Friday, March 26, 2010

Israel does not answer to USA

Sorry to break the news to left wing morons. The policies of Israel are determined by its elected
government, not by University Bolsheviks in Washington or mindless EU socialist parasites. The same dullards are quick to tell critics of the narco terrorist state of Venezuela that policies of a criminal regime are determined in Caracas not DC.

Of course the Obama administration remains silent about a criminal regime linked to drug trafficking, aid to FARC and the ETA and weapons dealing for Hezbollah. The administration remains silent about a corrupt representative in Harlem who has been in office almost as long as Castro. It does go postal when Israel builds home in a Jewish section of Jerusalem.

Payback is on the way in November. At this point any hope of a recovery is finnished. Too many people out of work while Commissar Obama fiddled with a health care plan the American people did not want. He will next try the same tactic to get immigration reform and amnesty for people who have violated the law.

Israel unlike the USA does not have a stagnant housing market. Of course only Arabs and their communist allies defend Judenfrei real estate in the modern era.


Ducky's here said...

No, but they sure know how to collect those welfare checks.

Anonymous said...

I agree Beak. I also wish more people realized that the U.S. can do what it wishes as well, including chastising Israel once every blue mooon or so, without some feeling as though the end of the world is upon us. I think it's a safe assumption that what's best for Israel is not ALWAYS in the U.S.'s best interests. Likewise, what's best for the U.S. will not ALWAYS benefit Israel.

Cannot they still be allies while not always seeing eye to eye? I fear that their are some Israeili's and Jews in the U.S. that take any, and I mean any, criticism of Israel, including acknowledging the humanity of the Palestinians, as betrayal. I don't think you necessarily wish to animalize the Palestinians, but as your cyber buddy, I do need to point out that you've come close to speaking of them in dehumanizing language before. I think you're better than that.

Why is that such an issue, Jewish or not? It may be hard to admit one's tribal imperfections (I never appreciate having to hear or deal with my own from an Ojibwe standpoint, that's for sure.)

While I do not believe in Jewish or Israeli exceptionalism, allowing me to see Israel as one amongst countless countries throughout the world. They're an ally, but like all allies, including the U.S., are imperfect. I'll not offer weigh in on the Jewish/Muslim arguments over Jerusalem, as neither pertains to my religious beliefs. I'm far more concerned about the "Holy land" on this continent, but mean do disrespect to those that practice faiths derived from the Middle East.

However, isn't it a safe assumption that both the Palestinians and Israelis have their warts, and that neither side is blameless in the so-called peace talks (talks, I might add, that everyone but the two parties involved seem to want).

And lest you think I'm purposely overlooking the montrosities committed by the Palestinians towards Jews, I'm not. Believe me, I acknowledge the way Jews are depicted as sub-humans in Arab/Muslim cartoons and media. This is wrong, sick, and has no place in civil society. I also believe Israel has a right to do what it takes to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuke, as the regime there is really a bunch of butchers that would prove perfect fodder for Marx to prove his critique of religion in some cases.

Ray (Nora, I will be getting a real username soon!)

Dionysius said...

Some reading material, by David Meir-Levi, that might help you.

By David Horowitz:

By Robert Spencer:

The_Editrix said...

Beak, this is interesting. I think Glick is a major pain in the proverbial for reasons that are not germane to this topic, but she is usually well-informed.

Ray, that's great! It would spare me scrolling down to a comment's end to look for the signature.

The old soak is at it again, btw.

Dionysius said...

Hint hint.

At least I'm not continuing to post as Anonymous--although it was fun while I did it.

Yo ho. Yo ho. A pirate's life for me.

Cateran said...

I hear there's been a marked increase in the popularity of piracy ever since Johnny Depp made it okay for pirates to wear make-up.

Capt. Spalding said...

Mac, previous to Depp there was a resurgence of the image of the Good Pirate during the Captain Blood era. Makeup was in use then as well. I think Flynn a Gaelic name, no?

Alternate definitions of Cateran: Marauder, cattle-lifter, Highland bandit or malefactor. In other words, pirate?

I'll just stick with me eye patch and me grease mustache, thank yoo!