Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A long post

Some of you question my focus on communism as evil. Communists are still with us and are making a mess of the United States. It is rare that a Communist in America will come out and say that they are Communist. They hide behind other names and front groups.

Communists pretend that they are the moral beacons of the planet. They rail about the United States, Israel in bombastic tirades. However, a simple examination of their messes reveals them to be thugs and tyrants. Cuba is a vile police state where people are free to read what the government tells them to read. Contrary to the opinion of the Duck they have placed homosexuals in mental hospitals up until the last decade or so. In the Duck's beloved PA they are persecuted by the State.

Communists depend on your ignorance when conveying historical information. An example of this duplicity is the book "The Invention of the Jewish People" by Shlomo Sand. Sand off the bat tells you he is a communinst and as such lies spins and distorts in the opening of his book. Were this book written by someone whose name were less ethnic it would be linked to that of Holocaust Deniers.

Sand starts off with a long story about the Israeli ID card system. He like the Duck pretends it is unique or that the right of return is unique to Israel. If you are a creature of the West and look at your own identity documents this may sound convincing. However, it just so happens that yours truly does extensive work with foreign ID and the Israeli system is the standard in the region. Even countries like Pakistan with a few Hindus and Christians does place religion on its ID. Does Sand tell you this? Of course not, it doesn't suit his communist agenda.

Sand fails to note that his beloved Soviet Union prominently described Jew as a Nationality on its ID documents. Communists list Jews as a nation on their ID cards until populist antisemitism demands that they go another route to forge alliances with Jihadist Theocrats, Islamo kleptocrats like Baathists and the PA, anarchists, Nazis and racial power nuts.

Sand also is critical of the matrilineal definition of who is a Jew. He points out the story of a deranged Anarchist who was a Catalan who came from Spain after fighting Franco. Why Israel welcomed this sort who settled on a Kibutz and married a Jewish woman who had a two daughters is another story. Other than having some oddities in his passport he lived an ordinary life. As an anarchist he was an imbecile by definition. Even the dullard Sand fails to explain how his life was impacted by having a non-Jewish ID on his passport. The anarchist fool had the same rights as everyone else and continued to live on the Kibutz.

Sand as typical of Communists tells you what they wish you to know and leaves out minor details. His thesis is there is no such thing as the Jewish people and nationalism is a scam by the rulers to fool the masses into dying for them.

History does not begin in 1948 because Communists wish it to. Arabs invaded the Middle East and subjected the region to Jim Crow. The usual communist line is they were worse in Europe. This is amusing in that justifying the mistreatment of Jews by claiming they were treated worse elsewhere is illogical. Moreover, plucking one or two Jews who were prominent in a court does not infer much upon the majority. Claiming Jews victimized Arabs is as absurd as claiming Blacks victimized Southerners in the Slave Years or that Whites were victimized by Native Americans.

Arabs imposed their religion and culture by a system of taxes, violence and Jim Crow.
The people who came before were mainly Christians and Pagans. The first people to adopt Islam were nomadic war like people Arabs, Turks and Tartars. The Jewish people were hardly alone in their history. There were Assyrians, Copts, Berbers and others who lived under Jim Crow and had their culture wiped out. Amil Imani talks of the Persian empire, but this is relegated to the age of ignorance under theocrats. One can see wider erasure of culture in the writings of VS Naipul.

The context of the Arab Israeli wars was eliminationalism. Pan Arabism ( A French Socialist Malady) was the driving force behind the 1967 war. The Soviets aggressively instigated the Six Day War and promised amphibious landings and personnel. The United States was bogged down in Vietnam and would be unable to respond. You can read about the Soviet instigation of the Six Day War in the book Foxbats over Dimona. Pan Arabism was basically everyone is united under the banner of Arab Socialism except you Joooos. Arabs also ethnically cleansed their countries via abuse of the regions indigenous Jews. The Duck has justified the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Egypt on the basis of one or two cases of spies. No doubt he reverses this logic when the subject of demolishing homes of terrorists is discussed.

After the Six Day War Communists changed the argument from eliminationalism to a contrived ethnicity. No doubt the notion of Judenfrei real estate was odious to Commies thus a preposterous myth was created. In truth had Jews and Arabs sat down without Commies there would have been peace long ago. Gazans are really Egyptians and a deal between Jordan and Israel could easily be done. However, in order to do so and achieve peace the myth would have to die and the role of commies perpetuating conflicts would be exposed.

Sand is hardly unique and is hoping to get fame and fortune from the Communist Antisemitism industry. It best proponents are followers of the death cult with familiar names such as Chomsky, Finkelstein, Kovel or Pinter who grow wealthy largely by catering to the whims of the death cult while pretending to be Jews.

One can see the typical arrogance of commies towards Jews when professor Kultur descries my attachment to the Jewish religion as infantile and proudly proclaims in a moment of candor he has no God. No doubt a similar comment aimed at hunter gathers religion or Muslims would be unthinkable. However, his statements are reflective of institutional biasesin the Old Bolshevik network in higher ed.

Sand is not unique in his perfidity. There is the curious case of Marek Edelman the Warsaw Ghetto fighter who turned a moments bravery into a case of political expedience. Edelman was a lifetime socialist whose convenient memory lapses paint a fictitious image of the Warsaw Ghetto fighters. At the end probably goaded by years of in your face antisemitism by his Polish Communist Allies he joins Solidarity. Before one sees this as courage one need look into the hostile society created by Commies that caused almost all the other Jews to flee. Edelman leaves out any mention of the ZZW except to say that they were thieves and fascists. Apparently, they didmost of the real heavy fighting and were concentrated in Muranowska Square. This area was mentioned by Stroop, the Nazi commander, as the area of most of the heavy fighting. Edelman merely wrote them out of history for self serving purposes.

When discussing human nature none of us like to have lived a wasted life. We pretend that our faults or our prism is genuine and self serving. In a more heinous example Leon Trotsky presented a cartoon version of his life and his followers merely glean
what they wish from his over rated and entirely self serving memoirs. Claiming that the master bureaucrat was a victim of Bureaucracy is sheer comedy. His cult was advanced by his assassination and willing propagandists like Duetscher.

Plenty of Jews served in the Polish Army and fought in the war of 1920 against the Bolsheviks. Plenty of them also died at the hands of commies before and after the Nazis arrived and there were plenty of them at the Katyn massacre. Once again commies
true to form lied about this massacre for decades and generally never discuss the Jews there.

Commies play similar games with Indians. Ward Churchill is an impostor who was given a job in higher ed largely by making himself into a cartoon of what Commies in higher ed wanted. The fact that his credentials were non existent and his scholarship comedic were trivial details. The fact that he was not an Indian at all says more about the insular world of higher ed.

Communists play similar games with American history. Richard Nixon was elected in a landslide and was a war time President. Commies pretend that the Peace movement swept the nation and pulled America out of the war. This is a blatant lie and the protesters were extremely unpopular. Nixon faced a hostile press and did not have the advantage of Fox news to deal with mainstream news antagonism. The fact that the protesters used fake veterans who were in fact communists was not widely publicized. The anger that ordinary Americans felt at the property damage and domestic terrorism isn't discussed. The fact was Watergate was more instrumental to the end of the Vietnam War than any protest.

Watergate pales in any serious comparison to the Clinton scandals. Filegate alone was way more serious than Watergate and involved personal invasion of privacy. There was lying under oath multiple times and the evidence that Clinton was at a minimum a sexual predator who would have been under serious charges in the private sector is overwhelming. Clinton was part of the Old Bolshevik club. He smoked pot, protested the Vietnam war and his wife hung out with a slimy sort Michael Lerner who is another Jewish communist. Hillary ditched Lerner, when she realized he is less popular than bubonic plauge in the Jewish Community. Clinton unlike Obama was a smart politician whose practicalism was largely a product of a middle class life. His mother was not wealthy and his mentor was the much lampooned Senator Fulbright who was known for antisemitism and stupidity. He was widely described as Senator halfbright. Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders could probably match his idiocy. Clinton also had a Republican House to reign in his designs.

Obama is more Little Lord Fauntleroy than John down the block. He pretends his family was a product of midwestern values. His mother was a bug eyed far left activist whose leftism exceeded that of her grandparents. She almost certainly knowingly was a party to some sort of immigration fraud by the father of Barak Obama. Obama's father had a wife in Kenya. The spin is that when Stanley Dunham learned this she divorced his father. In all probability she knew this the whole time and the marriage was one to avoid the stigma of illegitimacy she was three months pregnant at the time of her marriage. According to the self serving myth she found out about the polygamy thing after the fact. She then went onto marry a wealthy Indoneasan businessman and pawned her son off on her parents.

Obama was very much raised as a red diaper baby complete with a Communist mentor in Hawaii. He has likely has benefited from affirmative action despite having zero relations to actual slaves in America. His mothers family owned a few slaves and his Kenyan fathers family had no involvement with Slavery in America. With this history it comes as zero surprise he attended a racist version of Marxist Liberation theology church for two decades and was close friends with convicted terrorist Bill Ayers.

Unlike Clinton Obama has been catered to his entire life. He has played the game as dictated by his communist community and never had to deviate from the script. The media has largely allowed him to fiddle while the economy burns and he continues to push programs we can not afford while Americans sit looking for work.

Obama prays at the altar of higher ed and has not said a word about out of control educational costs. Of course socializing higher ed would reduce the salaries of his Bolshevik allies in higher ed. They might also have to actually work normal hours like the rest of us. I am envisioning Bill Ayers or the clown Gnome Chimpanzee calling for a revolution when they have to work 40 hours a week and have their pay and privileges slashed to the bone.

There is an anger in our land and you hear it at Tea Party rallies, talk radio shows and many blogs. People want jobs and a return to American values. Americans do not want to emulate the EU or Cuba. We want to keep what we earn and want no part of a Nanny state. Obama doesn't listen and marches to the music in the faculty lounge.

Amazingly, this does not satisfy Commies who think Obama hasn't gone far enough.

Communists want

1) The placement of US forces under the UN and a drastic reduction in the size of our military.
2) Pull out from all deployments and bases overseas except to aid Haiti or perhaps go into Darfur after 20 years of ignoring mayhem
3) Elimination of Israel
4) Socialized medecine
5) Use of the fairness doctrine to silence talk radio
6) Endless welfare

Of course if Obama did any of this he would be Jimmy Carter 2.

Communism is a disease that needs to be confronted directly and in no uncertain terms.


Ducky's here said...

You need to give it a rest, Beak. You make Abe Foxman sound sane by comparison.

The_Editrix said...

"The United States was bogged down in Vietnam and would be unable to respond."

That's a pretty euphemistic way to put it. The US of A have always betrayed Israel, do, always will. I can't strongly enough recommend John Loftus' (Irish Catholic) epochal work 'The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People'. It's no bedtime reading, though. Rather, it will give you insomnia.

Ducky's here said...

Once again commies true to form lied about this massacre for decades and generally never discuss the Jews there.

Yes sir, the critical aspect of Katyn is the fact that Jews were among the dead. That gave the slaughter meaning.

Do you ever listen to yourself?

beakerkin said...

Actually, I am familiar with Loftus from that book and his radio appearances. You can probably hear them over the web. They are carried by WABC radio.

Here we go again with the mindless Duck. Commies play a game where they write people out of history and cover up crimes. They pretend that ordinary Jews supported the bug eyed imbecile Trotsky and this is not the case. Plenty of Jews including members of my own family
fought for Poland. Only the mindless Communist Jew mania of the Duck would fail to grasp this point.

The Duck like the Socialist stooge Marek Edelman merely write people out of history when inconvenient.
His quips that the ZZW were bandits
and porters is part of an effort to write history in a self serving manner.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, what does that rant have to do with Katyn?

beakerkin said...

Actually it talks about Communists favorite Holocaust survivor the rather odd Marek Edelman. Edelman like Trotsky was self serving in his recollection. He painted history in a convenient prism and left out many facts to justify his inane fetish for Socialism. At the last hour after spinning a fable to paint a picture for commies he joins Solidarity.

Edelman describes the non Communists ZZW as porters. The truth is that they were well armed and well trained. Many of its members were ex Polish military people. They fought the key battle in Muranowska Square.

Edelman merely writes out anti Marxists out of history. The left
also pretends that Jews were united and supported Trotsky as their liberator in 1920. Plenty of Jews fought for Poland and considered Trotsky an embarrassment.

I think he the Stalinists used an ice pick because they couldn't find a wooden stake.

The_Editrix said...

"Some of you question my focus on communism as evil."

I haven't seen anybody (not even the Duck, really) question your focus on communism as evil. (I may have overlooked it, though.) Some, including myself, question it as one-sided if you reduce the evils of the world to the big "C".

beakerkin said...


Communism is responsible for almost all of the evil in the globe. Many of us wonder who is encouraging Johny to sit at home and plot terrorism. Johny sits at home because a Marxist social worker advises him to scam the system. He also tells Johny he is a victim and reinforces much of the message of the message in mosque. We talk about liberation theology but Commies are very silent about its Muslim equivalents.

We can also talk about wasteful social programs killing jobs and sending health care and educational
costs through the roof. Even drugs are frequently sold by folks like Chavez, FARC and their friends in Hezbollah.

Every ill on the planet is made worse by communist malfeasance.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, sorry. It was the typical misunderstanding of a non-native speaker.

You said: "Some of you question my focus on communism as evil."

I understood (wrongly): "Some of you think that my focus on communism is evil."

You meant: "Some of you question my definition that communism is evil."

How stupid of me!