Saturday, March 20, 2010


For those of you who have doubted me I have been off Bad Eagle for over a month. The Dr. has respected my wishes and has not contacted me. Our views of America are at odds and it is for the best that I depart.

Now for those of you who criticize my friendships with Amil, Kidst and Mark Winters. I am not a person prone to see the worst in people. I grant that there may be some validity to the criticisms but they are skilled enough to defend themselves.

Mark Winters, if you read this kindly write under your own name. You have always been able to defend yourself with a combination of caustic wit and facts. I do not always agree with you, but you have never needed to hide behind pen names like Daffy.

I was considering going overseas on vacation. Unfortunately, my job does require a security clearance and they do inquire about why you went abroad. I was thinking about visiting Israel or spending a week in Guyana but having to deal with the headaches is just not worth it. I may get
my car back and take a trip to Canton instead to see LT, Harry Carson and all the other greats of the NFL. I probably will visit a buddy in Cincinnati and look for a Lees Fried Chicken location.

I want to thank Ozzie Guillen. He may have a temper, but he speaks the truth about the mess created by Chavez. Crime is a problem according to Commies when it happens in NYC, Detroit and so forth. However, when it explodes in Caracas under Commie Hugos dicatorship of imbeciles they go into spin mode. In an ideal world apologists like Renagade Testicle are denaturalized and deported to Caracass. Commies are fond of the Chicken Hawk bit or telling real Joooos to emigrate to Israel. Those who advocate Communism for others need to live under it 24/7.

A typical example of comminist antisemitism was exhibited by Renagade Testicle on the site of Pagan Temple. Joooos have a second homeland in NYC. No doubt this unoriginal comment was ripped of from Gnome Chimpanzee a fellow communist with a similarly lack of IQ. No doubt if a comment were made about Blacks and Washington DC the folks would correctly be fitted for white sheets and outfitted with burning crosses. However, when you are a commie populist antisemitism is all that keeps the axis of evil together Commies, Nazis, Jihadis, Greens and anarchist clowns have little else in common.

An earthquake hit Gitmo. None of the facilities were damages. The internees have more rights, better health care and food than the sorounding Cuban populace. Of course people like Renagade
Testicle slander a murdered Cuban prisoner who was denied water and thrown naked into an air conditioned room. He wants us to be up in arms about panties on the heads of terrorists, but tries to divert attention from the murder and torture of a Black prisoner in Cuban jails.

Speaking of blacks in Cuba. When is Cuba going to extradite Joanne Chesimard cop killer and deranged communist criminal. Do not hold your breath for Obama to push this issue. He has never met a communist that has misbehaved in his Little Lord Fauntleroy Academic Old Bolshevik Boys Club life.

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