Monday, February 01, 2010

Amren and the Commie Follies

Dr Yeagley points out that the Amren conference in DC was moved. It seems that Union workers object to serving Holocaust Deniers, KKK types and Nazis. They do have a right of Free Speech, but I also have a right to react to that speech. The nuts at Amren will have to find another venue for their racial filth.

The Dr. has tried to point to the fact that Communist object to this fare. There is no person on the planet who is more anti communist than I am. However, the mere fact that commies are against something does not infer it is a bad thing. Merely, they are acting as they typically do in attempting to lead people unwittingly as they do at peace protests. In this case if there were protests organized and led by Commies I would not allow myself to be used.

Maybe Dr Yeagley will rise to the occasion and explain how evil Holocaust Denial is in a room with Holocaust Deniers. He has never supported this in the past and has spoken against this in loud terms. I have raised this potential opportunity to the Dr. on his site.

Funny, but when Holocaust Deniers point to Jewish scholars questioning the Holocaust
numbers they are almost certainly pointing to Maoist Norman Finkelstein or the fraud
at MIT Noam Chimpanzee. It seems that Nazis have use for Commies who are not Jews, but members of a fundamentalist death cult. Commies are more fundamentalist and less
reality based than the folks who watch the 700 club.

Noted Mazzola Marxist Kultur claims that I am the type of Jooooo responsible for anti
Semitism. This sentiment is reflective of entrenched bigotry in higher ed. No doubt Kultur could have identified me as an American, but elected to highlight my ethnicity. The choice was obviously reflective of far left bigotry that typically uses the word Neocon or zionist as cover for Jew. I did correct Yeagley for this mistake in referring to Reaganite Mark Levin as a neocon.

Anarchist fool Larry Gambone is typically the apex of ignorance. We have just found out that apparently he also posts under a female alias as well. He is obviously confused about many things. Perhaps he should pick a gender and stick to it.

The reaction from Commie Clowns is this

1) If you object to Communism and point out the crimes of communism you are narrow minded.

2) If you point out that the Eurosocialist approach to immigration has failed. Patting Abdul on the head, giving him welfare checks indefinitely and screaming bad jooo louder than he can has resulted in riots and real alienation you are a bigot.
If Abdul is employed and raising a family he is less likely to blow himself up.

3) If you are a Joooo, but object to Communism you are responsible for anti Semitism.

4) America under Obama is an emerging fascist state as Obama is a stealth conservative.

Make America a better place Beamish and Bardo in 12.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, is Wolf Blitzer a MOSSAD asset?

You seem to know everything about this kind of stuff so I thought I'd ask.

Ducky's here said...

The Dr. has tried to point to the fact that Communist object to this fare.


Well frankly Beak, just about everyone other than Yeagley, white supremacists, Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin object to this dog food.