Monday, March 01, 2010

Today's News

The Olympics is over. I find the events to be a colossal bore. I did find myself rooting for a Jamaican Skier when I was subjected to this. I am not fonder of the summer games which are also a waste. The only good thing to watch is the Americans lose Basketball because they no longer grasp team play.

The ETA lost a key terrorist in France. The ETA is yet another example of Communists exploiting a legitimate groups desire for independence. The case for a Basque State is far greater than that of Pseudostinians. Basques have a language and historical identity. The state should be carved out of Spain and France. The Euro hypocrites ignore genuine indigenous people while worshiping fake contrived ones. Of course the vast majority of Basques are law abiding.

There is a story in the Jerusalem Post about the distribution of Gas Masks. This is in promotion of the Next Mr. Beamish and Beakerambo film scheduled for release next month. Apparently, team Obama did not like the spoof of Mission Impossible called Mission Unlikely and the Hollywood Bolsheviks sent the film abroad. Apparently it is politically correct to kill terrorists and civilians with drones. The use of targeted assassination with knock off passports is considered a crime.

Beamish and Bardo in 12


beamish said...

Gas masks are sooooo 2008.

Anonymous said...

Point taken. But there's the collateral damage that your enemy must suffer, and the collatoral damage you and your allies must suffer in terms of fratricide. Most "reasonable" people try and minimize the latter of the two.... but evidently not the Mossad. They are "above" criticism.

Anonymous said...

btw - 'F the Basques!

Anonymous said...

btw2 - The Americans are going to start painting little "Stars of David" on the tails of the drones they fly in Pakistan. Do you think that the Israeli government will object?

Anonymous said...

More on ETA separatists.

There are no righteous autochthonic people's causes. NONE. The only righteous causes are those that are "successful".... and that (success) is something known only to the writers of "future" history books.

Meanwhile, the ETA bombers are nothing but a bunch of commie terrorist thugs. The fact that the Basques have allowed themselves to be represented by communist "thugs" is not a vindication of the Basque cause nor is it representative of a "Basque" commitment to Marxism.... it's just a modern indication of continued Basque gullibility.