Sunday, March 28, 2010

We may need the help of the Editrix

Anti Semitic Maoist Bore Norman Finkelstein had a speaking engagement before the Green party in Germany canceled. Thus far I have only seen this story in a single blog.

There is nothing Green in the commentary of Maoist clown Finklestein. This term is used to hide
his politics from his audience. He has created his own boutique Communist populist Jooo hatred industry catering to Commies, Nazis and Jihadis around the globe. Unlike his fellow moron antisemitic circus freak Kovel, he has not written a single word on green politics.

The Green party is the home of communist freaks. Instead of fetishistic idiocies about workers as a scam to seize power these loonies claim to be guardians of the planet. Given the actual record of communist countries on ecological issues this should be a comedic classic.

The Editrix has informed us of bizarre plans to abolish the age of sexual consent laws by the idiotic greens. I much prefer the common sense version that focuses on the age difference between the parties. In short an 18 year old with a fifteen year old is different than a 25 year old with the 15 year old. However, in general people below 18 should be with similarly messed up teens rather than adult predators.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, don't miss the front page over at your white supremacist buddy GayEagle's.

He's calling Reinhold Niebuhr a commie. Nobody is safe from the blade of GayEagle's scythe.

The_Editrix said...

"In short an 18 year old with a fifteen year old is different than a 25 year old with the 15 year old."

I couldn't agree more, Beak! The trial of this boy was a shame, the more as the girl looked more like 24 than 15.

And an 11 year old with a 50 year old is yet worse.

This is another piece about sex with children, albeit with a homosexual angle.

This is about my favourite sex-with-children-promoting Green. As you know, I am not entirely pleased with a 1:1 equation of Nazis and leftists, but Greens are without doubt the new Nazis.

I am just back from a stressful but not entirely unpleasant weekend in Bavaria. Maybe I'm a bit dense. What is it EXACTLY you want to know?

beakerkin said...


There is a small story that the planet's foremost antisemite Maoist
Norman Finklestein had a speaking engagement with the Green Party of Germany canceled. What could have possibly caused a cancellation. Greens are mostly recycled Commies with a couple of Nazis tossed in so it is hard to imagine what caused this move.


If I want to see bigots one needs look at your kind. You are way more bigoted than Yeagley. Sorry, but I have nothing to do with Yeagley. He is a fake Cold Warrior who aligns with the commies at AIM
when it is expedient.

A real Cold Warrior knows a fake when he sees one.

The_Editrix said...

Well, that was pretty much business as usual. The left is (at least in Germany) not a monolithic block. The organisers got enough flak, as far as I know mainly, but not exclusively, from the anti-German left. The "anti-German left" is such a typical German phenomenon that it's bordering on the impossible to explain to others what they are. Let me just say that hatred for Israel, the ├╝ber-Jew and America, the ersatz-Jew is so entrenched in the German left that a leftist movement had to define itself as "anti-German" to be able to express support for Israel and America.

Basically, it's always the same. Some Germans, or antisemitic Jews invited by Germans, make outrageous claims about Israel's "crimes" (or general antisemitic claims) and if that dosn't remain undisputed it's "It isn't allowed to cricicise Israel/the Jews anymore". By the way, that goes through the entire political spectrum in Germany, narrow as it may be, and is not limited to the left.

Does that anwer your question?

The_Editrix said...

It's all Ducky's fault that I went to Violent Hummingbird again. This is priceless:

"Real research requires more than a glance at a Wikipedia bio, greatly informative as that may be."

That comes, mind you, from the great intellectual who didn't read past the first page of some info on the Miss USA (!) website and thus declared those little Prussian Blue Nazi sluts American patriots who love the white race.

Ducky's here said...

I apologize, editrix, but a trip to the GayEagle slime bog is such a delightful guilty pleasure.

Ducky's here said...

Don't tell Beak that the left isn't a monolithic block.

He can't handle that kind of shock

CM said...

Wickipedia Bio

Plus his own bio is full of holes, and made up crap, he and his buddy Poe made the up the whole myth. They thought no Native American would read and the White People are being tricked but there are plenty who do know and that is why yeagley and anyone he brings to our Comanche Land will get rebuffed and the cold shoulder.

He needs to correct a lot of wrong! He has no scruples and he doesn't care what anyone thinks, he is emulating himself after the great white one who got thrown off Campus, now she wants to sue. She can dish out crap with a filthy mouth and incite, yet wants to sue others when they tell her off.

Hah, she has to have a body guard everywhere she goes. She smiles all the way to the Bank though.


Alligator said...

CM, Poe seems to have dropped out of site following his initial revamp of Yeagley's website. He used to mention Poe frequently and Poe would occasionally post...but that has all gone quiet or at least that's my perception. In the same way Horowitz and other conservative pundits have backed away from Yeagley too. I suspect as he became more open about his white supremacy views, it got to be too much, like it did for me. My 2 cents anyway.

Hey Ducky! I know you were posting there for a bit. Did you get banned?

The_Editrix said...

"...he and his buddy Poe made the up the whole myth."

Hey! That may explain the fact that he went even further downhill recently. Poe created the myth, Poe and Norma Yeagley curbed his worst inanities and hatred. Now he's really unhinged. I mean one doesn't need to be a terrific fan of Obama to find this offputting:

"At the very time Barry “Obama” Soetoro, the alien, lying black African Communist asserted his idea of the apogean superiority of the Negro race by completely denigrated the Prime Minister of Israel ... blah blah yabber yabber yack yack ... "

(I remain adamant that our German law that criminalizes insulting the head of state has its point!) That man is clearly off his rocker. His great buddy Dubyah and his haemorrhoids didn't treat Israel one bit better, but he HAS to bring the "Negro race" in. If he were a normal man with normal tastes, he'd wank over a porn mag, as it is, it's Obama (make that "Obama") and the Negro race. Now those quotation marks of which he is so fond. That, too, gets totally unhinged. If he'd put, in connection with Obama, "American" in quotes or "Christian" or maybe even "Hussein" that would make at least sense because it'd express justified doubt about Obama's loyalties, but "Obama"? Give me a break! That's simply the man's family name, not even a given name. But no, just discharging hateful bile isn't enough, he has (HAS!) to let out additional steam through little things like that. He loves to express himself through quotation marks, the sign of a lazy (or plain dumb) thinker and coward.

Anonymous said...

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Cateran said...

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Capt. Spalding said...

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Nora, is everything Okay? I just now contacted you.


CM said...

Anyway, looks like a beautiful Easter Mornin.

Its soooo nice to wake up to the smell of fresh brewing coffe.