Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taking a day to enjoy life

I am taking a day off to enjoy life and spend quality time with the family. I look forward to enjoying time with the Sprite. It is near the end of a local Hindu holidays oddly as the Jewish holidays approach.

There are those who see the glass as half full and those who see it as empty. The truth is that all of this is meaningless. People will look around and see that their lives have been made worse since the dawn of Obama. The economy has never been worse and now he plans on similarly pushing immigration reform in before the midterm elections.

There will be a reaction and it will be swift. The Dems who voted for this will pay with their jobs.
Obama has one hope in 2012 and that is an economic rebound. Thus far it shows zero signs of happening. This bill will kill job growth dead in its tracks. The cost projections are from the same accountants who brought you Enron.

As for the hypocrites and dullards in the UK. The folks in the UK feign outrage about Israeli using UK passports to kill a terrorist. The UK is silent about folks using UK passports to commit
terrorist acts in Israel. In fact two members of the ISM did perpetuate this exact crime in Israel.
The ISM is the same group that brought you the Rachel Corrie pancake saga. As a commie aiding
and abetting terrorists in a conflict she had no business being in she deserved her fate. Unfortunately, it was an accident as the driver could not see the imbecile laying in front of a bulldozer. If anything the State of Israel should sue her family for damaging the bulldozer.

Has the UK done anything to the ISM for sending terrorists to Israel on UK passports to kill civilians? Does the ISM freely operate in the UK and organize in Universities with official sanction? Has the UK apologized for terrorist acts committed by its citizens using UK passports
to kill civilians? Does the UK allow an individual politician to openly fund a group that kills Jews
in places like Argentina?

While we admire the history of the UK and friends like Jams and Mark Alexander the place has
become a joke. The terrorist in question was killed with zero collateral damage. I would sooner the Americans kill members of Al Queda that way than with drones. Every nation has a right to
protect its citizens and this includes Israel. Had America acted in the Israeli manner after repeated War crimes by radical Islamic nuts we would not be in Afghanistan today. Instead commies and the far left pretend that when Muslims kill Jewish civilians it is rage. This is a demented Marxist logic.

Cubans, North Koreans and Chinese live under brutal police states. Do residents of these countries kill civilians with no logic. Christians and Hindus that live under Sharia are oppressed by Muslims do they smack planes into office buildings. Tibetians are oppressed by Chinese Communists who spit on real indigenous people while venerating contrived ones in Israel. I do not see Tibetians blowing up faculty lounges or any gathering of Commie apologists.

The above criticism does not infer that killing terrorists with drones something we disapprove of.
In fact the Obama administration has increased this activity. Unfortunately, innocent civilians do die in these attacks. Terrorists do deliberately hide amongst civilians and play media games such
as the circus in Quana with Mr. Green Helmet. The far left media allies of the terrorists are willing participants of this fraud. This is nothing new as while events at Mai Lai were well known
larger massacres by Communists such as the ones at Hue and torture of POW's was never discussed. Fake veterans like Gomer Kerry's accomplicel Al Hubard who never set foot in Vietnam, lied about his rank and suffered his back injuries playing sports in NJ were not discussed. Nor was repeated fake missions to Cambodia lifted from the film Apocalyse Now never examined in depth.

As for abusing passports the Israelis should be more creative and use the names of the passports
of members of far left groups like the ISM next time. Let the folks at Hezbollah wonder if Prof Finkelstein, Adam Shapiro and the Neturai Karta circus clowns are really double agents.


Ducky's here said...

So any nation should just allow the Kahanist filth to forge that nation's passports with impunity.

You clown. Tell Nutty-yahoo that he may be pushing a little to far.

Time to give Iran a nuke, but that's coming.

beakerkin said...

Let them forge whatever passport they like and kill terrorists. They should forge the passports of known
communists. If the terrorists kill the commies it is a win win situation.

Always On Watch said...

A day off and spring in NYC? Sounds nice.

We're getting ready for the cherry blossoms here.

The Pagan Temple said...

"So any nation should just allow the Kahanist filth to forge that nation's passports with impunity."

The Mossad is Kahanists? Nope, don't think so. If they were, we would probably be able to settle what would be left of the Palestinians in any given town, and not necessarily a large one at that.

"Time to give Iran a nuke, but that's coming."

Yeah, that would really be an intelligent solution. I always did wonder what would happen if you nuked an oil field.

I never did really believe in Biblical prophecy as far as what would happen to countries that rose against Israel, but damn if I ain't starting to think guys like you are bound and determined to make it come true.