Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am not going to defend blogger friends

Over the last few days I have been amused at some of the attacks on my blogger friends. First of all I want to point out that the reason I decided walk away from Bad Eagle had nothing to do with
the attacks on Dr. Yeagley or the rabid ignorance of the low class Batty Ann.

The reason I left Bad Eagle had to do with the twisting and mockery of the concept of the United States. I love this country too much to have a clod like Dr. Yeagley twist patriotism into an odd series of racial hygiene Bantustans.

When I say that my love for this country and its founding ethos pervades my spirit, this is something I take seriously. The notion that any group would be made into second class citizens on the basis of race is offensive to my American values.

With great lack of amusement I have seen some people attack persons I respect from Sonia, Amil Imani, Kidst and yes Mark Winters. I want to point out that all of the above can defend themselves amply.

I do find it mildly amusing that Commies who revel in antisemitic bigotry and revere mendicant
war criminal psychoes as secular messiahs would point a finger at anyone, much less Yeagley.
A look at the blogs in question reveals comment sections that have posts that resemble Der Shturmer. Moreover, these blogs welcomed and were linked to a variety of people whose actions included criminal threats against children in the name of Marx.

I will also add that no matter how objectionable the views of Yeagley are he is still morally superior to those people who venerate Hugo Chavez and dead Communist Icons. Furthermore,
while one can read plenty of posts where I address and distance my views from his I have yet to see a single peep from the Marxists who welcome LWB/John Brown and do not say a single word about his bigoted comments. Moreover, people as diverse as Sonia, CB, Jams O'Donnel and even Eric "the Commie" Fink have objected to this fare frequently cited by Stormfront for its Nazi content.

Contrary to Communist delusions Nazism and Communism are rivals and not polar opposites.
Nazis and Commies were allies and divided Central Europe between them. The polar opposite of Nazism and Communism is Americanism with its focus on INDIVIDUAL rights and liberties and respect for PRIVATE property and ACHIEVEMENT.

Certain words are capitalized because Commies have less mental capacity than your typical post lobotomy patient.


Anonymous said...

"I will also add that no matter how objectionable the views of Yeagley are he is still morally superior to those people who venerate Hugo Chavez and dead Communist Icons."

Beak, your myopic viewpoints on this issue, whereby you divide the world into capitalist/democratic vs. socialist/communist, continually sees you backtracking on simply calling a spade a spade, and then letting it be.

Why do you feel the need to compare Yeagley, a known racist, religious fanatic, to anyone else? Can't assholes simply be assholes, without feeling the need to quantify the degree of their "asshole-ness"?

Personally, I find Yeagley's views of blacks and Native peoples every bit as deplorable as the rantings of antisemites. Perhaps in this case it's a matter of who a person ethnically is that determines the final judgment of David. As a Jew, you find his supposed love of Jewish culture and religion laudable. Coupled with his disdain for big government, you choose to see him as somehow morally superior to some.

However, for those of us with ties to various Native communities, Yeagley's views are disgusting and need no qualifying remarks, in my opinion. His noxious views of non-whites are every bit as evil as anything said that qualifies as antisemitic. Period.

You already know how I feel about Kidst and Winters. I never had any dealings with Amil. Again, your views of the former two depends on what your main issues are. Their bigotry manifested itself in discussions centered around non-Jewish issues and may have been overlooked by you.


CM said...

He says "Black" Sunday, I know what reference that really is to.

He is NOT COMANCHE! HE IS COMMUNIST AND ANTI-AMERICA, ANTI-MAJORITY ALWAYS ANTI-WHATEVER. If Obama claimed to be White, he would say "no, your Black", If Obama claimed to be Black, he would say "no, you are White!

Obama is Our American President of Multi-Cultural lineage. I believe President Obama is Proud as of all his blood. Thats how we all should be, Proud.

"Black" Sunday Indeed....Here in Oklahoma its sunny warm and I am doing Spring Cleaning....listening to the Happy!


beakerkin said...


The comments were directed to the Duck who is indeed a Communist. Yeagley has odious and vulgar views.However, there is something warped about Communists whose criminality is exponentially worse than anything ever done by Communists getting bent out of shape because of his anti Black mania.

The truth is that while Yeagley is frequently castigated on his views Commies get a free pass on their virulent antisemitism. The problem
with the Jewish community and to a
lesser extent America we have not dealt with Commies directly. They pretending that they are the moral arbiters of good and evil and are constantly aligning with the enemies of America.

A real Jew sees Communists in the same light that Blacks see the KKK.
I am a Cold Warrior first and above
all other things. We can not hope to win the war on terror unless we
deal with the enemy in our midst.

Islam is not the enemy and if we eliminate or neutralize its apologists in the West we can win this battle. When I say neutralize
I am not proposing violence. I saw
take the fight to their turf and grant them no respite. Make them miserable and place them on defense 24/7.

After this is done we will find the voices of sanity within the Muslim community will be more reasonable. We need to deal with the Chomsky, Galloway and Finkelstein types first.

It does not take a scientist to find decent Muslims. Many of them are as annoyed as we are. However, unless their name is Stephen Schwartz speaking up publicly is dangerous.


Yeagley is a racist, but he is no Communist. I oppose Obama just as much as Yeagley, but because his ruinous policies are my concern. Some of his supporters play the race card to neuter some from speaking out about his mono mania
about health care.

Problem number one is jobs.

Anything else waits as this economy is in the toilet.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, how would a world ruled by Yeagley be any different than one ruled by a Communist? That is a serious, not provocative, question.

The_Editrix said...

Ray, can't you get a proper ID? I have come to skip anonymous comments here to avoid the pathetic cries for attention of that "Mark Winters", and I may have thus missed some of yours.

Beak, have you made up your mind how to call a man who thinks that the fact that the Holocaust was "about race" lends it a redeeming quality?