Thursday, February 18, 2010

Racist Conference Sacked Again

The AMREN conference is sacked and canceled likely for the last time. The opponents may have unwittingly turned a bunch of idiots and fools into victims. Now the folks at AMREN can parade as victims of the First Amendment. Their opponents would have been wiser to let the conference take place and record the speeches and mock them.

You can see an abbreviated version of what likely would have been the speech of Yeagley at the convention. When one grades such a speech one must consider the audience. This speech is shaped in part from the comments of myself and the Pagan interacting with the Dr. One can see a direct reference to a question I asked "where is Mark Levin, Hannity and so forth." One can also see direct confrontation of Nazism
on their home turf. In essence Yeagley produced a far better speech reacting to his critics than he would have preaching to the choir.

The ADL which Yeagley criticizes is not nor has never been accused of being a Communist Front group. They are charged with dealing with bigots and discrimination. As an agency, they are well aware of the historical legacy of psuedo scientific eugenic theories. Ultimately Jews as survivors of this phenomenon do not wish to see
it revived in any form. It was and remains a dreadful idea and should never be applied to anyone. The Dr. is fast to criticize the ADL and some critique is valid.
However, he does work with AIM which is and remains a communist front group when expedient.

The answer to the question of where Levin, Hannity and so forth are is not answered correctly by Yeagley. Mainstream Conservative thought is reflective of the big table
theory of Reagan who invited all to join as equals. Our Constitutional values and traditions do not allow for kook eugenic theories in a nation with no second class citizens.

The Dr. does not learn from history. Native Americans were more evolved than Yeagley.
His tribe did have a history of integrating others into its ranks. The most famous of these people was Cynthia Parker whose son became famous. The practice of raiding and taking young female captives and small children was a way of preventing inbreeding. The local population be it other Indians, Europeans or Mexicans were all used in this fashion. One could say that the talk of race itself is a foreign construct alien to Indians who understood that culture trumped DNA. Oddly many of our Latino immigrants may have more Native American DNA than Yeagley himself.

The ancients lived differently in an era where travelers were rare. The practice of sharing a spouse portrayed in the movie Savage Innocents was not limited to eskimos.
It was a vital way of preventing inbreeding and helped man survive diseases. In the modern era this is no longer needed except perhaps by communities who traditionally marry first cousins.

The message is better than expected but misses the mark on many points.


Always On Watch said...

I see that AMREN's home page is blaming the leftists for this cancellation.

Of course, that statement implies that conservatives support AMREN. Well, I run in conservative circles (mostly Christians) and don't personally know a single person who supports AMREN in any way, shape, or form.

Always On Watch said...

The practice of raiding and taking young female captives and small children was a way of preventing inbreeding.

Mentioned in the book Culturism, which I recommended to you. It's a must read!

Ducky's here said...

Victims of the 1st amendment?

When will you far right wingers understand that the amendment only applies to government restrictions?

If a private party refuses to hold a conference with a bunch of white supremacists and a gay faux Comanche then no big deal unless there was a contract with the hotel to hold this fiasco.

Alligator said...

AOW, I had never even heard of AMREN until this debacle, and I run in conservative circles as well. And no one I know is worried about anyone's race. Every time I encounter that mindset, it is someone who on the fringe in other areas as well. The focus of mainstream conservatism is individual liberties under the Constitution vs. massive government spending and intrusion into citizen's lives.

beakerkin said...


I have heard of them before. We have a Black racist named Uptown Steve who liked to visit. Some people who should have known better at Front Page Magazine's forum used to quote that dreadful site.

Like you I have the same view of individual rights. Yeagley seriously
is off his rocker.

CM said...

Yeagly knows nothing about the Comanche and thats that!

I am all for preserving whats left of ones race. The younger one marry outside of the Comanche Nation but into another Tribe would be wonderful, but unrealistic in this day and time...all we can do is HOPE. No matter what is taught in the home, I find our Indian men and women being attracted to other Races, people who are interested in the same ideas, by that I mean the Creative Arts, Culture, Music, Lifestyle. No matter what the color of your skin, these are good things that bring out the best in togetherness of People.

I attened a Memorial service for a Sculpturer yesterday, he was loved and Honored by the Comanche, Kiowa and Hopi Indians, his wife is Black, her mother was Irish, her father was part Blackfoot(my sister teased her and said how apropo') a village full of Artistic people coming together and Honoring a man that showed them his love by his ART, his sculptures that give Honor to the Native American! His ashes were sprinkled into the Medicine Creek waters into little whirlwinds that reminded me at the moment of laughing waters.

yeagley claims to be an Artist, yet he portrays none of the traits of Love that I saw in this Art Community of mostly white who accepts everyone.

There has always been a mix in the Indian Nations' Blood. The White mans' rule determine that we be placed on rolls, so at that time our ancestors chose to be full blood. White, Mexican, Apache were also considered full blood if they lived with us. yeagley is so full of chit on this. He knows damn well that most of his family were not full blood, they were white and Mexican and other nations. He foolishly fights to keep to yourself....what he actually means is stay away from he Indians and Black, keep yourself white lets preserve ourselves do not dilute our pure clean white Blood. He cares NOTHING about preserving any Blood but the PURE CLEAN WHITE BLOOD, WHEN THERE ACTUALLY IS NOT ANY PURE WHITE CLEAN BLOOD.....IN THE UNITED STATES.