Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stupid Militia Men Should Have Quoted Marx

There is only one thing worse than a criminal, stupid criminality. No doubt you have read the stories about the militia men. Had these idiots merely acted in the name of Marx they would be given high paying jobs in Universities. No doubt when Commie clown like Renegade Spleen talk about "revolution" or spin cop killers into political prisoners we are supposed to ignore the rhetoric.
Commies are violent and belong in prisons or mental hospitals.

Ibn Beakerkin

Onto the Couch Potato Sect

Remember to listen to Ali Limbali at noon. Avoid tofu at meals as it is haram. Sporting events are sacred to the Big man upstairs. We are referring to the almighty, not no neck Gomez.


Ducky's here said...

Weren't they quoting the Bible?

I wonder if these folks read GayEagle?

beakerkin said...

Exactly. They should have quoted Marx and gotten high paying jobs in higher ed after committing treason like Ayers and Dorn.

They should read Renegade Eye if they they were more into this idiotic concept of revolution. However, I will not be lucky enough to see commies attempt to do so in the open. Americans would kill them in seconds and folks like Ren know it. They lack the courage to emigrate to Cuba or Hugo's crack den.

If we ever get an administration that decides to eliminate Chavez I will personally sign up for that one. One less narco terrorist state would make the planet a better place.

beamish said...

If they had suceeded in escalating to actually tossing bombs at cops you could build a monument to them in Chicago's Haymarket Square....

Stupid Militia Man said...

I did quote Marx!