Monday, March 01, 2010

Hey Hugo Stop Ripping off Curtis Sliwa

Communist goon Hugo Chavez appears to be mimicking the style of beloved NYC radio personality Curtis Sliwa. Looking at today's Spanish paper a coworker told me that it was the worst picture of Curtis Sliwa he has ever seen. I pointed out that the picture
was of Hugo Chavez. She then asked me " When did he join the Guardian Angels"?

While the world is up in arms about the Israeli's using foreign passports to kill a terrorist the world remains quiet about the Communist Cocaineut of CaracASS. Apparently, Hugo is mixed up with FARC, ETA and Hezbollah. This international supporter of terrorism should be placed on trial before the Hauge.

His American apologist want to mislead you on the facts. Chavez is a Maoist and has stated he was a Maoist who thinks Idi Amin got a bad rap. His clown like Trotskyite apologists pretend that this information is not widely available.

The record of Venezuela is quite clear. The same clowns that wanted to illegally try
Bush cabinet members for war crimes based upon charges brought by a communist terrorist lawyer are now silent.

Bring Hugo before the Hauge and place him on trial as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Don't hold your breath for the Bolshevik media to hold a Maoist accountable for his crimes against humanity.

PS WABC Fire Don Imus ASAP and bring back Curtis Sliwa. Imus is not funny and is not interesting. Fact Curtis and Kooky er Commie er Kuby beat Imus soundly in NYC in the ratings. Let the stuffed suits place this lesser talent on another station.

Sorry, but other than some Rey Nagin gags he hasn't been funny since the days of Moby Worm and prank phone calls looking for Pappa Idi Dada twenty years ago.

Curtis Sliwa is a beloved NYC radio icon and Imus needed to be sent to the glue factory a decade ago.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know the angels used carrier pigeons.

beakerkin said...

As Curtis would say in Sliwonics
Un Discgracia. Hugo is giving Curtis
Sliwa a bad name and is ripping off his style.

A real NYC pro like Sliwa calls Pigeons rats with wings.

Ducky's here said...

Giving Curtis Sliwa a bad name?

Now there's something to try to wrap your mind around.

Big Bubba said...

My first laugh of the day was the image induced in my mind by the thought that little Hugo was a really ugly Curtis Sliwa masquerading as a Guardian Angel.