my grand mother who was wise and loving. I think of my grandfathers simplicity and reducing the complicated to simple terms. I think of those moments with the nieces and nephews who are all now grown. I think of a young girl who calls me daddy and melts my heart with her smile.

These are images from an average life. Yet when you read these pages you see the warmth.

Where is the warmth in Yeagley? Where are his friends other than Ray Friggon?

As the house of Yeagley empties his albatross will do many things. She has nobody to play with and spent days over at Indians claiming not to be Janklow's Baby.

She will post hateful things here
and by you. Her goal is to say we
are no better than Yeagley.

Let us write of better things than the empty goblet.

Maybe I need to write one or two posts in the Sunbeam style. When I think of the hate and emptiness of Yeagley I want to celebrate the joys of life

The_Editrix said...

"These [Beak's blog's] are images from an average life. Yet when you read these pages you see the warmth.

Where is the warmth in Yeagley?"

Yes Beak, exactly! And that's why I'm coming back here and not to BE.

The_Editrix said...

Beverly, should you read this, if you care to respond to me, email me at Does "three old Comanche women" who inspire Betty Ann with jealous anger make any sense to you?

Best regards

CM said...


No sense at all! She makes things up as she goes. I know she is jealous of me, but why, I am nothing to look at...yeagly hates me, but she won't let go. But...she is jealous of the men too, makes no sense, look what she did to his site, he lost a lot.

yeagly has met my older sister and I thought he respected her, but I guess not if his friend can keep posting on us, adding more Comanche women. Like I said no Comanche even know of his site, if they do they don't bother...he is nothing in my Nation.

My E-mail is not functioning, I need to call my 1800 people and they will walk me thru it, I can receive but can't send! I will call them tonite and e-mail you soon!


The_Editrix said...

No hurry and thank you, CM!

CM said...


still haven't sat down long enough to call 800#, so frustrated with the computor after putting on another printer scanner, it would not shut off. Finially unpluggeed and started over!

Anyway, I wanted to respond to Beakerkins sweet soulful posts on Sunbeam. I always found them beautiful, for a man to speak of his love that way was/is wonderful. Now that betty ann is not reading and taking things to b.e. and making fun of every word maybe it can continue.

No one absolutely no one could/can write personal about themselves at b.e. without batty ann attacking their heartfelt thoughts...people soon found out. No one but her that one cared to attack her..though she did lay all her nasty bad self out.

She attacked other Tribes when they just wanted to share....yeagley never called her was like hers was the only tribe in the U.S. When she attacted me...she asked yeagley "aren't you going to defend your Comanche Women?" he never responds. That shows he had no interest in any Nation, just using!

She has him where she wants him....he is a pititful speciman of a male!

He will follow his rainbow to nowhere and she will be there to hold his hand picking up the pieces or should I say feces?(sorry,couldn't help it)LOL.