Thursday, March 11, 2010

Real Immigration Reform

Obama is focused on health care to the exclusion of all other problems.

The truth is that it is way too easy to get into the USA. The student and exchange visitor route needs to be closed. A Mickey Mouse language institute can provide almost anyone on the planet with an F-1 visa. These students seldom learn anything, if they bother to attend and allow the holder to remain until another status can be found either a real or sham marriage.

Student visas are also a scam run by big education. Many so called students do not even show up at the Universities. If they do many take a few classes and sometimes remain for a decade before arranging a marriage of often dubious quality.

The USA should crack down on sham trade schools and require a $20,000 bond for students. We also should not admit students unless they are in a degree program that leads to a read job such as hard sciences, math, business, nursing and so forth. The portion of money returned should be divided by 20000. Zack is from Greece studying
accounting at Brooklyn College. He has 60 credits and a 3.0 GPA. Half of the sum should be returned. He falls in love with a local and decides to go to work. He has not completed the terms of his admission and would forfeit 10,000 dollars. If the couple has a child proven by DNA the balance can be returned to the female parent.

Oddly our President should be well aware of the deception of exchange students. His father was an exchange student who illegally married a local who was three months pregnant. The fact that he was already married abroad and technically practicing polygamy is seldom discussed.

Obama is very much a University Marxist and is beholden to big education. It is time escalating costs, sham degrees and loan programs are ended. Ultimately as the majority of students are subsidized by loans the tax payer should have a say in how these disgraceful institutions are run. Costs are out of control and lazy political hacks like Bill Ayers still do not even come close to working a 40 hour work week.

The B2 visitor visa route should also be closed. Person x comes from Canada and has remained in the USA for 15 years before deciding he wants to get married. He should pay a fine of 1000 dollars for each year he remained illegally. This amount can be waived if a DNA test can establish they have a child. Countries with high amounts of overstays should have to post a bond of up to $100,000 dollars. The countries with high overstay rates would pay higher fees. Enforcement would be similar to a jumping bail situation.

Don't hold your breath for this.

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Always On Watch said...

Student visas are also a scam run by big education. Many so called students do not even show up at the Universities.

When I taught ESL to adult Koreans, all but one showed up. Turned out his visa was a fraud and he was from North Korea.

I like the idea of the $20,000 bond. Money talks, though that amount wouldn't amount to much to an oil-rich sheikh.