Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Communist Kidnap American

The rouge Castro regime has kidnapped an American citizen. The citizen is being held on absurd charges of spying. Of course we have the University Marxist in the White House so no action will be done. The US Citizen was providing aid to the remnant of Cuba's Jewish community.

The quickest way to make a Judenfrei state is to impose Marx. 90% of Cuban Jews left the thug police state.

In other Cuba News. The far left is quite silent about the murder of an Afro Cuban prisoner. The prisoner was denied water and thrown naked into a room with the air conditioning turned up to the max.

It is time we end the cliches about litteracy and BS about health care. Cuba is a thugocracy run by a deranged criminal. Unlike a Pinochet Castro attempts to export his criminality abroad.

Where are the folks in the media who were applauding the clown state of Spain for allowing a terrorist to attempt to criminally prosecute Bush Administration officials for war crimes. Now that a Spanish judge has once again provided criminal
links of Hugo to terrorists in FARC and ETA it is time to act.

Hugo Chavez is a state sponsor of terrorism and should be placed on immediate notice that if he does not go into exile Venezuela should be invaded. Of course a convenient Predator drone strike can achieve the desired effect.


Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, keep filling out the forms for a dysfunctional government agency. That's what you do best.

Warren said...

To bad there is caller ID.

Ducky is now forced to make harassing insane comments on the Internet instead of the telephone.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, what is your take on non-Marxist Socialdemocrats, like the Scottish-Canadian Tommy Douglas or the German Kurt Schumacher? Do they fall in the "Commie" category as well?