Thursday, March 18, 2010

The daily thread

At this point in time Obama's popularity is low and picking a fight with Israel will drive it lower.
The American people have come to see that "hope and change" really was nothing more than smoke and mirrors for a university Marxist who has a tin ear.

The economy is in the toilet and people are screaming do something to create jobs. Obama talks health care 24/7 and gays in the military. Finally a jobs gets to congress.

The truth is that Obama has lived a gifted life. He was elected by saying I am not Hillary and then with a series of bank failures vs McCain.

Either Obama moves to the center or he kills the Democratic Party. My bet is he does the latter as he is just stupid. Bill Clinton had a huge ego, but was smart enough to grasp that the real world is different from the faculty lounge and DC cocktail parties. After an initial move to the far left he governed from the center.

Onto the more practical, like many people of my group I grew up with tales about how bad the Czar was. However, I want to point out that the prisons and trials that war criminal opportunist
Trotsky and crew endured were benign compared to the hells they created for others. He is placed on welfare and allowed to marry. In his second stint in jail he gets conjugal visits from a trollop who is not his wife and fathers more dullards.

Trotsky claimed that the actions of the government excused his own criminality. However, he had nothing to do with the Jews who suffered pogroms. In fact the Jews in that region rejected
his madness for the far more popular Bund and Zionist movements he was against. As a populist
he merely ranted about the actions of the government to create a far worse one. There is nothing admirable in Trotsky's pathetic wasted life. His cult followers are incapable of looking at his actions rather than in his volumes of self serving writings. Trotskyites point out that he was a great speaker by that standard so was Hitler and we know about the actions of the latter. The ability to write well does not confer wisdom beyond that craft Harold Pinter and Noran Mailer could write well but were complete idiots beyond their craft.

The Duck whines that I focus on Trotsky's lack of any Jewish life. Trotsky was a hard core death cultist. His sole lust was for power by any means. When persecuting Jews is expedient he did so with expediency. He was factual when he quiped that he spent his life trying to get away from being Jewish. Commies also pretend that by venerating this war criminal that they are somehow
not antisemitic despite their monomania about Jews and Israel. While the Rosenbergs were committing treason Stalin was killing Jews by the score. Commies whines and railed about guilty traitors and never lifted a finger or said a word about Jews being butchered by Stalin. A typical example is the cowardice of Commie stooge Paul Robeson. Robeson met with a friend Feffer who
used hand motions to avoid the scores of Commie fink police to convey that he was going to be killed. Robeson never said a word at the time. The story was conveyed by his son and is typical
of communists.

Now one may get the impression that I do bash communists 24/7. The problem with the left in general is that liberals do not throw people who aid and abet communists out of their ranks. It is one thing to be against the embargo of Cuba, but it is another thing to host tea parties for Communist Tyrants like Daniel Ortega and Castro ala Charles Rangel. Gomer Kerry seems to be more concerned with representing Communists than with his constituency. A true liberal does not need to be told step away from the Commies. A classic liberal knows that Statism is totalitarianism and against American values. Our traditions include respect for private property,
individual rights and balanced power and all forms of Communism are anathema to American values.

Those who align with commies usually find themselves killed later. The sole exception is the Iranian revolution which was aided and abetted by Commies. Latter on they were killed after the clerics consolidated power. The truth is the clerics in Iran are truer to the legacy of Trotsky
than Commies admit. Exporting revolution to conquer the planet, obsessions about Zionism, the use of terror as a political tool and crushing all dissent outside of the recognized party seems familiar, been there done that.


Alligator said...

I wish the members of Team Obama were just half as forceful with the Iranians over acquiring nukes as they are with Israel building houses in the Jewish section of Jerusalem. Of course, it is safer to flex your muscle with Israel than Iran or any other Muslim state. Israel is not going to threaten you back or cut off you oil.

Ducky's here said...

No Beak I don't whine. I point out that you can't seem to frame anything without a reference to Judaism and you inflate its importance.

But maybe it is a good idea to remember that it contributed eschatology as a corner stone of Western history and we would do will to banish that useless doctrine from our culture.

Anyway, keep blabbing Beak. You seem to have a tunnel vision of history that rivals Beamish's ignorance of music.

beamish said...

We know Ducky's never going to recover from having his music and art illiteracy exposed on my blog. A month later, he's still crying about it.

And we know Ducky isn't going to stop making anti-Semitic remarks on blogs written by Jews, just in case anyone were going to stop believing he's a leftist.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, Beamish, the clown who thought a string quartet operates under a baton and doesn't have the mental acuity to deal with music that's more than a simple 1 bar melodic hook exposed someone's "artistic illiteracy".

What should we try discussing next, whether Giotto was a prime mover in removing the mystical influence of Siennese (look it up) painting in the early Renaissance?

You have mental agility of a stone.

Oh, keep up with the anti-semitism charge, ouch that really hurt. You use the word as freely as Beak and it comes to mean nothing. Too bad, it's a serious issue that far right insanity like yours and Beak's trivializes.
Beamish called me an anti-semite, ouch.

beamish said...

I didn't expose "someone's" art illiteracy, Ducky. I exposed yours.

As for your anti-Semitism, you expose that yourself on your own. We just have to look at it.

beamish said...

"Auschwitz meant that six million Jews were killed, and thrown on the waste-heap of Europe, for what they were: money Jews. Finance capital and the banks, the hard core of the system of imperialism and capitalism, had turned the hatred of men against money and exploitation, and against the Jews … Anti-Semitism is really a hatred of capitalism." - Ulrike Meinhof, of the left-wing Bieder-Meinhof Gang "Red Army Faction."

Just another leftist holding on to the grand leftist tradition of anti-Semitism.

"We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions." - left-wing labor activist Adolf Hitler

Ducky's ilk.